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I’m going to do my best to not tip my hand, on my opinion of the finale, until near the end of the post. (Yeah right…)


SPOILERS AHEAD (For the last time…)

We start off in the flash sideways timeline with shots of an Oceanic airplane carrying and unloading Christian Shephard’s coffin. This cuts to a picture of Christian, Jack and David in Jack’s office. Jack is in there, going over John Locke’s medical files. (I assume it’s Locke’s files since he is getting ready to operate on him.) He holds up an x-ray of Locke’s skull, and through the x-ray we can see Jack. While not in this timeline, but on The Island, Jack has taken on Locke’s attributes. He believes in Locke and has taken the mantle of faith. Here’s a stretch, we see Jack looking through Locke’s eyes now.

Back on The Island, Jack is washing with water with a golden light reflected. (The light of The Island reference?) He looks at his hands. They are clean. They are also held in a way as if they are holding something. The weight of what is before him. While not Christ, Jack is getting ready to take up his own version of the cross. (Hands do have a spiritual element. The “laying on of hands” for example.)

Flash sideways, and more shots of the coffin being transported. And then we cut to Ben making some tea in his home. Back to the present, it cuts to Ben loading a clip for a gun. He looks at Man In Black, who is gathering rope. Then it flashes sideways where we see a wheelchair. Locke is being wheeled out, ready for surgery.

Cut to more shots of Christian Shephard’s coffin, now being loaded onto a van. (License plate 2PCE190, and there’s probably some meaning with it.) Cut to Sawyer at the police station locker room. He’s putting on his badge, and walks by the mirror he smashed before. The mirror reflects a broken Sawyer, a reflection of how he in this flash sideways timeline is not quite pieced together with his other timeline. Cut to The Island, and we Sawyer with Kate and Hurley. Sawyer is tending to Kate’s gunshot wound.

Flash sideways, and we see someone with a monster ponytail drive the Oceanic van away with the coffin of Christian Shephard. (Basically, if you don’t grasp that you need to pay special attention to the fact that the coffin carrying Christian Shephard has arrived, you don’t know “jack”.)

Back to The Island, and we see Kate receiving treatment for her gunshot sound. She’s not meeting Sawyer’s eyes. Flash sideways, we see Kate in the passenger side of the car. The camera shot tilts up, and we a white statue of Jesus. His arms are outstretched and his hands are up. In the background, the Oceanic van drive into the picture. It parks at the church. The driver gets out and is unloading the coffin, when Desmond comes up to him. Desmond offers to sign for the coffin. The driver asks if Desmond works there.

DESMOND: I do indeed, brotha’
MAN: You a priest or somethin’?
DEMOND: Or something.

Desmond has no problem lying for the greater good. The lines are also a reference to Desmond’s brief stint as a monk. He was “fired” from being a monk because, as Brother Campbell put it, God had “bigger plans” for Desmond. (First thing that happened when he left the monastery? He met Penny.

Desmond tells the driver where to take the coffin, and he goes back to the car where Kate is waiting. She wants to know what is going on, obviously. Desmond tells her a man died, “Chrsitian Shephard”. She repeats the name and says, “Seriously”? As if, that’s a wink from the writer’s for all the purposeful names that have been assigned to characters throughout the history of the show. (Christianity, where you have famous shepherds in Moses and David. David is Christian’s grandson. Jesus is called the good shepherd.) Desmond tells her, “Seriously”.

Desmond gets ready to drive away, but Kate wants more answers. Desmond answers in riddles, and our first clue to the end.

DESMOND: No one can tell you why you’re here, Kate. Certainly not me.
KATE: You’re the one who brought me here.
DESMOND: I’m not talking about the church. I’m talking about here.
KATE: Who are you? What do you want?
DESMOND: My name is Desmond Hume. And even though you don’t realize it, I’m your friend. And as for what I want…I want to leave.
KATE: Leave and go where?
DESMOND: Let me show you

“No one can tell you why you’re here”. Now, is this saying no one else can tell Kate where she is in life and/or what path she is on? Or, is it saying there truly is no understanding to why she is there in life? There cannot be understanding to life and its meaning. Desmond says he wants to leave and that he’ll show her. At this point, I thought they were going back to The Island.

Back on The Island, Kate walks through the jungle and watches Jack standing in the water. Jack is just looking around. Kate walks away, but then Sawyer walks up behind Jack. Jack appeared to be saying something, perhaps praying, when Sawyer asked if he was okay. They make small talk, with Sawyer trying to get some answers to what is going on. Jack doesn’t provide answers because he doesn’t have them apparently. Then…

SAWYER: Well Doc, how about you come down off the mountaintop and tells us what the hell the burning bush had to say for itself?

Coming down off the mountaintop is a reference to Moses in the Book of Exodus. Moses ascended Mount Sinai where he talked to God and received the commandments in Exodus 19 and Exodus 20. (The “rules”, so to speak.) Mount Sinai is also where Moses encountered God as a burning bush in Exodus 3. At that time, God told Moses he would lead Israel from Egypt and slavery. Israel was the name given to Jacob after he wrestled with God in Genesis 28.

(Note for later, Moses is accepted in a number of major world religions.)

Jack tells Sawyer, Hurley and Kate what Jacob had told him. (Bye the way, bye Jacob.) They have to go to the bamboo forest where there is a place Jacob wants them to protect. The heart of The Island. Why? Because of the light. Man In Black wants to put the light out, but he can’t do it. He needs Desmond to help him put the light out.

JACK: Jacob didn’t say anything to me about Desmond.
SAWYER: Doesn’t sound like he’s said anything about anything.
HURLEY: It’s kind of true, dude. He’s worse than yoda.

Besids a Star Wars reference, one thing I draw from this is it’s quite probable Jacob never prompted Widmore to come back to The Island. What were Widmore’s intentions? Who knows. I’m guessing he wanted to use Desmond as a weapon against Man In Black to seize control of The Island.

