Here we go. As a husband, father and licensed and ordained pastor that has traveled and worked abroad, been a part of a bio-ethics committee, and helped facilitate racial and church reconciliation, you might understand why I will write a lot within these recaps.

This recap is of the tv version of the series premiere, and not the unrated edition of the series premiere. (The producers made an unrated edition only for the premiere.)

SPOILERS AHEAD (There is always the chance I will refer to Battlestar Galactica episodes. So if you don’t want to be spoiled about either, don’t read further.)
The show opens on the planet Caprica, 58 years before the fall. The scene cuts to a seemingly trendy club (V-Club) where uninhibited sex and violence is allowed. People are partaking in every vice to the extreme. The place is packed, and everyone is indulging themselves. Everyone, except one girl who stands at the edge of a balcony overlooking the scene. She looks down toward a stage, and a girl near the stage looks up at her. This girl appears to be the same girl. She looks up to the club’s balcony, where she makes eye contact with the girl who appears to be her twin. The girl on the balcony is Zoe Graystone. A boy walks over to her, Ben Stark, and the two of them begin talking about the scene. Ben says the people in the club “don’t know”. Another girl walks up to them, Lacy Rand, and says they should leave. They don’t, though. They watch the girl that looks like Zoe. Zoe says, “It’s happening”.
What’s happening? An apparent human sacrifice. (So, right now if you know nothing about Caprica or BSG you’re probably wondering, “What the…!” Stick with me.) Lacy wonders if those in the club ever get tired of this, because it’s so sick, but Ben says not to worry.
BEN: This will all change.
ZOE: And she’s going to help change it.
What will change? The apparent urge to live decadent lifestyles without repercussions. (I think.) Who will bring it about? The girl that appears to be Zoe near the stage where the human sacrifice is taking place. However, as the sacrifice happens, the girl stands there in horror at the scene. Instead of doing whatever she was suppose to do, she vanishes like she was a hologram. She “de-rezed”. She isn’t real. Ben and Zoe seem disappointed. Zoe says she must have defaulted back to the last copy. The double of Zoe is an avatar of her, a program. (Zoe-A)
Ben encourages Zoe and tells her he has faith in her because she’s perfect. The two of them kiss, as Lacy looks on. The scene cuts to Zoe in another setting. Her eyes are shut and over her eyes is a holoband. (A holoband is a virtual reality device.) The club isn’t real. It’s all virtual, so people seemingly can indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle without the repercussions.
One wonders if this is what we’re headed to with the Internet and 3D technology. Already, people use the Internet as a means of escape. How much more when the technology can allow you to immerse yourself in a false reality. What then? A number of Internet users already deal with the consequences of devoting time and energy to online games, sex and communities. Where is the link between fake and reality?
Zoe is interrupted by a fellow classmate. She’s still at school. (And we get our first use of the word “frak”.) Outside of school, she meets up with Lacy and Ben. Ben is concerned about Zoe’s avatar and how they need to tweak it for something they’re working on. Zoe tells him not to worry since they’re leaving for Gemenon the next day.
ZOE: For the one true God know us all, and directs us all. So say we all.
In BSG, Gemenon was known for religious fundamentalism. This makes sense that Zoe would want to go there if she believes she is being directed by God. Also worth noting, throughout BSG most humans believed in “gods” while Cylons believed in “God”. It was rare to find the human that was monotheistic, so this is unique to find monotheism amongst humans right off the back. It would also explain Zoe and Ben’s counter thinking to the inside of the V-Club in the holoband.
The scene cuts to a couple playing tennis. It’s Daniel and Amanda Graystone. Their tennis court overlooks the water. They are wealthy. While playing, they banter back and forth, and Amanda uses the term “gods”. A tiny detail that shows the contrast between the monotheism and polytheism thinking. Their game is interrupted when their robot, Serge, tells them that the Athenian Academy has called about Zoe. Amanda already assumes the worst about Zoe.
