Back from vacation, so I’m trying to get back onto a schedule. It makes sense I would go to Amsterdam for lunch! I have a lot of writing to catch up on. I hope to post consistently over the next week to get caught up on the backlog of ideas I want to post about.

One thing I took from my trip to NE Ohio? That LeBron has lost a lot of fans. I didn’t come across anyone in the area that had anything good to say about him. A lot of people had the same thought that I did. They weren’t upset that he left, but how he did leave. The whole process of his departure was an orchestrated sham.

Cleveland did everything they could to retain LeBron, but none of it mattered. Looking back, the writing has been on the wall for awhile. LeBron said Miami offered a better chance of winning. Okay. LeBron wouldn’t sign a long-term contract with Cleveland, which had the indirect effect of Cleveland not being able to lure free agents to sign there. Who would want to stay there if LeBron wasn’t going to be there?

LeBron also said that he wouldn’t be satisfied in Miami unless he wins eight titles. Good luck with that. (I doubt he wins eight titles. He’ll win a few, but not eight.)

At what point does a vacation turn into facilitating a field trip for your family? It felt like that at times as I was driving around my family. It was fun, but it still felt like I was a chaperon on the trip for my kids.

Liam and Duncan both like the Toy Story films. It makes me smile that the play with the Toy Story toys I collected from the previous films.

I think Toy Story 3 has become my favorite film of all-time.

My hope of listening to books and podcasts on the drive to and from Ohio was shot down by the boys. Granted, they wanted to hear all the Toy Story films on audio a thousand times, which was okay. Still, I was hoping to listen to The Baseball Codes on the drive. I’ll get to it soon.

When I got home from vacation I weighed myself. I topped 190 pounds for the first time in over three years. The crazy thing is the last time I weighed 190 I was down from weighing 220. It’s hard for me to imagine carrying an additional 30 pounds, but the pictures from that time do not lie.

I’m glad Caribou Coffee has returned to Omaha. Their location in SW Omaha is a bit out of the way for me. I talked to the employee working when I went their Monday night. She said they are putting in another location at 132nd & Dodge. Awesome.

More to come. Glad to be back in Omaha with my family.

2 thoughts on “Curry Fries & Mayo #61

  1. Welcome home.

    Now you need to take Jana to see “Inception” and blog about it – it's right up your alley. I've been reading all sorts of blogs and reviews, and I'm thinking I need to see it again to watch for “clues.” I'd like to read your analysis. Although if you exceed 5,000 words, I'll probably not get through it all.


  2. The movie is on my must-see list. I was hoping to go yesterday to see it, but it didn't work out. Hearing and reading the feedback on the film, like yours, has me wanting to see it even more!


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