Sawyer makes a plan to go get Desmond (the magic leprechaun) and meet up with everyone. He playfully tells Kate not to follow him. Kate still appears to be moving slowly due to the gunshot wound. And then Hurley gets off the true Star Wars reference…

HURLEY: I got a bad feeling about this.

Han Solo. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke Skywalker. They, and more, have said one of the signature lines from the Star Wars series.

Flash sideways, and we are at the Flightline Motel. This is the scene, in the episode “Lockdown”, were before Helen came upon Locke and his father. It’s also appears to reference the scene where Hurley and Sayid were hiding out in the season five premiere, “Because You Left”. Important to note, since Hurley and Sayid are back at a similar place. (Not sure if same place.) And, it’s why Hurley flashes the tranqulizer gun at Sayid, since in the season five episode when they were hiding out Sayid was shot by a tranquilizer gun.

HURLEY: Okay, fine, I’m insane. Just wait here.
SAYID: What if I don’t?
HURLEY: Then that’s your choice. But if you stick with me, you’ll be happy you did.

Before, Desmond told Kate that no one could tell her why she was “here”. So, is the assumption that it’s all on the individual’s choice as to what to do? A person must choose, even if it is the illusion of choice? And, how does Hurley know Sayid will be happy if he sticks with him?

Hurley goes to a room, and it’s Charlie’s room. Charlie is drunk. Hurley is there to take him to the benefit concert, but Charlie is in no mood to go. Interesting since he was one of the first characters in the flash sideways timeline to get the fact there was another reality. In that episode, we were led to believe Charlie was pursuing those flashes of the other timeline. Apparently not, because here he’s a drunk. Charlie doesn’t want to go with Hurley, to the concert, so Hurley shoots him with the tranquilizer gun. He loads him in the back of his Hummer. Sayid looks perplexed and wonders what is going on.

Back to The Island…

KATE: Why did you take the job, Jack?
JACK: Because I was suppose to.
KATE: Why? Because some stranger wrote our names on a wall?
JACK: I took it because The Island is all I got left. It’s the only thing in my life I’ve haven’t managed to ruin.
KATE: You haven’t ruined anything. Nothing is irreversible.
HURLEY: This would be so sweet if we weren’t all about to die.

I’m not sure why Kate is upset with Jack. Is it because he’ll be staying and she won’t be? As far as her saying Jack hadn’t ruined anything, he kind of did. He allowed Keamy’s ship to find The Island, which brought death and destruction. He ruined his life once off The Island, and mentally and emotionally hurt Kate and Aaron.

Kate’s line about “some stranger wrote our names on a wall” is an interesting line. Gets at the matter of faith, and how some are apt to trust in God (or whatever) as to what they should do in life. People choose this path, even if situations dictate it and it is the illusion of faith. Regardless, Jack is walking in faith. He doesn’t understand what he is doing, but that is besides the point. He knows it is right, and it seems as if every step of faith leads to understanding just when he needs it.

Also, Jack seems to only be friends with Kate at this point. This has been the case all throughout the season. Kate is hot for Jack at the moment. She’s looking for that male figure in her life. Sawyer is not around, so she’s looking to Jack.

Cut to Man In Black, once again gathering rope. It’s the scene shown from the Times Talks Live: Lost event the other night. Sawyer is watching him from a distance. Ben pulls a gun on Sawyer and brings him over to Man In Black. Intriguing since Sawyer first appeared to be aligned with Man In Black earlier in the season. Sawyer switched sides countless times.

Man In Black and Sawyer talk about Desmond being gone and Man In Black’s endgame. It is to destroy The Island and thus kill the candidates. Ben looks distraught. Sawyer tells him they aren’t candidates anymore, which catches Man In Black by surprise. He then hits Ben, takes the gun, and leaves.

Man In Black says he doesn’t need to go after Sawyer. Why? Because of his plan to sink The Island. I’m guessing this was his changing of plans on the fly once Jack, Sawyer and Hurley escaped the sub. (Yeah, I guess Kate was a candidate after all, but it never felt like that.) Ben is angry because he was promised The Island by Man In Black. He realizes The Island will be no more. It appears he was not trying to pull a long con on Man In Black, but rather save himself. As he said before, he sided with him because no one else would take him.

Ben asks how he can escape if The Island is sunk. Man In Black promises him a spot on a boat that he’ll use to leave. Man In Black then looks at the ground and notices a paw print. Vincent, which means Rose and Bernard got Desmond out.

How would Man In Black know The Island would sink? Was it from touching the light and experiencing something “worse than death”?

Desmond is passed out, until Vincent wakes him up. Then, Rose comes out of the home Bernard and her made. Rose and Bernard were also taken to the future once the bomb detonated at the end of season five. This is a menial detail, but wouldn’t their camp be in shambles after the traveled to the future? Yet, everything appears to be fine. They wouldn’t have been able to get their camp that fully functional in the short time they had been in the present. I know, menial detail. Doesn’t matter, but I picked up on it since the rest of the DHARMA buildings were rundown.

Rose tells Desmond that he has to go. Rose and Bernard still don’t want to get mixed up with the chaos on The Island. They violated their own rule when they helped Desmond. Unfortunately, Bernard returns with Man In Black and Ben in tow. Man In Black threatens to kill Rose and Bernard unless Desmond comes with him. Desmond agrees to go if Man In Black doesn’t hurt Rose and Bernard. Man In Black gives his word, which doesn’t mean anything to the viewer at this point. Desmond doesn’t know that, though. Desmond then says he’ll do whatever Man In Black wants.

Man In Black, Ben and Desmond travel through the jungle. A storm is approaching. Man In Black asks Desmond if they know where they are going. Desmond doesn’t know, but guesses it’s a place with a bright light. Man In Black wants to know how he knows this, and Desmond says it’s a hunch.

