When LeBron James signed his last NBA contract, everyone in the NBA circled July 2010. That would be the month when LeBron could make himself available to any team in the NBA. The so-called “Chosen One” would choose. Tonight LeBron chooses what team he will sign with, and I’m thinking about Liam.

See, Liam knows who LeBron is. On most days, he will say LeBron James is his favorite player. He’s been “assisted” in his thinking by his grandma, Alice, who is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. I didn’t mind, at first, because LeBron was a great player. He had fun on the court and was loyal to Ohio. If Liam was a LeBron fan, I was fine with that.*

*There’s only a few rules I will have with my kids when it comes to sports teams.** One, they must be fans of the Huskers football program. Two, if they cheer for another football team it must not come at the expense of the Huskers. Three, while I would prefer my kids to like the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics, I’m fine if they support another team unless (Four) those teams are the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. Five, in most cases I would like them to support the U.S. National Team in whatever sport it competes at the international level. An example would be supporting the U.S. over Germany when playing soccer. (Unlike Jana who would support Germany.)

**I’m joking about these rules…sort of.
If LeBron chooses to sign with a team other than Cleveland, I’m trying to figure out how to explain it to Liam. His grandma (probably) won’t like LeBron anymore. I’m less inclined to support him. Not understanding free agency and the shenanigans with the LeBron recruiting, Liam will want to watch LeBron. Liam’s family will not want to watch LeBron, though.
During the playoffs, the Celtics and Cavs played each other. Liam knew that his team (Cavs) were playing my team (Celtics). The Celtics eliminated the Cavs from the playoffs, and then Liam supported the Celtics. Sure, he still liked LeBron, but then he was all about Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis and the rest of the team. He supported who was on tv, who I was watching, who was winning. LeBron became a bit of an afterthought. I hope LeBron stays an afterthought, especially when LeBron orchestrated “The Decision”* this evening.
*How ridiculous is that?!?! The way he has handled free agency, along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, has soured me on him. I liked this column, by Jack McCallum, that covers “The Decision”.
It’s hard to avoid LeBron, and it will be when my family and I go to Ohio for vacation soon. Liam may continue to support LeBron.
I do have an idea, though. Steer Liam toward Kevin Durant. Durant is the future. Kobe is the present. LeBron appears to be a king with no crown. An emperor wearing no clothes.

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