A tiny and tasty reference to Big Omaha during my presentation.
Starbursts for those who attended.

Wednesday evening I had the opportunity to give a seminar on social media and how it can be used in missions work. I was excited about the chance to share. Organizations and individuals have asked me to consult them before on the topic of social media, but it’s always been informal. This gave me a chance to develop a formal presentation that I could use in the future.

What did I have working against me? What I was speaking about, social media. My seminar was part of an evening of seminars at Global Summit, an event at Christ Community Church that highlights the church’s international missions partnerships. The other seminars happening at the same time highlighted missionaries or their work. Those that come to the Global Summit evening events, during the week, tend to be in a demographic that is older than me. They want to hear about what’s going on in Mali or Jordan, where we have missionaries and projects. They’ve come out on a Wednesday evening to hear from missionaries they support, not necessarily hear about Twitter.

I can understand that. Heck, I wanted to sit in on one of the other seminars. Nonetheless, I was sharing on social media and missions. I was going to enjoy it. It’s a topic I can discuss ad nauseum.

So, I was feeling great when no one was sitting in my room, and the room across the hall already had 50 people waiting to hear from Ed Mangham. (He and his family live and work in Jordan.) Some people did trickle in for my seminar. I think I had 12 people, and 2 of them told me they had pity on me when they saw no one was in my room. I thanked them for going with their “Plan B”.

Regardless of how many were there, I told myself ahead of time to do my best even if it was single digits. You never know who is in your audience, so you always want to do your best. They deserve it.

I knew half the people who were there to listen to me, so it was a relaxed atmosphere.

I assumed there’d be some who had no idea about social media, so I had to spend some time explaining what it is first. I then used a lot of information from a paper I wrote last year about using modern communication tools in ministry. Laced throughout I shared my own experiences with using social media. Plus, I referenced Buddy Christ, Field of Dreams, Star Wars and Nike. (Yes, I mentioned Jesus as well. Along with the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther and CCC founder R.R. Brown.)

It went well. I probably could’ve consolidated a bit, but overall I think the information given was useful. I think my passion came through as well. Hopefully the seminar showed there are a number of free tools available to use in missions that can aid in the work. I answered questions, and talked with a few people afterward in-depth. Some told me they “get it” now. Cool.

I had fun. I hope it was fun for those who came.

I’ll post some of my notes later from my talk. I did record it, but I have no idea how the audio sounds. I recorded it through my laptop’s microphone.

Thanks to those of you who wished me well and/or prayed for me. Much appreciated!

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