How does Desmond know? I’m guessing it has something to do with the episode earlier this season, “Happily Ever After”, when Desmond underwent the electromagnetism test from Widmore. The test put Desmond in a bright light. After the test, Desmond seemed at peach with his fate on The Island. During the test he seemed to catch a glimpse of his flash sideways timeline. It was that episode where Desmond seemed to take on the role of Jacob, in the flash sideways timeline, after talking with Penny. Desmond thinks this is all part of the plan, and that he’ll be back with Penny.

Static is heard, and Man In Black asks what it was. Ben feigns ignorance. As Man In Black continues to walk, Ben turns off the walkie talkie. On the other end of it is Miles. He’s found Richard, unconscious amidst the jungle. Richard wakes up, and Miles wants to get him some help. Richard asks where, and then asks if Miles still has the explosives. He does, so Richard wants to go to the airplane to blow it up. This is what Isabella (Richard’s wife) told him to do before, in “Ab Aeterno”.

Flash sideways, we find Miles at the benefit concert. He notices Sayid. Sawyer gets a call from Miles and hears the news that Sayid is on the loose. Miles reminds him that Sayid killed four people and there is only one witness. Sun. Sawyer goes to protect Sun, while Miles stays at the concert.

At the hospital, and Sun is still recovering from her gunshot wound. Jin is there as well. Sun wonders how long they must keep running from her father, but that question also goes unanswered.

Juliet comes in to look at the baby. It’s a recreation of the scene from the season three episode “D.O.C.” when Juliet took Sun to the DHARMA medical station to check on the health of her baby. As the checkup begins, Sun begins to remember her history on The Island. This makes sense since it is a recreation of the season three scene. So why doesn’t Juliet remember? Who knows? And then, Jin remembers when he sees the ultrasound of the baby.

Once again, I will go off on this point. If you’ve read my recent recaps, you know how much I hated the deaths of Sun and Jin. Why? Because Sun was complicit in Jin committing suicide when they drowned in the sub. So what if it was romantic that they died together? Their daughter, Ji-Yeon, was now an orphan. When they were about to drown, they didn’t even refer to Ji-Yeon. I believed, and still do, that they would’ve mentioned Ji-Yeon during that moment. I also believe that one of them would’ve realized that Jin had to try and escape for the sake of Ji-Yeon. Someone commented to me that Ji-Yeon wasn’t a real father since he was never around her, yet what snaps Jin into remembering? His daughter. It’s a key memory for him, that he conveniently forgot about when he chose to commit suicide and abandon his daughter.

They both remember, and not only that their minds appear to be restored. They are speaking English. And, Juliet has no clue what is going on. She doesn’t remember a thing.

Back to the present, and Sawyer catches up with Jack, Hurley and Kate. Sawyer realizes that Jack was right. You’d think he’d have more trust in Jack after realizing Jack was right about the bomb on the sub.

SAWYER: Good news is Desmond got out of that well, so if we can find him before Smokey can…
JACK: Doesn’t matter if we find Desmond or he does, James. We’re all going to the same place anyway.
SAWYER: Then what?
JACK: Then it ends.

And then a helicopter shot which is similar to a shot from the season three finale, “Through The Looking Glass”. In that episode, with the similar shot, Jack was leading everyone to their apparent end of their stay on The Island.

Flash sideways, and Jack is getting ready to operate on Locke.

JACK: You nervous?
LOCKE: Are you sure this is going to work?
JACK: Yes, I’m very confident that it will.
LOCKE: Really?
JACK: Well, there’s always the chance that I could kill you (Locke laughs), but I’m trying to make you feel better.
LOCKE: Okay, okay. Let’s do it.
JACK: Alright, I’ll see you on the other side.

Jack is the man of faith in this timeline as well. Granted, it is with science that he is a man of faith, but he still exhibits faith. He must get Locke to believe in him, the flip of Locke trying to get Jack to believe in him when they were on The Island.

Jack tells him he’ll see him on “the other side”. Just a statement, but what is the double meaning? When Locke comes through on “the other side”, he truly is on the other side.

Jack and Locke then talk about the missing coffin. This had been at the core of their first conversation, in the flash sideway timeline, in the season six premiere “LA X”. Jack tells Locke the coffin has been found.

LOCKE: I hope that brings you some peace.
JACK: If I can fix you Mr. Locke, that’s all the peace I’ll need.

Later on, what did bring Jack peace? It wasn’t what he thought would, but what Locke said. Locke was right in this instance, just like he was back on The Island.

Back to the present, and Miles and Richard are down at the dock. They are heading over to Hydra Island. Richard notices the oncoming storm, when Miles tells him “Welcome to the club”. What club is that? Gray hair club. Why is this important? It would appear Richard is aging all of a sudden. When did this happen? The logical explanation would be when Jacob died, right? If so, why wasn’t Richard killed when Man In Black, as the smoke monster, blasted him into the jungle? Wouldn’t that hit have killed him, or at least broken some bones? Did he just magically start aging after he was crushed? Regardless, Richard seems to think he can age again, which is what I deduce from his line…

RICHARD: I think I just realized I want to live.

Richard values life in a new way now that he realizes he can lose it.

The two of them paddle across to Hydra Island. For some reason I thought we might find out it was these two who were behind shooting at Sawyer, Juliet and the rest of the team that was headed to Hydra Island in this scene. Nope, and that appears to be another unanswered question.

As they paddle, they see the dead body of the sub captain. Yet, Frank is alive. He somehow got off the sub despite being knocked unconscious as the sub was flooding. As they talk, Frank tells them they don’t need to blow up the plane. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pilot”. Indeed he is, so now they are headed over to make their escape from The Island.

Man In Black comes into a clearing with Ben and Desmond. They cross paths with Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate. Kate goes into a rage and starts shooting Man In Black, but nothing happens to him. Kate is shocked by this, and Man In Black tells her to save her bullets. He goes straight to Jack.

