I was working on a post regarding Andre Dawson’s induction into the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame. I scrapped it and instead am posting a link to a Joe Posnanski column about Dawson from earlier in the year. (click here)

I know the Hall of Fame is about rewarding a player’s performance on the field, and a number of writers have written how Dawson would make the “Hall Of Very Good” but should not be in the Hall Of Fame. Maybe so, but I like the idea of Dawson in the Hall Of Fame. For many of us, we remember players they way we want to whether or not it is accurate. Posnanski said it best in his column about “The Hawk”.

A few links to some of Posnanski’s MLB Hall Of Fame posts.

The last link was a tremendous read, and may just change your opinion on players like Ken Singleton, Tim Raines and Craig Biggio.

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