The final speaker was T.D. Jakes. T.D. Jakes is the founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX. In introducing him, Bill Hybels called Jakes the best communicator today.

Here’s my recap of the session.
When people are passionate they’ll give more to you. Not just finances. People do it because they have passion and intensity. They care. How do we transfer the passion within us to others?
Church leadership. People don’t want to follow you, they want to follow Jesus. Bit of a bait and switch. We advertise Jesus and they are stuck with us. It’s a step down from Jesus to you. People commit things to Jesus and then there you are. “Who is this?” What is association between Jesus and you? It is our responsibility to help them hear that call.

To be passionate yourself you have to make sure your leadership comes from divine place. We cannot be clones when it comes to passion. It’s not about mimicking. People don’t want to follow a phony. It’s why universities struggle in teaching this. You can’t be a “Me too” leader. Has to be deep down inside of you.
We need to be drawing from a divine place. Samuel’s job was to bring Israel into something new. Success is not maintaining. It’s like being stuck on the highway behind someone who isn’t moving. People follow people who move, who take action, who take risk.
Who needs a sense that what you’re doing is more important than you?
Samuel early on knows protocol. God can’t use those that only know protocol. Samuel was called to take care of the lamp so it wouldn’t go out. We need to do that, make sure the lamp does not go out. We can stay busy and not realize the light has gone out. And then the passion is gone from the work.
Like a server who has no passion when working at a restaurant. You don’t want to eat there. Compare with a server with passion. Not their fault, but the employer of restaurant. We need to be anointed with it. From head to beard to skirts…have that anointing, that passion. Not diluted or polluted. Not contaminated.
People are passionate when you ask them to do something within their reach. Nothing wrong being stretched, but not being ripped apart. Ask for something reasonable, challenge them without overwhelming them. Don’t want them defeated and no one is passionate if they feel defeated.
We need to know their gift assessment, and our own. We need to allocate people appropriately or we are not a good steward of the people God has given us.
Need to make sure team delivers on the promise we have projected. Being a person of faith is an advantage. If we don’t communicate effectively, it’s okay because we have divine help. “Holy Spirit, show it to them.” We’re not in this by ourselves. We have divine assistance.
People become passionate when they sense passion from their leaders. Some are ignited by passion. It’s not emotionalism. It’s more. Passion is the fuel that makes the engine go. Put people to work doing the things that make them leap out of the bed in the morning.
Why has God brought you here to hear all this?
Builders and bankers are two different kinds of leaders. (Banking like with a stove fire that allows a fire to burn all night.) Builders you can give little to and they build a fire out of nothing. Turn a match into an inferno. Joseph is an example. Build out of anything. Builders are generally better than maintaining. Builders need bankers. Bankers can operate and manage it and keep it going. We lack the other though because we are like-minded and surround ourselves with the same.
Are you bringing around people who do what you do? They compete with you but they don’t complete you. You don’t just want people who do what you do. If you’re a builder you need a banker. If you’re a banker and don’t have a creative bone in your body, so you need builders.
Jesus did not choose one rabbi when he chose the disciples. He chose a fisherman, what does he know about speaking? Good teams complete you and don’t compete with you. They add to you and accessorize your life.
You don’t want to make confidants out of people who are serving with you. If you have two or three confidants in your life time you are a rich person. Confidants are for you. For you when you are up, down, popular, unpopular.
Constituents. They are not for you, they are for what you are for. They buy into your cause, mission, theology. They are for what you are for. They believe in the mission and if you are clear they are there.
Many people come into an organization and they are scaffolding. They come and go. Take away the scaffolding and the building stands. Don’t hold onto them. “And it came to pass”.
Comrades. They are not for you or for what you are for. They are against what you are against. When someone wants to fight you put them into fight. Peter had the sword and cut off ears. You need one person who is an ear-cutter. How do you manage them? How did Moses manage Joshua? If you learn how to use them they are an asset. If you don’t figure out how to use them they will fight you. Don’t kill the fight, direct them at the target.
Real good leadership takes passion of leader and divides amongst team. Team will reflect leader. Moses’ spirit was put on seventy other leaders. Like a parent that can give a look. You work best with people that you read well. Most leaders find it difficult to be transparent enough. If you are going to lead people like Jesus, you need to show them your wounds. When Jesus rose he showed himself to his disciples and showed them his wounds. Disciples learned from his trouble as much as his strength.
You don’t just fight battles, you fight normalcy and blandness. I get tired of encouraging people. They go home with your courage and you go home empty. I wish I had a leader. “Give me a me!” Give away to others. We operate in the red often. “If I owe you anything I will pay you when I return.”
When you find yourself running slow and your smile is phony and your feet are tired, you have a God to whom you can turn and say “Help me, so I can help them. And give me passion so I can give them passion. And give me fire so I can pass it on”.

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