MAN IN BLACK: So it’s you.
JACK: Yeah, it’s me.
MAN IN BLACK: Jacob being who he is I expected to be a little more surprised. You’re sort of the obvious choice, don’t you think?
JACK: He didn’t choose me. I volunteered.
MAN IN BLACK: I assume you’re here to stop me.
JACK: I can’t stop you. In fact, I wanna go with you.
MAN IN BLACK: I’m sorry Jack I think you’re a little confused about what I came here to do.
JACK: No I’m not. No, you’re going to the far side of the bamboo forest, to the place that I’ve sworn I’ll protect. And then you think you’re going to destroy The Island.
MAN IN BLACK: I think?
JACK: That’s right, because that’s not what’s gonna happen.
MAN IN BLACK: Then what’s gonna happen, Jack?
JACK: I’m going to kill you.
MAN IN BLACK: How do you plan to do that?
JACK: It’s a surprise.
MAN IN BLACK: Okay, then let’s get on with it.

A bit of monloguing here, but I’ll roll with it since it explains to the viewer Jack’s thought process. I think another wink from the writer’s happen when Man In Black says Jack was the “obvious choice” to replace Jacob. Jack tells him it was his choice, his choice for this fate.

Flash sideways, and we see Jack and Juliet cross paths. They are friendly with each other, and Juliet inquires about the concert tickets. It would appear they are more than just friends, and that is true. Just not what it appeared to be. David comes into the picture and calls Juliet “mom”. (I can’t recall who thought this, but someone told me they thought Juliet would be Jack’s ex in this timeline. Nice call.)

A reflection of the failed relationship that Juliet and Jack had on The Island. They were friendly with each other afterward, though. Juliet loved Sawyer, and that’s who she passes in the hospital hallway as she leaves her conversation with Jack. (Once again, nice symmetry.)

Back to the present, and everyone is headed toward the bamboo forest. Sawyer asks Jack how he’s going to kill Man In Black, and Jack tells him Desmond is how he’ll kill him. He doesn’t think Jacob would’ve sent Desmond back to The Island just to destroy it. Jack thinks Desmond is a weapon. Sawyer thinks it’s quite the “long con” Jack is trying to pull off.

We still don’t know if Jacob even orchestrated Desmond’s return, but it’s working out for good. A theme found in the Bible how God will orchestrate the plans of evil for good.

They approach the apparent path through the bamboo forest that will take them to the light. Man In Black says it will only be him, Jack and Desmond going. Before Jack heads out, Hurley tells him he believes in him.

As they navigate the bamboo forest, the approaching storm is heard more clearly. Man In Black says it’s going to be a “bad one”. And then they arrive at the heart of The Island. Locke starts tying rope around a nearby tree, and Jack ties the other end of the rope around Desmond. (I had a flashback to the movie Poltergeist. In that film there was also “the light” and the Beast.)

DESMOND: This doesn’t matter, you know?
JACK: Excuse me?
DESMOND: Him destroying The Island, you destroying him…it doesn’t matter. I mean, you’re gonna lower me into the light, and I’m going somewhere else. A place where we can be with the ones that we love. And you don’t ever have to think about this damn island again. And you know the best part Jack?
JACK: What.
DESMOND: You’re in this place. You know, we sat next to each other on Oceanic 815. It never crashed. We spoke to each other. You seemed happy. You know, maybe I can find a way to bring you there too.
JACK: Desmond, I tried that once. There are no shortcuts, no do overs. What happened happened. Trust me, I know. All of this matters.

While never explained, this is another confirmation that something happened to Desmond after that test Widmore ran on him. He has insight into his flash sideways history. He thinks going into the light will take him there, since the test before took him there briefly. Jack implies it won’t happen, there aren’t shortcuts to heaven. You can’t just start over.

Things are then ready to lower Desmond down into the light. They look over the edge of the falls and see a long drop to where the light is. Man In Black still hasn’t revealed how Desmond would help him sink The Island.

Flash sideways, and we see Hurley and Sayid parked outside a building. Sayid wants to know what’s going on, but Hurley isn’t revealing. He can’t reveal due to the rules. Sayid accordingly asks, “Whose rules”? Hurley said it doesn’t matter. He then goes on to tell Sayid that he trusts him. Sayid wonders what he’s done to earn trust, and Hurley tells him he thinks he (Sayid) is a good guy. This hits at Sayid, since he’s always wrestled with the evil tendencies in his life. He’s walked the fine line between good and evil, especially since in his life he used evil to accomplish good. Hurley’s encouragement is similar to Desmond’s words to Sayid, it sparks hope within him.

HURLEY: You can’t let other people tell you what you are, dude. You got to decide that for yourself.

Choice over fate. Personal choice over someone or something else telling you what to do.

A fight breaks out and Hurley and Sayid watch. Then, a woman gets involved. She’s thrown to the ground, and Sayid goes to intervene. It’s Shannon. And, now a reprise of scenes that I found unbelievable at the time. Sayid and Shannon falling in love. Mainly, I couldn’t believe Sayid would fall in love with here since he “loved” Nadia. Sayid and Shannon remember their histories on The Island. And then Boone goes over to Hurley. Boone apparently remembered, but we never see it.It was all a plan, hatched by Hurley and Boone, to get the two of them to remember.

HURLEY: It takes as long as it takes.

Back to the present, and Sawyer, Hurley, Ben and Kate are waiting. Suddenly, Ben’s walkie talkie goes off. It’s Miles. Miles tells Ben they are on Hydra Island, getting ready to fly it off. Claire appears. She fires warning shots at Miles, Richard and Frank. Claire thinks they are there to kill her, that Man In Black sent them. Richard tells her that’s not the case, that they can leave The Island. She decides to stay on The Island.

Back at the light, Jack and Man In Black are ready to lower Desmond down. Desmond is to go where the light is brightest. As the two of them start lowering Desmond down, Man In Black references the season two premiere, “Man Of Science, Man Of Faith”.

