The second speaker of Session 2 was Christine Caine. Christine is the founder and director of the A21 Campaign which seeks to abolish injustice in 21st century. I did not capture everything she said since she spoke fast and is Australian. Amazing passion in her presentation.

Here’s my recap/notes of her talk.

At brothel rescue shelter, girl told me how she was shipped over with sixty girls to Turkey. When they arrived thirty girls died because of lack of oxygen. Oxygen tank failed in transit. Then girls taken from Turkey to Greece via dinghys. Another twenty died and only ten made it to brothel. Another girl at shelter asked me why I was at shelter. I waxed eloquently about God, and that girl interrupted and asked why I didn’t come sooner if what I said about God was true.

Why aren’t we coming sooner? What is so important that we aren’t “coming sooner”?

We have a generation of people wondering where we are, where God is. They are crying out for hope. (Eph. 5:14) I think there is a divine calibration happening around the world. There is a sense of hopelessness in world. Just look at the news and all the evil and wrong and injustice there is. Easy to be overwhelmed and think hope is lost. That it’s too hard to do. It’s so difficult right now. Times are tough, but this is the greatest hour for the church. We were born for this moment to bring life, light and hope. This is our time. We serve a redeeming and hopeful God. A God of a second chance. We have that hope living inside of us and we need to take it to the world. Jesus is still in the business of saving, redeeming and restoring people.
We have a responsibility to lead people from a place of hope. If we don’t think we can make a difference, why get out of bed?
Grew up in Australia and was ostracized because of being in immigrant’s family. Grew up in staunch Greek Orthodox family. Women were not encouraged to do something outside of the ordinary. Be lean, mean, breeding machines. Grew up in poorest area, government assisted housing. I was abused at the hands of several men. Filled with guilt, shame, hurt, condemnation.
Found out I was adopted at age thirty-three. First thought, “Am I still Greek?” Then, reminded of God. Before I was formed, He knew me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t know the facts of my conception. Truth of Word of God is more powerful than those facts. (Eph. 2:10) I am workmanship of God and possibly not some rapist. If Jesus can do it for me, He can do it for anyone. We don’t need to keep living as victims.
How do you keep passionate hope alive in the face of disappointments and discouragements? Keep focusing on Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. If we think about 27 million slaves on Earth right now, we can be overwhelmed. But, if we think Jesus and realize that number is comprised of individuals we can do it. Numbers are numbing and dehumanizing. It’s easy to ignmore suffering and not get involved when something is nameless and faceless. 2508 of 1966 means nothing to you, but that is my adoption certificate number. Put a name and face to that number it can not be ignored. It’s not 27 million, but 27 million ones, 27 million individuals that have names and faces.
I know what it is like to live with hope of Christ. Take it to highways and byways. You do what you want out of passion. No one makes you do it. You do what you have to from obligation.
When you have no hope you play it safe. You need hope to step out and take a risk. We pray for signs and wonders and miracles and then avoid context of miracle. We don’t step out of the boat. We don’t step into the darkness. (John 17:15)
We don’t need to fear the world or darkness.
When my daughter just got a flashlight she asked, “Can we go find some darkness?” What’s the purpose of light? To shine and penetrate the darkness. It’s why God has us all over the world. A tiny flashlight will make many brave in the darkness.
Don’t lose hope today. We need to be prisoners of hope. Our hope lies in Jesus.
How could Moses have felt at Red Sea? Joshua at Jericho? Gideon against Midianite army? Paul and Silas chained in prison cell? God can do miracles at the darkest times. We are on the winning side.
Jesus is an anchor for us all. He shall bring it to completion.

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