This morning, Argentina played Germany in the World Cup. My head was telling me Germany would win, but I was pulling for Argentina. Argentina had shown a lot of offensive flair, and their coach Maradona was polarizing and arrogant. It made for entertaining television. However, they hadn’t been tested yet. Their defensive weaknesses had not been tested. Against Germany, they were outclassed. The Argentina defense was picked apart, and their offense was shutdown by talent and tactics. Maradona didn’t seem to have a plan. Germany wins 4-0.

Argentina reminded me of being a Huskers fan during the Bill Callahan era. My heart was with the Huskers throughout most of the Callahan era, but I knew in my head the Huskers were not the best team when they played good teams. Other teams had better talent and tactics. While Nebraska would show off on offense against subpar opponents, when they played a good team their offense was shutdown. Then, those good teams would pick apart the Huskers defense. Callahan never seemed to have a plan when his teams faced a good team. He never seemed to make adjustments. It’s why Nebraska allowed 35+ points in seven of their games during Callahan’s final season.
For all of Maradona’s bluster, for all of Callahan’s bluster, the scoreboard does not lie. Thankfully, Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan were fired, and Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini came back to Nebraska. Nebraska then began making its way back amongst the college football elite. Argentina? Guess we’ll see.

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