MAN IN BLACK: This remind you of anything, Jack?
JACK: What?
MAN IN BLACK: Desmond, going down into a hole in the ground. If there was a button down there to push we could fight about whether or not to push it. It’s be just like old times.
JACK: You’re not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you’re nothing like him. Turns out he was right about most everything. I just wish I could’ve told him that while he was still alive.
MAN IN BLACK: He wasn’t right about anything, Jack. And, when this island drops into the ocean and  you drop with it you’re finally going to realize that.
JACK: Well, we’ll just have to see which one of us is right then.

Both men are right. Locke was right about pursuing faith, and in The Island’s properties. He was right that Oceanic 6 shouldn’t have left The Island. Yet, Man In Black is right that Locke had no idea what he was pursuing on The Island. Man In Black often led Locke astray. Still, Locke had faith, a belief in a higher power at work. That there was a reason they were brought to The Island. No one believed him at the time, and now only Jack does after it’s all said and done.

Desmond reaches the bottom, and Jack and Locke look over the edge. The camera zooms out on them, recreating the last scene of the season one finale, “Exodus”.

Flash sideways, we see Juliet, David and Claire going to the benefit concert. Juliet’s beeper goes off and she has to return to the hospital. David is left wtih Claire to go into the concert with. Backstage, Charlotte is waking Charlie up. Daniel (Faraday) Widmore is nearby, and she goes to him for help. Daniel recognizes Charlotte, but she doesn’t remember him. It was never explained how Faraday remembered, but Desmond is his constant and Eloise is his mom. So, he’s got that going for him. Daniel watches longingly as Charlotte leaves backstage.

David and Claire sit down at table 23, where Desmond and Kate are sitting. Kate and Claire recognize each other from their flash sideways history. Before any conversation can happen, Dr. Pierre Chang starts the evening’s proceedings. He introduces Daniel Widmore playing with Drive Shaft. Daniel starts playing, and Drive Shaft starts in. Charlie freezes, though, when he sees Claire in the audience. It’s the “blonde girl” from his vision. Claire is a bit unnerved by his staring from the stage, but she doesn’t mind and he doesn’t stop staring.

Claire then goes into labor and leaves the scene. Charlie continues to stare at her as she leaves. K ate takes after her, and Desmond just watches knowingly.

Back in the present, Desmond is at the bottom of the hole in the ground. He looks around and realizes he is in a cavern. There are skeletons laying on the edges. In the middle, is a pool of water with light coming up from it. Desmond descends into the pool. As soon as he does, the water and light begin to go into motion. Sounds emanate from them. Desmond screams in pain, and Man In Black and Jack look down the hole wondering what’s going on.

In the middle of the pool is a round stone sticking up. It reminds me of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when Spock goes to the engine room to fix the warp drive. (And, Desmond is wearing a red shirt.) Desmond pulls the stone up from the pool of water, and different sounds emanate from the cavern. Then, the water stops falling into the cavern. The sounds wind down. Everything is still in the cavern, but then the hole where the stone was starts glowing orange. (Hell?)

Desmond starts screaming no as he realizes he’s not transported back to the flash sideways timeline. Man In Black and Jack hear this, and Man In Black tells Jack that “it looks like you (Jack) were wrong”. Man In Black gets up to leave, and then an earthquake strikes. He goes outside, but then Jack tackles him from behind. He knocks Man In Black down to the ground, and hits him. Man In Black starts to bleed. His invincibility is gone. Jack tells him, “Looks like you were wrong too”. Man In Black manages to grab a rock, hit Jack with it, and knock him out. He then escapes.

It doesn’t matter too much at this point, but wouldn’t Man In Black attempt to turn into the smoke monster at some point after Desmond started screaming? The Island is getting ready to sink, why take time running to the boat? Maybe the smoke powers were gone once the stone was pulled out of the pool, but who knows? As far as we know, he didn’t try.

Flash sideways, and Claire is in the museum looking for a bathroom. She walks under a shark, a nice ode to the shark that was seen before with a DHARMA stamp on it. Claire is ready to give birth, and Kate runs to her aide. Now, it’s a recreation of the scene from the season one episode, “Do No Harm”, when Kate helped deliver Claire’s baby.

Desmond watches the concert, and Eloise comes and sits down next to him.

ELOISE: I thought I made it clear that you were to stop this.
DESMOND: Perfectly clear. I chose to ignore you.
ELOISE: And once they know…what then?
DESMOND: Then? We’re leaving.
ELOISE: Are you going to take my son?
DESMOND: Not with me. No.

How does Eloise know what’s going on? She’s always been one step ahead of everyone, but not anymore. Still, how does she know about the timelines, about Desmond orchestrating everyone’s departure? How come Daniel cannot leave even though he is apparently aware about the timelines?

Desmond chose to ignore Eloise, which is line with choice. There have been references to not allowing someone or something else decide what your fate should be. You need to be the one that chooses it. Desmond does not accept Eloise’s wishes for him.

Back to Claire in labor with Kate helping her. Charlie comes onto the scene, and this mirrors the season one episode even more. Now, how does Kate have midwife skills? Because she’s Kate! (Sorry, I must be getting a bit punchy since I’m still writing on no sleep.) As Claire begins to deliver Aaron, Kate remembers when Claire first delivered Aaron on The Island. Charlie gives Claire the blanket, and her hand touches his hand. Charlie remembers more of his life on The Island, and Claire remembers as well.

Desmond walks in, with a knowing look at Kate.

DESMOND: Do you understand?
KATE: So know what?

Apparently Kate does understand, even though it’s not clear to the rest of us. Yes, these characters remember their lives on The Island. They see how they are connected. So? What does that mean? Is it fate with this?

Back to the present, and The Island is starting to fall apart. Ben saves Hugo from a tree falling, but then it falls on Ben. It traps him to the ground.

Jack wakes up, goes to check on Desmond but doesn’t get a response. Jack takes off running. He’s never been a tracker, it’s raining, and he doesn’t know where Man In Black went, but I’m guessing his calling as The Island’s protector is guiding his way.

