Since it is the 8th, I thought I’d give an update on the The Black Rock contest. We’ve had a few entires come in, and it’s been great to once again read people’s opinions on Lost. I did laugh when someone emailed in and explained why their entry was not at or under the 108 word limit. They could only edit it down to 570 words! Good thing I enjoyed reading their entry. (It does work to your advantage to keep it at or below 108 words.)

You still have plenty of time to enter the contest. Contest runs through July 15th, and I’ll announce a winner the 16th.

I wanted to post one of the entries that came in. It’s from someone in the Lost community I’ve gotten to know a bit over the past few months. I thought it was a nice snapshot of how the fans of the show paralleled the characters.

When LOST started- we were all strangers- the fans and the characters. After “The End” – we’ve ended together as have the characters.  I found the finale immensely moving and heartfelt. I smiled and cried in seeing the reunions, and had my own realization that we play such an important part in one another’s lives. We need each other- good and bad, right or wrong.  We teach each other and help one another on this journey called life. The enlightenment for the characters felt like an enlightenment for myself.  Understanding how we impact each other- I think that was the purpose and is the greatest lesson of LOST.

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