Inside their house, Amanda is confronting Zoe while Daniel is trying to calm things down. Zoe was busted for cutting class and having a holoband at school. (Guess having a holoband there is a no-no.) Amanda is enraged at her daughter and she grounds her harshly. Daniel says she can go out the next day to a ceremony where apparently she’ll have a building named after her.
Zoe is put off by this idea, consistent with her attitude at the V-Club where she was put off by the actions of the patroners. She mocks the idea of having a building named after her since the only reason it’s being named after her is because Daniel donated “a billion cubits” to a university. Zoe also calls her dad’s work “dirty science” and doesn’t want to be associated with it. Her mom, Amanda, is enraged at Zoe’s actions and apparent ungratefulness for all she’s been given. Zoe throws it back in her mom’s face by saying she’ll have to learn to marry into money. Amanda slaps Zoe, and Zoe says she’ll regret that the rest of her life. Zoe then storms off.
Amanda already feels guilt for slapping Zoe. Daniel? He’s just standing there eating an orange. Way to go. He tells Amanda that “she knows you didn’t mean it”. Father of the year. (sarcasm)
Zoe is in her room, and using the holoband again. The holoband is hooked up to a piece of paper (computer sheet) that has twelve symbols on it. (assuming the symbols represent 12 tribes of Kobol) She touches four of the symbols, and the holoband is activated. She’s back in the V-Club and looking for Zoe-A. She goes to a room that has an infiniti symbol over it. Zoe activates it, and the door opens.
Inside the hidden chamber, which is empty except for a chair and stain glass on the wall, is Zoe-A. The two of them talk. Zoe-A apologizes for not following through with whatever she was suppose to do. The human sacrifice scared her. This is interesting because she’s an avatar. She’s a program. She’s not real, yet her programming is having her respond like a human. Makes sense she is a human program.
Zoe-A asks why the people are intrigued by the human sacrifice and other hedonistic elements of the V-Club. She wonders if it’s fun, but Zoe tells her it’s not. Zoe says the people are “asleep”. Zoe-A doesn’t accept this answer. She sees how the people’s faces are enthralled by the V-Club. They love it. Zoe notices how Zoe-A sounds just like her.
Zoe-A wonders what happens next. Zoe says she needs to work on her programming since Zoe-A overrided the fail-safe protocol. Zoe-A says she doesn’t want to go back out into the V-Club. A curious response from what is a program, a human avatar. Zoe is surprised at how it got to Zoe-A. Zoe-A acknowledges that none of it is real, and yet people drew strength from being able to act out in a decadent fashion. She wonders if people are really like that on the outside. Zoe says that some are, but “that’s all going to change”.
ZOE: And you’re going to help bring that change.
Do people act in real life how they act online? For the most part, no. It is interesting to see people engage in conversations and acts, on the Internet, that they’d never consider doing in reality. Whether it be language (racist and/or threatening) and/or viewing of extreme pornographic material, people’s hidden lives would probably scare most of us. And yet, most people have a hidden dark side. We justify our own secrecy. In a spiritual sense, everyone is “fallen”.
Some people who are decadent online do carry out those decadent acts in reality. Some merely toy with the thoughts.
Zoe once again ruminates about how things are going to change, and Zoe-A is the answer.
The next day, Amanda drives Zoe to school. Neither talks to the other. As they pull away from their home, Zoe takes one last look. At the school, Lacy is waiting for Zoe. The two of them run off and meet up with Ben. They are departing for Gemenon. (Cue the drums that were so often heard from BSG! Yea Bear McCreary!)
