Session 4 started off with Dr. Zhao Xiao. Dr. Xiao is a leading Chinese economist, a professor at University of Science and Technology (Beijing) and Chairman of Cypress Leadership Institute. Dr. Xiao spoke in Chinese and it was translated into English by a friend of his. The English was hard to understand at times, so hopefully my notes are accurate. (I’d recommend cross-referencing with Tim Schraeder’s notes of the session.)

As a former missionary to China, I was intrigued by what Dr. Xiao would say.
Here are my notes from Dr. Xiao’s talk.

We have learned many things about leadership so far. Bill talked about how it is moving people from here to there. I fully agree. Leadership is not just influence. It’s also about right direction. If you go to here from there in wrong direction, what do you do? What happens? We have to know changes. In the past 2,000 years, the most significant change in history was Jesus Christ. Gospel went into world. In the past 1,000 years the most significant change was Reformation and Martin Luther. In the past 500 years the most significant event was America’s discovery and the birth of a nation. What is the significant event today?
In 20th century a man told President Clinton the most significant thing in 20th century was the rise of China because it will influence future centuries. 500 years from now the most significant thing could be rise of China. I don’t like saying “Rise up”. I like saying, “China has come back”.
If we take human history of 5,000 years like a swimming race, most of the time China has been ahead.
Until 14th century, China was a world leader in many things. From 0 to 1870 China had #1 economy in world. In 1820 China had one-third of world’s economy. No country can say that today. According to Encyclcopedia Brittanica,  at that time half of world’s books were written in China. In last two laps of this race, China has fallen far behind, but those two laps are a short time. Miraculously, in past 30 years China has caught up. Never been such economic growth like China has in past 30 years. By end of this year China will have second largest economy in world. By 2020 it is possible China could surpass America for #1 economy in world. Not China rise up, by come back to stage of superpower. That it returns to leadership role in world.
China has encountered challenges, though. Like environmental pollutions that was caused by economic growths. Majority of resources in future will be consumed by China. Is it possible to live this way?
Madame Thatcher said if China can only produce tv sets but not tv programs, if it cannot export values and ethics it cannot become a superpower. Another scholar said there is no “China Dream” like with “American Dream”. It’s beyond success, it’s values. Many people in world love Americans because of values behind people. China should go beyond economic growth and pursue growth in many other areas. China should go for mature leadership and hopefully learn from world. Not just learn technology and systems and regulations, but China should embrace the best cultures from the world and learn from the best values in the world and nurture itself. China should learn from Christian values, learn values from Christian faith. China culture needs to be renewed from Christian faith.
I want to thank missionaries that have brought love to China, like Matteo Ricci. Also Robert Morrison, Hudson Taylor and Eric Liddell. In 1949 there were less than 1 million Christians and foreign missionaries were asked to leave country. God never ceased His work, though. Chairman Mao cleaned out so many religious beliefs, but Deng Xiao Peng opened doors and allowed religion to come in. Chinese Christians have increased 100 fold in past 30 years. In future, China will be largest Protestant/Christian nation.  Means that an in-depth change is happening in China.
There is transformation with the cross and without the cross. Europe had first transformation with the cross. Then America had transformation with the cross. America has built a city on the hill and shined through the whole world the light and love of Christ. Now it comes to East Asia.
Chinese culture is a dynamic growth process. We saw in Chinese history there were two huge cultural revivals. One is in Han(?)  dynasty which brought Confucianism and Daoism. Second one was Tong(?) dynasty which was supported by Buddhism. Now, Christianity will form a new Chinese culture and it will be a critical tippoing point in China.
China is forming a harmonious society. If we take away unconditional love of Christ, how can China build a harmonious society?
A Chinese Mayflower has set sail. Where is it going, though? China: A New City On A Hill – A city on a hill, a nation of integrity, a blessing to the world.
If China rises up is it blessing or curse to world?
China has some special opportunities. China has maintained good relations with many nations. If China has good values it will be able to practice good leadership to these nations?
Want to invite you into transformation of China and to bless this process. Remove your fear of China and get involved to help future of China.
Bless today’s China, which blesses tomorrow’s world.

One thought on “Leadership Summit (Session 4 – Dr. Zhao Xiao)

  1. It would have been nice to have had some Q & A with Dr.Xiao on his views of Premier Wen Jiabao – a current leading International figure and spokesman for China in a variety of issues including economics; dibbed a 'man of the people” in Wikipedia – and long standing member in the communist party of China.


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