Sorry I didn’t have a recap last weekend. It was my birthday on the 18th, and I was distracted from writing a recap last weekend. Good distraction, obviously!

This weekend was getting ready for a roadtrip. I drove Jana and the boys to Kearney, where they were connecting with a friend of Jana’s. They’ll be spending the week in Colorado. I’ll be writing more and getting caught up on my DVR list. (Just watched the recent 30 For 30 documentary, June 17, 1994.)

Highlights from the past two weeks?

At work, I’ve been producing a number of videos for CCC. I think I have five I’m working on at the moment. One that was added late is a piece on a soldier. He discuss his work and faith. It will play next Sunday, July 4. I’m also working on video projects covering North Omaha and CCC Sarpy.

A number of blog posts are in development. A few of them are nearly completed, but I’m thinking through before posting. Somewhat like taking my time before posting the recent post where I discussed my friendship with Beth Katz.

I am hoping to post a lot of content this week. I have the time to do so!

Thanks for reading.

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