The week that was had a Lost bent to it. I had a number of conversations about the show. Some people got on my case for having the audacity to not like the finale as much as them. Oh well. Life goes on.

One of the nice things that occurred was meeting with a number of people. Two of the better meetings were with John Heaston (Publisher of The Reader) and Beth Katz (Executive Director of Project Interfaith). Meeting with Beth may surprise some people, but it was great hearing about her work in the community. John is just a solid, cool guy with a love for Omaha. He helped me out last year with the Kingdom Color podcast I produced, and continues to be in the know when it comes to Omaha and race.
I also met with Matt and Katie Burton, who are a young couple at CCC Sarpy. It was great hearing the story of their faith journey, and how none of it took place at CCC Old Mill. As CCC adds more campuses it’s great to have stories like the Burtons. It’s just one reason why CCC is trying to branch out into the Omaha area. I’ll be interviewing them on an upcoming Double Your Impact video.
The iPad continues to be my pseudo newborn child. People continue to ask to see and hold it. It’s funny, but I enjoy it. The best was being at Starbucks and three complete strangers asking about it. I let them see it, and they were taking pics of themselves holding it. They were telling me they were from California, the Silicon Valley area, and here they were in Omaha finally holding an iPad. Nice.
Celtics and Lakers are back in the NBA Finals again. Nice. And, Liam now likes the Celtics. I guess he likes a winner.

Still writing a lot. I turned in the four devotionals I wrote for the upcoming Acts devotional. I wrote an almost 12,000 word Lost-related post, and finally posted this years version of last year’s post Big Omaha…and Jesus. A number of posts in the works covering Omaha and diversity, social media and ministry, networking, databases and a Lost post. So keep coming back to read the latest.

Thanks for reading!

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