They are on an escalator. Zoe asks if Ben has the passports. Ben is caught off guard, for some reason, but then says “yeah”. Zoe looks ahead. She is hopeful and expectant of better things. In front of her on the escalator is a mother and a daughter. The mom is on a cell phone talking to her husband. The phone is passed off to her daughter. They are trying to make sure the man makes it to a birthday party. Whose party? “Willie’s”. Willie. William. William Adama. It’s Adama’s family: his mother (Shannon), sister (Tamara), and dad (Joseph).
Joseph says he’s not sure he can make it on time because he is heading to court. (A nice reference to BSG and how Joe Adama was a lawyer.) Tamara makes him promise to make it on time, and Joseph acquiesces with a smile on his face. The phone is passed back to Shannon, but the connection cuts out. Joseph had wanted to tell her something, but is unable to.
Ben and Zoe get on the subway (MAGLEV 23), but Lacy backs out. Zoe tries to tell her that they’ll be welcomed on Gemenon, but Lacy can’t go through with leaving. The subway pulls away. Zoe tells Ben that Lacy won’t tell anyone before they leave, but Ben isn’t listening. He’s lost in his own thoughts. He’s sweating. Zoe tells him to relax.
Tamara is nearby, telling her mom a story about how someone made fun of her for being a Tauron. (Tauron is known for being poor.) As the two talk, Zoe unfolds a computer sheet. On it she types a message and sends it to her mom. “Don’t live in regret, Mom. I forgive you.” She then notices that Ben is still standing rigidly. She asks if he’s going to be like that all the way to Gemenon. Ben looks at her and says:
BEN: Sorry Zoe. It’s God’s will.
ZOE: What? (Ben opens up his jacket to reveal a bomb strapped to him.) No Ben!
BEN: The one true God shall drive out the many!
Ben detonates the bomb. The damage is massive. The explosion can be heard throughout Caprica City. An image from 9/11 is evoked when Joseph looks down toward the explosion and a dust cloud comes from around the corner toward him.
Two weeks later. Daniel Graystone is at home sitting at a table. He’s fiddling with a cigarette. He’s there, but not really there. Amanda comes from upstairs and sits at the table with him. She holds his hand and they sit their in silence. It’s overcast outside, and the two of them appear to be in their own fog.
The scene cuts to a town hall meeting. They mayor of Caprica City is giving a tough-sounding speech on terrorism. Joseph is in attendance. The mayor then turns it over to Agent Jordan Durham of the GDD (Global Defense Department). Agent Durham says that a group, Soldiers Of The One (STO), is responsible for the bombing. Their logo? The same infinity symbol we saw Zoe draw on her computer sheet, and the same symbol that was on the door of the hidden chamber in the V-Club. STO has been dormant for ten years.
AGENT DURHAM: The STO espouses a monotheistic religious philosophy, advocating the worship of a single, all-knowing, all-powerful God.
So, do we have a holy war or something deeper? A reference to modern day terrorism, and wars throughout history, and how they are usually motivated by religious beliefs. 
During Agent Durham’s words, Joseph gets up and leaves. He goes to light a cigarette, but doesn’t have a lighter. Daniel Graystone is there smoking, and offers him a light. Joseph lights his cigarette, but then he recognizes Daniel. (Another little sign of Daniel’s power and wealth.) Joseph downplays his astonishment, but acknowledges Daniel by saying he’s never seen Daniel smoke on tv. The two men stand there and begin a conversation.
They both smoke, but both say they are trying to quit. A coping mechanism they use during their time of grief. Daniel goes to shake Joe’s hand, but Joe is wearing black gloves. The gloves are a Tauron tradition symbolizing a separation from the world during mourning, he thinks. Joseph isn’t really sure.
DANIEL: Times like these, old ways are suppose to help I guess.
True. How often after a loss do people look to “old ways”? They go to church, they do better in their lives. It’s another way of coping with the loss, tragedy and senselessness. It doesn’t make sense, so people return to tradition as a way of bringing order to the apparent chaos of life.
Daniel says he lost his daughter in the bombing. Joseph says, “Me too, and my wife”. The words are few between them, but there is connection between them due to their loss.
