Earlier in the week, all four of us went to the farm to get milk. On the way there, I played part of Jim Gaffigan’s comedy album, King Baby. I didn’t want to listen to the usual assortment of kids’ songs. I played the track about bacon. He does five minutes of jokes all about bacon. I turned it off after while because something came up that necessitated it. (Can’t remember what that was though.)

This morning, we were having our usual Saturday morning pancakes. We also had bacon. After eating some bacon, Liam (our three year old) tells me, “Dad, did you know if you give a pig an apple you get bacon”? I laughed out loud. Where did Liam get this? Jim Gaffigan. Because of my reaction to him, he spent the next ten minutes coming up with his own formulas on how to get bacon.

If this is the worst of what he overhears and repeats, we’ll be great.

Here’s Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up routine where he riffs on bacon. The bacon jokes start at 2:09, and the joke about giving a pig an apple is at 5:04. Enjoy. (If you can’t see the video, click here.)

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