Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. Jana, the boys and I are enjoying vacation. Perhaps a strange time to try and run a contest!

Tomorrow, July 15, is the last day to enter the contest to win a free print of Daniel Danger’s “The Black Rock”. We’ve had a few more entries come in. Still, you still have time to enter! Once it hits midnight tomorrow, and it becomes July 16, the contest ends.

This was an entry that came in today. Sometimes, I’m blown away by how Lost has impacted the lives of people.

In 2000, my husband of fourteen years committed suicide. I continued my life while trying to cope with this tragedy but it took six years before I started to live again. In 2006, I began to get interested in the world and in the process discovered Lost. I related to the title and grew with the characters. The mysteries kept me on the edge of my seat. The overall arcs (science vs. faith; whatever happened happened; live together, die alone; redemption; and, of course, the final one of letting go) can be applied to so many areas of my life, making the show even more meaningful to me.
-Susan T.

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