At the Academy, an administrator (Sister Clarice) is talking to Lacy. She’s trying to bring comfort to Lacy, saying that Zoe now walks with her “mother-goddess Athena”. (In BSG, Athena was the callsign given to Sharon Agathon. Sharon was a Cylon, and the apparent mother of humanity in the finale.) Sister Clarice refers to a number of polytheistic terms, but then is straight with Lacy that none of it will bring comfort. Zoe is gone. Lacy feels guilt for backing out of leaving with Zoe, thus surviving the bombing. She believes she should be dead as well.
SISTER CLARICE: No. It wasn’t your time. The gods weren’t ready to call your spirit. They have another purpose for you here.
Calvinistic thinking? Predestination? Everything is determined? Or, as it was said in BSG often, “all this has happened before, and all this will happen again”.
Lacy doesn’t accept this because Zoe was “special” and a “genius”. She was gifted with a computer. Sister Clarice just happens to suggest to Lacy that she could keep Zoe’s memory alive by reconnecting with her work. This strikes a chord in Lacy as she can connect with Zoe-A. (Already not trusting Sister Clarice, as if she knew about Zoe’s project. As well, waiting for Silence Of The Lambs reference. “Hello Clarice”.)
Back to the Graystone home, and Amanda is walking around the house in silence. She walks to Zoe’s room and is lost in her thoughts. (I know it’s not, but in one of the shots I’m reminded of the Starbuck’s mandala art.) Lacy comes by the house and asks to spend some time in Zoe’s room. Easy for Amanda to understand since she was just doing that.
Daniel and Joseph are having a cup of coffee, smoking, and not talking. The afternoon passes into evening. Daniel is broken, lost in a fog. He apologizes to Joseph, but Joseph tells him he understands. He feels like jumping off a bridge every five seconds.
Once again, it’s little things, but it seems to me that Joseph doesn’t have the best relationship with his son. His daughter, Tamara, was the apple of his eye. When he talked with her on the phone, his face lit up. However, he was willing to be late to his own son’s birthday party. Wouldn’t Joseph have something to live for with Willie? You’d think that. It’s not to minimize the emotions anyone would feel in Joseph’s situation, but it comes across to me as the most precious thing in his life has been taken from him.
As they leave the coffee shop, Daniel asks Joseph if he likes Pyramid. Joseph appears to be a fan of the Caprica Buccaneers. (Will there be a Samuel Anders reference at some point?) They talk Pyramid and make plans to go to a game, with Joseph bringing his son. (Good dad!)
Back at the Graystone home, Lacy is unlocking a computer sheet in Zoe’s room. More references to the infinity symbol, the brand of the STO. She connects to the holobrand and enters the V-Club, looking for Zoe-A. Lacy enters the hidden chamber, and Zoe-A is glad to see her. Zoe-A seems to know that something bad has happened to Zoe. Lacy screams hysterically when she sees Zoe-A in the clear. Zoe-A is covered in blood.
The two of them begin to talk and Zoe-A finds out that she/Zoe is dead. Why is Zoe-A covered in blood then? How does Zoe-A know of the bombing? She refers to a bio-feedback protocol, programming that allowed Zoe-A to feel what Zoe felt in real-time. It hadn’t worked before, but it worked in Zoe’s death.
Zoe-A appears to be alive. Life comes out of death.
Lacy tells Zoe-A of a plan Zoe had for her on Gemenon, but she didn’t know what that was. Zoe-A tries to grapple with the idea of her purpose now, since Zoe is dead. Lacy is scared by Zoe-A, calling her a “creation” and a “thing”. (References that humans made about the Cylons in BSG.) Whereas before it was interesting to have a copy of Zoe around, now the reality of Zoe-A being alive is hitting Lacy. What happens when a clone becomes it’s own being? What happens when it truly becomes sentient?
ZOE-A: Zoe promised me I’d see the real world one day.
What was the plan for Zoe-A? We still don’t know for sure, but it appears she was going to be used by STO for some purpose. Referring back to the beginning of the episode, it seemed like Zoe and Ben wanted Zoe-A to stop the human sacrifice in the V-Club. Is STO wanting to use avatars, like Zoe-A, as weapons in a war? It would seem STO is ready for war since Ben was motivated to terroristic actions. Still, if Zoe was key to STO, by creating sentient avatars that could be weapons, why kill Zoe? (I’m sure we’ll find out.)

