I finally did something that I had been meaning to do on previous vacations, I went on vacation from it. How so? I added a vacation day to the end of my trip so I could transition back into life. In the past, I’ve come back from a vacation, or overseas trip, and I’m usually back at it the next day. I always thought it was foolish of me to do that.

We returned from Ohio this past Monday afternoon. Tuesday was low key. We all slept in, which was nice. Jana, the boys and I got back into a routine at home together. This was nice, instead of me shifting hard back into work and Jana being with the boys alone trying to get caught up on tasks at home.
We did some grocery shopping, went to Village Pointe, and even went to Caribou Coffee later. A productive day, but also a nice transition for all of us. The next day was easier for me to get back to work. Jana was back into being a stay-at-home mom, and the boys were on a routine again.
From now on, if possible, I will be doing this on every vacation/trip I take. Take an extra day of vacation to transition off of vacation and back into work/life.

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