Sawyer, Hurley and Kate struggle to lift the tree off of Ben. The Island continues to shake, and Sawyer says how Locke was right. The guy continues to switch sides. (His character became weaker this season with all his flip-flopping.) All of a sudden, Miles calls on the walkie talkie looking for Ben. Cut to the plane where Frank and Richard are making quick repairs. Kate answers the walkie talkie. Miles conveys to them that they have an hour to get over to Hydra Island. Sawyer wonders how they can get over there, and then Ben tells them about Man In Black’s boat.

Cut to the cliffside caves, and Man In Black stands near the edge looking at the boat. Even though Jack had never been there before, he tracks down Man In Black after being knocked unconscious and falling behind in the chase. Jack screams, “Locke”! The rain is coming down at an angle when the camera is on Jack, while the rain is straight up and down when the camera is on Man In Black. (The things you notice with DVR.) Man In Black pulls his knife. They run at each other. Man In Black is wearing his backpack for some reason. Jack has the high ground and jumps at him. He knocks Man In Black to the ground. (Their fight amidst the harsh elements reminds me of another Star Wars scene. This time from Episode III, when Obi-Wan and Anakin fight.) They continue to fight, and finally Man In Black takes his backpack off. The Island continues to fall apart. Jack gets the upperhand on Man In Black and starts to choke him. However, Man In Black grabs his knife and stabs Jack in the side. Man In Black rolls Jack over and puts a knife to his neck. Jack manages to hold him off for the moment.

MAN IN BLACK: I want you to know, Jack, you died for nothing.

And then Kate (who else) shoots Man In Black. Would Kate think to shoot Man In Black again considering before she shot him multiple times and nothing happened? This is also thee same Kate who has a gunshot wound. I know she can track, but how can she track in these conditions? Sawyer would be faster, and knows how to get to this area. Wouldn’t he be the logical choice to arrive first?

Kate killing Man In Black seemed weak to me, but entirely consistent with her character throughout the series.

Man In Black looks up at Jack and says, “You’re too late”. As long as we’re referencing Star Trek II, Man In Black could be in the Khan role here. Knowing he is about to die he still thinks he has overcome his adversary. Jack kicks him over the edge to his death, which is what Man In Black did to Jacob in the season five finale, “The Incident”.

Flash sideways, and Locke is being rolled out of surgery. Everything seems well. A nurse asked what happened to Jack’s neck. It’s bleeding, again. However, know we know why. It’s from the knife that Man In Black tried to kill Jack with. While he nicked his neck in the fight, he didn’t kill him.

So, what would’ve happened had Jack been killed by Man In Black? Would he have died in the flash sideways timeline? Because apparently bleeding can be caused. What does this mean for Sayid, Sun and Jin? Or, does this only happen to The Island protector’s?

Locke is wheeled into his room, and Jack is ready to leave. However, Locke wakes up much quicker than expected. Jack stays in the room to check up on him. He starts talking, but then Locke tells him, “It worked”. Jack doesn’t believe this, and calmly explains why. Locke tells him again “It worked”. And then he tells him that he has sensation in his legs. Jack continues to doubt, but then Locke wiggles his toes. He sees this, and then remembers his history on The Island. (The impetus being when Locke first woke up on The Island, after it crashed, the first thing he did was move his toes. He saw this and couldn’t believe it, since he had been in a wheelchair.)

LOCKE: Did you see that?
JACK: See what?
LOCKE: You don’t remember.
JACK: Mr. Locke, please, just relax. What we need to do…
LOCKE: What we need to do is go.
JACK: No, no, no. John,
LOCKE: Will you come with me? (Jack remember Locke and him looking down hole of hatch.)
JACK: We’re not going anywhere. You just had extensive spinal surgery, and I need to go see my son.
LOCKE: You don’t have a son.
JACK: What?
LOCKE: You don’t have a son, Jack.
NURSE: Doctor?
JACK: Jane, would you give Mr. Locke something to help him rest? I need to go.
LOCKE: Jack, I hope that somebody does for you, what you just did for me.

What’s interesting to me is Jack is dismissive of Locke’s regained ability to move his legs. He’s doubting, even though he did the surgery. He knew beforehand that Locke couldn’t walk, and now he can move his toes. Jack’s response? Calm down. This was weird, his doubting and silencing of Locke.

Locke says he hopes someone does for Jack what Jack did for him. That may have been Locke, whose life was an inspiration for Jack to take on the role of being The Island protector. Locke’s life motivated Jack’s to take on Man In Black.

Back in the present, and all of sudden it’s sunny and not raining at the cliffside caves. Kate helps Jack to the ground, and the stab wound is similar to the cut Jack got in the series premiere. The cut that Kate sewed up, that Jack just referenced.

Sawyer, Hurley and Ben come onto the scene, much later than Kate.

SAWYER: What the hell happened?
KATE: Locke’s dead. It’s over. (The Island shakes again.)
SAWYER: It sure don’t feel like it’s over.

Flash sideways, and Sawyer is at the hospital. He has arrived at Sun’s room to protect her. When Sawyer walks in, Sun smiles and Jin brightens up at the sight of his friend from his DHARMA days. Sawyer shows them a picture of Sayid and relates how their lives could be in jeopardy. He then offers them protection, but Sun and Jin politely decline. The continue to smile at the sight of Sawyer, but then they leave. Jin says, “We’ll see you there”.

See you where? Obviously, we’ve watched the ending so we know where “there” is, but how do Sun and Jin know where to go? They have no idea from their life on The Island? Sawyer wonders where “there” is as well.

Back to the present, and on Hydra Island Frank, Richard and Miles are working furiously to get the plane running. Something is wrong with the hydraulics, so Frank sends Miles to go fix it. Then, Ben starts talking on the walkie talkie and asks Frank their timetable. Frank responds with, “Don’t bother me”! Do you really think he’d respond with that? Granted, it’s Ben asking the question, but I still have a hard time thinking he’d respond like that. It’s not like they’ve pestered Frank with questions. Ben’s response is priceless, “Sounds like they’re making progress”.

