Jay Castillo interviews Paul Andreas as Nick Kelly films it.

I’ve been working on a number of videos that will be playing in upcoming services at Christ Community Church. This morning, I helped out with a shoot in which we interviewed Paul Andreas. Paul is 85 years old and has a rich history. He fought in World War II and was a prisoner of war. He taught at Westside High School, in Omaha, for over 30 years. He has been a part of Christ Community Church for a very long time. How long? He can remember people wondering if it was “worldly” of the church to go from sawdust floors to cement floors. (What argument within the church today is going to sound ridiculous in the year 2100?)

A number of people at CCC are familiar with Paul’s story, but I wasn’t one of them. It was fun for me to be a part of the production and listen to him tell stories about the history of CCC. (I was amused by Paul saying “Go big Red” nearly every time he said Nebraska.) The interview is part of the series of Double Your Impact videos we’ve been producing throughout the year.
Story notes for Double Your Impact video on giving and simplifying.
This afternoon, I transcribed footage for a different Double Your Impact video that is coming up. I then pieced together a story from it that one of our volunteers will then edit. This story was late in developing, but it came together quickly.
If you’re at CCC Old Mill for services on August 1, 8 or 15, you’ll see videos I’ve helped produce. Once the videos air, I’ll post them here on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Recent DYI Production Work

  1. Paul is our own “national treasure” @ CCC. My first few years in choir – back in the mid-90s – I was privileged to serve alongside of him. My favorite memories were during our patriotic services when he would wear his uniform and represent the Army in our Salute to the Armed Forces – he was still doing that even in the past 5 – 10 years. I'm looking forward to the video!


  2. The video should be great. We're interviewing a lot of members that have been with CCC the longest. Great to hear their stories.

    I think many of the Double Your Impact videos have been great, but I'm looking forward to the videos that will play during the upcoming Acts series.

    Thanks for reading!


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