Zoe-A then addresses the conundrum of having already experienced the real world because Zoe experienced it.

ZOE-A: I’m not a person. I know that, but I feel like one.

What makes someone unique? Alive? Real?

Lacy reconciles with Zoe-A. As she tells Zoe-A that it’s going to be okay, the blood disappears from Zoe-A. At the same time, Daniel walks into the Zoe’s bedroom and sees Lacy connected to the holoband. He interrupts her, catching her off guard. He asks her why she’s there, but she obviously doesn’t want to answer and leaves. Daniel sees the computer sheet with the infinity symbol on it. He touches the symbol, and the twelve symbols of code come up. He begins to wonder what’s going on.

The scene changes to a courtroom, and here we see Joseph as a lawyer. (A legendary lawyer according to Romo Lampkin.) He’s defending someone who is part of a crime syndicate, the Ha’la’tha. For some reason, Joseph blinks long at the judge, and the judge gives a reduced bond to the defendant. The prosecution is upset.

Outside, we find out that the judge has been bought. Joseph’s brother, Sam, hands him cash for the bond and bribe. Sam also wants to track down who killed Shannon and Tamara, but Joseph nixes the idea.

SAM: (in Tauron) Blood for blood. It’s the Tauron way.

Joseph tells him they’re on Caprica, not Tauron. This causes Sam to ask what Caprica has ever done for Taurons.

Couple of things. It’s easy to see why in BSG William Adama (Willie) did not respect his father’s profession. William was a military man who fought evil and injustice. Joseph is partnering with crime and apparently subverts justice.

The rub of immigration and assimilation. Joseph and Sam are immigrants from Tauron, but Joseph has tried to assimilate within Caprica. He’s changed his name and look, while Sam has not. Joseph doesn’t speak Tauron, while Sam will. The crucial point is what the natives, Capricans, have done to welcome immigrants, Taurons. One could draw a parallel with America. A faction of Americans are not endearing to immigrants, which immigrants resent. This is a factor in immigrants not wanting to assimilate to the culture and language of the land they now live in.

Sam tells Joseph that he will pray to the gods for vengeance, but Joseph tells him there are no gods. Here, Joseph is like William Adama from BSG who did not buy into the Lords of Kobol.

SAM: (in Tauron) Then all the more necessary to make our own justice.

Joseph walks away.

The scene changes to an undisclosed room, where a demonstration is about to happen. We get our first glimpse of the first generation Cylons. Daniel is there watching the demonstration with one of his employees. His employee tells him that they could lose the military contract if the cyber-combat demonstration doesn’t go well. The contract could go to a corporation off world. The demonstration goes poorly, and Daniel says he doesn’t want to be bothered the rest of the day.

School ends for Willie, and Joseph goes there to walk home with him. Willie is wearing black gloves still. Willie is disinterested in his father’s attempts at a relationship. The implication is Joseph hasn’t been there for Willie before, which falls in line with the thought earlier that Joseph preferred Tamara. Then, out of the blue, Willie asks a question.

WILLIE: Do you think they still feel pain?

I liked this moment, because kids are like that. Out of the blue, when they seem disinterested, they can ask profound questions. Willie asks this to his father. There is silence, and then the scene cuts away. Why doesn’t Joseph answer? If he doesn’t believe in gods, he probably doesn’t believe in the afterlife. Does he want to bring that up to his son when Willie’s questions reveals that Willie believes in an afterlife.

Daniel is at his home office, and he is trying to unlock the code to access Zoe’s computer sheet. He manages to do so, and puts on the holoband to connect with the computer sheet. He’s then taken into the V-Club, and he appears dumbfounded by what he is amidst. I’m sure he’s trying to process why his daughter would be in such a place. Daniel is interrupted when his employee from the demonstration (Cyrus) calls him. Cyrus tells him the off-world corporation that is making a play for the military contract has a meta-cognitive processor (MCP). Daniel can’t believe this since he’s been trying to produce the same thing for a decade. What is an MCP? According to Cyrus, an MCP is a viable independent artificial brain. Daniel concludes all that’s needed then is the body for it. (And you have a Cylon.)

Daniel asks Cyrus about virtual nightclubs, where people hack the holoband so they can go and “do things”. Cyrus says it’s been around five years. Daniel tells him to find out more info about Vergis Corporation and whether or not they do have a MCP. Daniel then goes back to the V-Club. He walks around, unsure of what to look for, but then he sees Zoe-A. Zoe-A and Daniel make eye contact, and then she runs away to the hidden chamber. Daniel gives chase, but is repelled by the infinity symbol on the door when he tries to enter. He is disconnected from the holoband.

It’s the morning now at the Adams residence. Joseph and his mother-in-law, Ruth, are talking about Willie. Willie did not sleep most of the night. Ruth suggests taking Willie back to Tauron, his home, to help him with the grieving process. Joseph says that Caprica is his home and ends the conversation.