The Island shakes again.

SAWYER: We gotta go now.
KATE: I don’t understand. Locke’s dead. Why is this still happening?
JACK: Because whatever Desmond turned off, I need to turn it back on again. But if it doesn’t work, if I don’t get it done…You all need to leave now, you all need to be on that plane.
KATE: You can come with us too, Jack. You don’t have to do this.
JACK: No, I do have to do it.
KATE: No you don’t. Let this island sink, Jack.
JACK: Kate, I can’t. (KATE walks away)

Why include these lines? Because during them Kate was favoring her arm the side she was shot on. She’s moving gingerly, so how did she manage to be first on the scene to shoot Man In Black?

How does Jack know Desmond turned anything off? All that was said before to Desmond was to go to the brightest part of the light?

Kate does not have the big picture in mind, and not showing any faith. Sawyer has not shown any faith either with his flip-flops.

Ben offers to go with Jack since The Island is his home. Hurley offers to go with Jack, and Jack accepts. (Did Jack know he needed a replacement, which is why he quickly accepted Hurley’s offer to go with him?)

Jack and Kate converse, and apparently these two have been in love all along…or they are in love now. Or, maybe the moment is right. Kate wants to know if she’ll see him again, and Jack can’t say that he will. Jack hasn’t shown any interest in Kate in awhile, but that has changed. Jack, Ben and Hurley head back to the bamboo forest, and Kate stands there looking sad.

On Hydra Island, Miles and Richard quickly make repairs to the hydraulics.

MILES: I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.

Right on. Sawyer talks on the walkie talkie to Richard, telling them they are on their way over. Frank takes the walkie talkie and gets on their case to hurry. He throws the walkie talkie off to the side, where it falls on the ground. Sawyer realizes they need to get moving, so he tells Kate they need to jump. Kate jumps off the cliff into the water, and Sawyer follows suit and jumps into the water with the walkie talkie in the waistband of his jeans. (At this point, I probably shouldn’t point out that the walkie talkie would probably be destroyed.) The two of them jumping off rocks is a reference to the season one episode,  “Whatever the Case May Be“, where they jumped off rocks into the water.

Flash sideways, Sawyer is walking the halls of the hospital. He stops Jack and asks where he can get some food. Jack ultimately points him to some vending machines down the hall. As the conversation ends, Sawyer looks at Jack wondering if he remembers him. He goes to the vending machine and buys an Apollo Bar. (No surprise there, and that it’s in slot G23) It gets stuck, and he shakes the machine to try and get it. No luck, so he tries sticking his hand up the machine to get it. Then, Juliet walks in and they playfully converse. She tells him to unplug the vending machine’s power and then plug it back in to get the candy bar to drop. (A reset.) Sawyer unplugs the power and then plugs it back in. Candy bar drops, and Juliet grabs it. She holds it out to Sawyer.

As Sawyer takes the candy bar, their hands touch. Immediately, they remember their shared lives on The Island. That they were in love, and it overtakes them. They embrace.

Flash sideways, and Jack arrives at the concert after it has ended. Kate walks over to him, but he doesn’t know who she is. Jack is looking for his son David. He then remembers Kate, but not from The Island. Kate tells him they were on Oceanic 815 together and how she stole his pen.

JACK: And that’s how I know you?
KATE: No. That’s not how you know me. (KATE walks over to JACK and touches his face. He remembers scenes from The Island.) I missed you so much. (JACK walks away.) Are you okay?
JACK: What is happening to me? Who are you? I don’t…
KATE: I know you don’t understand, Jack. But if you come with me, you will.

Of course, no elaboration on where everyone is going. I thought it was back to The Island. I also thought, at this point, that Jack was reverting back to his Man of Science persona. The miraculous acts appeared to be hardening his heart. I thought he might not go with everyone else since he was already on The Island as the protector. And, in the flash sideways timeline, he has a son now that needs his care.

Back in the present, Hurley, Jack and Ben make their way through the jungle back to the light.

HURLEY: How we gettin’ down there?
JACK: We’re not. I’m going alone.
HURLEY: Dude, you can’t go down there alone. Desmond didn’t make it, how they hell are you going to survive? (JACK’s body language says he doesn’t plan on surviving.) No. No way. I’m not gonna let you die.
JACK: Hurley, I’m already dead.
HURLEY: You said you’d protect The Island.
JACK: And that’s what I’m doing.
HURLEY: You’re committing suicide!
JACK: I’m not. This is the way it has to happen. This is what I’m suppose to do.
HURLEY: You’re not suppose to die! The Island needs you!
JACK: Hurley. It needs you.
JACK: It needs to be you, Hugo.
HURLEY: I can’t…it’s supposed to be you.
JACK: It was only suppose to be me so I could do this. But if someone has to take care of The Island, if someone has to protect it, than it should be you. Hurley, I believe in you.
HURLEY: All right, I’ll take it. But it’s only temporary. As soon as you get that light back on, I’m pulling you up and I’ve giving it right back to you. Deal?
JACK: Deal. (The Island shakes again.) Do you have anything to drink? Anything to drink out of…a cup, a canteen?
BEN: I do. Is that okay? (BEN hands JACK an Oceanic water bottle)
JACK: It’s perfect. (JACK fills the bottle with water.) Drink this.
HURLEY: Is that it?
JACK: Now you’re like me.

Jack gave Hurley the illusion of choice in being the protector of The Island. You could say he manipulated the situation to his advantage so Hurley would “choose”. Jack did not recite Latin over the water, though. Guess it doesn’t matter. Another interesting thing with this is it occurring right in front of Ben. Ben had always yearned for the role, and know he didn’t have it.

Back on Hydra Island, everything appears ready for the plane to leave.

Back to the light, and Hurley and Ben are lowering Jack down the hole. The Island shakes again, and Jack crashes on the ground floor. He looks into the cavern and sees Desmond passed out. Jack goes over  and wakes him.

