Happy Friday.

We’ve now had a few days of no thunderstorms. Hopefully that will provide some relief for people in the area who are having to deal with flooding. We had a winter of snow. Will we have a summer of rain?
The thunderstorms interrupt my sleep. Well, the storms don’t interrupt my sleep, but Liam coming into the bedroom scared does interrupt my sleep.
So the Lakers managed to win the NBA Championship. The Celtics just ran out of gas in the end. I’m not a Kobe fan, but he is the best player in the league right now. He has been for a few years. At what point do people stop coming up with reasons as to why they don’t rate him higher amongst the list of all-time NBA greats? No one is Jordan, but there aren’t a whole lot of players in the history of the NBA that are Kobe either.
The last College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium is going on. I’m starting to wonder if all the Rosenblatt memories are becoming a bit over the top. It’s always been about the teams, players, fans and of course Omaha. Nostalgia is nice, but the CWS will be just fine next year. Why? It’s in Omaha, and the people here that make it a success aren’t going anywhere.
Of course, I’m still hoping to go to a CWS game this year since it is the last one at “The Blatt”.
Jana and the boys head to Colorado next week. Lining up which movies and shows I want to watch. I’m also hoping to organize my stuff stored away in the cellar a bit.
Working on an expanded post about it, but for the record Toy Story 3 is my favorite Pixar film.
So, the new iPhone has bad service when you hold it a certain way. A way in which a lot of people hold a cell phone when using it. Not to mention, if you have an iPhone you have bad service since you’re on the AT&T network. And, people wonder why I don’t switch from Verizon to AT&T to get an iPhone? Isn’t the main purpose of a phone to make calls? If using an iPhone prevents that, why get it? I like Apple products, but I don’t like Apple products that much where I want to be inefficient when I use them.


Thanks again to Amsterdam for lunch. Great food, great service, great place.

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