I’m the on call pastor at the moment. I think of yesterday as I’m “on call”. And, I think of the song “Lightning Crashes” by the band Live for some reason.

Over the lunch hour, yesterday, I interviewed a married couple for an upcoming CCC Double Your Impact video. They were sharing their story of how they came to faith, and how their lives have changed. What is great about their story is so much of their growth happened at the Sarpy Campus.

See, CCC is a multi-site church. It has a campus in nearby Sarpy County, which makes it easier for people to attend CCC. Instead of traveling thirty minutes to the campus in Omaha, they can go someplace close by. It makes it easier on families, and people considering visiting.

As CCC grows, it plans to have more multi-sites in the Omaha area. It’s good for the Old Mill Campus, which has 3,000 people on a Sunday morning,  to see and hear the success stories of the new campuses. This young couple I interviewed never would’ve visited CCC at the Old Mill Campus, but they came because of the Sarpy Campus. They got involved and their lives changed because of the Sarpy Campus. They were living new lives. After I got done with the interview, I was feeling great. I was encouraged.

Then, a coworker wanted to talk to me about something. A family member of theirs had just committed suicide. They just wanted to talk, and wondered if I had any insight on how to respond to such a situation. The individual who committed suicide was married and had a family.

I went from talking about the great things in a young couple’s lives, to what can lead an individual to take their own life. Were their warning signs? Why did they feel trapped and hopeless? Should someone have noticed something was wrong?

It’s usually not clear something was wrong when someone takes their own life, until afterward when you can connect the dots. It’s hard because people usually mask their own hurt, shame and struggles. How can one help when you don’t know? The coworker and I were at a loss for words.

Within an hour, I had dealt with life and death.

A day in the life.

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