Thanks to the holiday, I’m getting this out a day later than normal.

My family was in Colorado for the week, and the office was empty by week’s end, but I stayed busy. I’m continuing to produce a number of different videos for work. While others are gone at the office, I’m stepping in and handling some of their responsibilities as well. It hasn’t been too bad, as it’s been calm with work-related projects. Usually, this time of year is a bit less frenetic at CCC.
Kind of weird to say, but I’m glad the College World Series ended. I got tired of hearing about how this is the last year the CWS is at Rosenblatt Stadium. The narrative from local and national media seemed to communicate that Rosenblatt was the number one reason the CWS is a success. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the city and its people. (Or the teams, their players and fans.) I heard a lot about Rosenblatt, but not a lot about the teams. That’s a shame. Rosenblatt was the easy story for media. Journalists actually doing their job and covering the teams a bit may be asking too much in this day and age. And, I’m looking forward to enjoying Rosenblatt a few more times at Omaha Royals games.
I managed to publish a number of blog posts this past week. A little bit of everything: life, sports and pop culture. The Caprica recap has a little bit of everything within it. If you haven’t read some of the recent posts, please check them out!
I started another Lost-related contest. Will see how it all shakes out.
That’s all for now. All quiet on the western front. Going back to enjoying my day off!

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