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Sometimes, Plan B turns out better than Plan A. Greg & Amy Nunamaker were not supposed to be the subject of this video. I had chased some other leads, but nothing was working out. I didn’t have much to go on, right before I left on vacation in mid-July. Then, in a quick brainstorming session with my boss Nick, we decided to interview the Nunamakers. (Thankfully, they said yes.)

The video was to coincide with a message on money. We were looking for a story about someone, or a family, that had sacrificed so they could give. The Nunamakers have been doing that for awhile now. They got rid of a lot of clutter, freed up their schedules, and sold their house so they could move into an apartment. The end result? More time, energy and money to give to CCC, people and other organizations. They are a lot more intentional with their resources.

Putting together this video was a team effort. I was on vacation when the interview was filmed. (Thanks Jay, Jen and Jordan.) When I came back from vacation, one of my first projects was writing the story for this video. There was a lot of great material to pick from. The first cut of this video was close to fifteen minutes long. Jordan Green, a volunteer who edited the piece, helped me sift through the footage for the best material. We worked together to put the finishing touches on it. (Jordan also helped me edit the Jenny Burg video. He does great work.)

In the end, I think the Nunamaker’s story makes for a great video. Seeing Greg and Amy live their lives in the manner they are is challenging and inspiring. (Granted, I work with Greg so I’ve been watching it firsthand for awhile.) Glad the other interviews fell through.

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