Busy day at Amsterdam. I had to wait twenty minutes for food. (The horror!)

Looking forward to July being over. Just never felt in sync with life during the month, and that’s partly my doing. I can’t let outside things dictate my schedule, but it’s hard when you and your family are on vacation.

I’m also am ready to be done with allergy season.
Another July, and another year gone by where I did not attend Comic-Con.

It’s been a week since I’ve seen the movie Inception, and I’m still talking to people about it. Still would’ve preferred one more second added to the ending, but I can understand why it was edited the way it was. Part of the reason I’m still talking about the movie with people a week later.
The past few days I’ve seen six different baby bunnies in my yard. Surprisingly, I caught three of them and then released them into the wild. I can’t believe I actually did that. (Robert Murphy, friend of the animal kingdom.) Liam was happy to have pet bunnies for awhile, but was sad when we took them to a wooded/grassy area nearby to release them.

Enjoyed listening to recent the B.S. Report podcast where Bill Simmons interviewed Buzz Bissinger.

Quick post today. Back to work and finishing production on four different videos. Looking forward to posting the videos here soon!

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