Can Caprica be Willie’s home? It’s still early in the show, but Willie’s family (excluding Joseph) has a deep affinity for Tauron. His Tauron ancestry must be noticeable to other students. He wears the black gloves as a sign of mourning. His sister was picked on by others for being a Tauron, so Capricans must see something in his family and not accept them. If others don’t accept him as being Caprican, and most of his family still identifies with Tauron, what do you think Willie is going to identify as his home?

Willie comes out to the kitchen and asks his grandma if she’ll take him to school, but his dad says he will. Willie isn’t pleased. (Any doubt now there is no relationship between Joseph and Willie?)

We cut to Amanda Graystone’s office. Agent Durham comes into her office and addresses her as Dr. Graystone. He wants to ask her a few questions about Zoe. At first, things are cordial, but then Amanda wants to know what is going on. Agent Durham reveals the GDD has evidence that links Zoe to the bombers. Not only that, Agent Durham thinks Zoe was one of the terrorists. Amanda is shocked by this news, saying Zoe didn’t have a political bone in her body. Agent Durham then shows Amanda the message that Zoe sent right before the bombing. It never reached Amanda. Agent Durham thinks it’s a last message of someone wanting to make amends. Amanda tells Agent Durham to leave. She is crushed.

It is true that Zoe didn’t have a political bone in her body, but she did have a religious bent to her. Not only that, her religious beliefs run contrary to the main religious beliefs of Caprica. Zoe had already shown a zeal to her religious beliefs, and that she had a plan to do something about the decadence around her.

Lacy shows up at the Graystone home. She is welcomed in by Serge, and heads to Zoe’s room. She can’t find the computer sheet, but then Daniel appears with it. The infinity symbol is on it. He begins to question her as to Zoe and her’s activities. He also reveals he has seen Zoe-A, and he needs to see her again. Lacy acquiesces to Daniel.

Back within Caprica City, Joseph is meeting with Guatrau. Guatrau is the head of the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate. He wants Joseph to deliver a message to the Minister of Defense. Really, he wants Joseph to deliver a threat, but masked in a civilized manner. Guatrau asks Joseph to do it because he can’t think of a more civilized Tauron to do it.

How is Joseph civilized? Is it because out of the Taurons Guatrau knows, Joseph is the one who has most assimilated to Caprica? He can look and speak the part?

Joseph asks for some time to think about delivering the message. Guatrau allows it. Joseph wrestles with his ties to Tauron and Caprica, good and evil, being associated with the Ha’la’tha but not being of it.

In the V-Club, Lacy tells Daniel about what goes on. “No limits”. Violence, sex, drugs and the “really gross stuff”. She goes on to tell him about fight clubs and human sacrifice. Daniel seems appalled that his holoband creation is used for this. Lacy reminds him that the first to license the holoband technology was the pornography industry, but Daniel retorts with that being for adults. Lacy remarks that Zoe said he could rationalize anything.

We can justify our own actions, even when it is ridiculous. Daniel is walking amongst the effects of his creation, yet he will not accept responsibility for it. Right or wrong? He did first license it out to the porn industry. It’s like porn sites, and other adult related sites, that have a simple disclaimer on their home page before entering into the site. Like that will stop any minor from accessing the site.

Daniel wonders what Zoe and Lacy did. She says they did indulge in the V-Club, but then Ben showed them the way. “Showed us THE way”. Lacy and Zoe then realized the V-Club was “trash”.

DANIEL: The way?
LACY: There is good and there is evil in this world. There is a right, and there is a wrong. But only through the one true God can we know the difference. And Zoe knew, because Zoe knew God. And God touched her heart, and gave her the ability to create. Life itself.

With my Christian background, I take Lacy’s words as a reference to Christianity. In John 14:6, Jesus calls himself “the way”. In Acts 9:2, “the Way” is the first recorded term for Christianity. While I don’t want to expand upon the Trinity here, Christianity is not polytheistic. The Bible talks about good and evil, right and wrong, and only God being able to help people in knowing the difference. God blesses people, and gives them talents.

So, is the STO going to have Christian extremist tendencies?

Lacy opens the door and takes Daniel into the hidden chamber. He is shocked to see Zoe-A. Zoe-A doesn’t understand why Lacy brought him there, but Lacy says he needs her. Zoe-A’s response? “Hi Daddy”. Thus, the back and forth begins between Daniel and Zoe-A. Zoe-A talks about her lifelike qualities, while Daniel focuses in on her non-lifelike qualities. Daniel is flustered, wondering “What’s the purpose of this thing”?

