I blog about a lot of different things, but when I blogged about Lost throughout the final season it generated a lot of response. I had a lot of fun writing the recaps, and I wished I had done the recaps from the beginning of the series.

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (BSG) series. I think it’s one of the most underrated shows of all-time. It’s name, setting, channel it aired on, and previous incarnation all worked against it. If people could get beyond those things, they’d find a brilliant show.

While I like much about BSG, one of my favorite things about the show was how the producers weren’t afraid to tackle certain topics and explore them in-depth. Shows about religion, war, caste system, morality, abortion, family dynamics and more were common. It was a serious show. As a licensed and ordained pastor who was a part of my church’s bio-ethics committee, I was fascinated by how serious topics were woven into the storyline. I was challenged at times.

BSG ended last year, but plans were made to create a prequel. Caprica. I was going to watch this show. Knowing that I’d be fairly committed with it, I decided to hold off on watching the first season until Lost ended. (I had watched the series premiere of Caprica when it was first released.)
I had a lot of fun writing episode recaps this last season of Lost. I wanted to do that for another show. I had considered Fringe, or perhaps a new show, but all along I came back to Caprica. It may not have the viewers of other shows, but I think it’s story could be fascinating. The topics that Caprica will tackle will be great to write about. Besides, I like the BSG universe continuing on in some fashion.
So, I’m going to be watching season one of Caprica and writing recaps for the episodes. I’ll get caught up with the series quickly. (I’m already working on my recap of the series premiere. I’m 2,000+ words into it.)
It will be fun to see how this evolves, just like it was with writing the Lost recaps.

So say we all.

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