How can you win Daniel Danger’s Lost ARG print, “The Black Rock”? Same as the previous contest, write 108 words about a Lost-related topic. (see below) Last time I did the contest, I was blown away by some of the entries that came in. I’m sure that will be the case again with this contest. (Click here to read the winning entry from the last contest.)
I have mixed feelings about the finale ofLost. If you follow my blog, you know I wrote episode recaps the entire final season of Lost. It culminated with a ridiculous 10,000+ word stream-of-consciousness recap.

I did enjoy discussing the finale with other Lost fans. Some tried to sway me, some told me I was wrong, some agreed with me, and some were indifferent. I enjoyed all the conversations.

So… Now that Lost is over, in 108 words or less what is the show to you? Did the finale finish the story for you? Are you pleased with Lost now that you know the whole story? Email me your submission at

108 words on any of those topics, or something along those themes.

Some more contest details.
  • The print is #156/500.
  • Contest runs 15 days. Last day to submit is July 15, 2010.
  • The contest is open to everyone. Please only submit one entry, but if you want to edit a previously submitted entry you can.
  • Winner and runner-ups will be announced on July 16, 2010. Runner-ups will have a choice between some random Lost goodies. (Like Lost teefury shirts: Only You Can Protect The Island and WWJLD. I’ll post pics soon.)
  • I’ll also be giving away a Lost-related prize to the individual who refers the most people to the contest. If you refer someone to this contest, they must enter it (obviously). Within their entry, they must refer to you by your first and last name. Person who gets the most referrals, wins the prize. (The prize is Lost ARG related. More hints to come…)
  • Take some time and be thoughtful with your entry.
If you have a website, or Twitter account, please let me know. I’d like to get to know you! I do a lot of chatting on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter, and this blog on Facebook.

If you want to follow this contest, but not necessarily my blog, just type in That will redirect to a page with only blog posts with a “Lost” label.

My own disclaimers:
  • If you submit something, understand that I might post it on my blog. Throughout the contest I will pick and choose various entries to post on this blog, and on RamHatter Facebook Page. While I’ll be the deciding vote, I’m definitely curious what OTHERS will think about various submissions.
  • If I do post your entry on my blog, I will post your name with it. That’s all.
  • If by chance there is a crazy overflow of entries, I might try and package them into something and publish it. If that happens, you would not receive anything off of that venture.
  • If you’re a friend of mine you can enter, but that will work against you. Your submission will need to be amazing.
  • Understand that submitting something with abusive behavior/language, discrimination, threats and offensive material will disqualify you in all likelihood.
Any questions? If I forget something with the contest I’ll post updates here.

Why do this? I enjoy the Lost online community, like (for example) the site Lost ARGS and the people who frequent it. The show may be over, but the connections made with people through the show aren’t over.

I’ll be posting some of the entries that come in throughout the next fifteen days.

Have fun and…Namaste!

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