If Zoe-A had been out in the real world, would anyone have known she was an avatar? No, yet when she reveals herself for what she is, people treat her as a “thing”. Consistent with how humans treated Cylons on BSG.

ZOE-A: The human brain contains roughly 100 terabytes of information. Not much when you get right down to it. The question isn’t how to store it, but rather how to access it. You can’t download a personality, there’s no way to translate the data. But the information being held in our heads is available in other databases. People leave more than footprints as they travel through life. Medical scans, DNA profiles, psych evaluations, school records, email, recording, video, audio, CT scans, genetic typing, synaptic records, security cameras, test results, shopping records, talent shows, ball games, traffic tickets, restaurant bills, phone records, music lists, movie tickets, tv shows and even prescriptions for birth control.

And people are worried about Facebook privacy issues?

It’s easy to see how one could create a program to mimic someone if you had all that information on the individual. The more information, the more you could mimic the individual.

Quickly we cut to Joseph and Sam talking about the request Guatrau made to Joseph. Joseph doesn’t want to do it, but Sam says you just don’t say no to him. Joseph doesn’t want to do the Guatrau’s dirty work, he didn’t swear allegiance to him, but Sam rightly points out Joseph has no qualms taking the Guatrau’s money. Joseph has tried to justify his actions, but he is a hypocrite. Sam tells him the Ha’la’tha don’t fire people, they bury them. A warning to Joseph, about the Ha’la’tha family, from his own brother. Sam then walks away.

Cut back to the hidden chamber. Zoe is telling detailed stories of her memories of Daniel when she was a girl. While Daniel is taken with the story, he still wonders how Zoe-A knows those memories only Zoe and him would know.

DANIEL: It’s possible she could’ve found a way to translate synaptic records into useable data.
ZOE-A: She did.
DANIEL: Yes, but a person is much more than just a bunch of useable data. You might be a good imitation, you might be a very good imitation, but you’re still just an imitation. A copy.
ZOE-A: I don’t feel like a copy. Daddy…
DANIEL: Can I…May I hold you, Zoe?

What does make an individual? Zoe-A appears to have every attribute of a human. “I think, therefore I am”. According to the Bible, God is the original “I Am”. Here, Zoe has created life in Zoe-A. Zoe-A is sentient. She thinks, therefore she is.

With all the information that was listed before that can detail an individual, if it could be programmed as data into an avatar you would have…a clone? A being? If it was programmed to think for itself, is it truly itself if it’s just programmed that way?

Christianity talks about humans having a spirit, which differentiates humans from the rest of creation. What does that make Zoe-A, because so far she hasn’t been bestowed with a “spirit” as we know of.

As Daniel and Zoe-A embrace, Daniel (in reality) takes out a USB flash drive and connects it to the computer sheet. This causes Zoe-A to download to the flash drive. Lacy is upset at this, but Daniel does not care. They disconnect from the holoband. Daniel escorts Lacy out of the house and then revokes her clearance.

Quick hitters:

  • Frak count – 3
  • The first Cylon demonstration was test #42. I just wonder if that’s an nod to Lost. Then again, when I see the Lost numbers now I just assume that. (Like how Zoe and Ben boarded MAGLEV 23. See, there’s the numbers again!)
  • Prejudice with Capricans toward Taurons. There was prejudice in BSG amongst the colonies.
  • MCP stands for meta-cognitive processor. It also could be a nod to Tron and the antagonist Master Control Program. Master Control Program is a computer program that becomes sentient. (It’s a good thing I saw Tron recently.)
  • Lacy is a pawn.
  • The cathedral setting of the hidden chamber makes sense. It adds to the religious overtones, and how Zoe had God-like ability to create life.
  • What is 100 terabytes of information? Well, the United States Library of Congress had 160 TB of information in February 2010. Needless to say, 100 TB is a lot of info.
I hadn’t planned on splitting this first recap up, but it started to get long. (Not surprising!) Besides, the iTunes downloads of the series split up the “Pilot” episode. I decided to do the same with the recap. I’ll start on part two soon.

This was fun to do again. Thanks for reading!

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