I know the week had more to it, but I look back and all I can think of is CCC’s Global Summit. I gave a seminar this past Wednesday evening on Using Social Media In Missions. (Presentation notes can be read by clicking here.) Even though it was a small crowd, I’ve received good feedback to the seminar. A number of people who weren’t there have come up to me saying they wished they could be there after hearing about the seminar.

The other big focus of the week was Nebraska joining the Big Ten Conference. (It will get its own blog post.) Friday was a great day for the state of Nebraska. I wore a Huskers shirt in anticipation of the event. I even went and bought a newspaper yesterday and today. (Can’t recall the last time I did that.)
I don’t know how others interpreted it, but I interpreted Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman’s words, this past Friday, as a verbal beatdown of the Big 12. It was great to listen to, after Nebraska was unfairly targeted by the conference (Texas).
Speaking of sports, it’s been a great couple of days following (arguably) my four favorite teams: Huskers, Red Sox, Celtics and U.S. Men’s Soccer. (Creighton basketball drifted down this past season.) And, I sent my 7,000th tweet during the World Cup match between USA and England.
The week ahead brings some Double Your Impact video shoots. The team effort in putting these videos together has been great. I’ll probably try and work some more with After Effects. I did my first project with it last week. I was having trouble just importing a project to work with in it. It will take some time getting use to. Also, a friend of mine (Jeff Slobotski) is coming in to talk to CCC staff (who want to attend) about social media and ministry. Should be fun.
Always something going on, like Toy Story 3 droppin’ on my birthday this week!
Thanks for reading.

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