DESMOND: The light, I put it out. It didn’t work. I thought I’d leave this place.
JACK: I got you. Come on. Come on.
DESMOND: I’m still here. You were right Jack.
JACK: Well, there’s a first time for everything.
DESMOND: I have to put it back. It was like a drain.
JACK: That’s what you did? You took that stone out of the hole over there.
DESMOND: Jack you can’t. Listen, even if you turn it back on it’ll kill you. It has to be me.
JACK: Desmond, you’ve done enough. If you want to do something go home and be with your wife and son.
DESMOND: What about you, Jack?
JACK: I’ll see you in another life, brotha’.

As we thought, Desmond willingly went to the light before because he thought it would transport him into his sideways life. A life where he had Widmore’s repsect, and a chance at a fresh start with Penny. It didn’t happen.

Another thing is the reference to Charlie, Desmond and Penny’s son. Note that as the end nears.

Of course, a scene with Desmond and Jack wouldn’t be right unless the saying “I’ll see you in another life brotha'” was used. It was first used in the season two premiere when we were first introduced to Desmond. Whereas before when it was said they would see each other in a different stage of life, this time they literally will see each other in another life.

Sawyer and Kate come ashore on Hydra Island, and they see Claire. Claire is sitting on the beach, and Kate goes to her. The plane is functioning and getting ready to depart. Sawyer and Kate try and get Claire to come with them, but she refuses. She doesn’t want Aaron to see her in this state, as someone who is crazy and doesn’t know how to be a mother anymore. Kate comes to the rescue (of course), telling her that no one knows how to do it (be a parent). Kate then offers to help, and then Claire responds positively when Kate says they need to go.

The airplane is backed into place, and ready to depart. Frank doesn’t hear Sawyer on the walkie talkie, but Sawyer makes it into the clearing in time. Frank stops the plane for them.

Back at the heart of The Island, Jack picks up the stone that is a plug for the drain. He then falls over and leans against the pool wall. It’s still glowing orange.

Sawyer, Kate, and Claire get on, and then Frank flies the plane off Hydra Island as it falls apart. He makes it, and says “Amen”.  Everyone is relieved that they made it. (And, this is the last we see of the plane. They made it off The Island, for what?)

Back in the heart of The Island, water begins trickling down again. (How does pulling a drain at the base of a pool stop a waterfall?) Jack smiles, and the orange glow is replaced by a golden glow. The light turns back on, and the sounds continue to emanate form it. Jack laughs at the success of it. Hurley and Ben pull the rope up, expecting Jack. Instead, it’s Desmond. Hurley yells down to Jack, but Jack is oblivious. He is being enveloped in the water and light.

Flash sideways, and we’re back at the church since we see the white statue of Jesus with arms outstretched and hands opened up. A cab has pulled up, and Locke is in it. He’s smiling as he sees the sight of the church. The expectation fulfilled, or faithfulness being rewarded you could say. The driver gets his wheelchair out, and Locke sits in it.

He goes over to the church entrance, and Ben is sitting nearby. Locke goes by him, then stops.

LOCKE: Hello Benjamin.
BEN: Hello John.
LOCKE: Is everyone already inside?
BEN: I believe most of them are, yes. (LOCKE gets ready to proceed) I’m very sorry for what I did to you, John. I was selfish and jealous. I wanted everything you had.
LOCKE: What did I have?
BEN: You were special, John. And I wasn’t.
LOCKE: Well, if it helps Ben. I forgive you.
BEN: Thank you, John. That does help. It matters more than I can say.
LOCKE: What are you gonna do now?
BEN: I have some things that I still need to work out. I think I’ll stay here awhile. (LOCKE starts away again) You kow, I don’t think you need to be in that chair anymore. (LOCKE gets out of his wheelchair)
LOCKE: Goodbye Ben.

Once again, how did everyone know to converge at this location? It’s also interesting how the people in this flash sideways timeline consider whatever their life was in it to be nothing compared to their lives and history on The Island. That is the dominant timeline. They’ve all “chosen” it to be so, which means they’ve allowed fate to dictate that

Locke is at peace. His faith proved true. He had no need for vengeance against Ben. He forgave, like the Christ figure his life mimics at times. He had joy.

Back in the present, Ben is tending to Desmond. Desmond will be fine. Everything seems right with the light. Hurley realizes that Jack is gone.

BEN: He did his job, Hugo.
HURLEY: It’s my job now. What the hell am I supposed to do?
BEN: I think you do what you do best. Take care of people. You can start by helping Desmond get home.
HURLEY: But how? People can’t leave The Island.
BEN: That’s how Jacob ran things. Maybe there’s another way. A better way.
HURLEY: Will you help me?
BEN: Sorry?
HURLEY: I could really use someone with…experience. For a little while. Will you help me, Ben?
BEN: I’d be honored.

What are the rules? No one knows, but maybe it doesn’t matter? Of course, in the flash sideways timeline Hurley said there were rules that needed to be followed. What are the rules? It is interesting to note that Ben thinks there can be another way of doing things. Not just one way. Is this Ben being spiteful toward Jacob still? Maybe, but a lot of what he thought was Jacob was really Man In Black.

Hurley then asks if Ben would help him. Ben is humbled and touched by the gesture. Ben can belong with someone, which has been an issue for him this season, and he still is on The Island. He’s with someone that will look after his best interests. Unlike Jacob and Man In Black, arguably.

And what did happen with Desmond? We never know.

Flash sideways, Ben is still sitting outside. Hurley opens the church door and comes outside. He looks around, and sees Ben. He tells him they’re all inside, but Ben says he isn’t coming. So why is Ben sitting nearby then? Hurley then tells Ben he was a good number two, and Ben says Hurley was a great number one. Ben seems to have admiration for Hurley.

This conversation provides the only clue that life continued on for everyone after the light was returned to The Island. We know no details of anyone else’s life. We don’t know what came of that life, or where it’s at on the timeline. Who knows how long Hurley and Ben were on The Island in that life?

Jack and Kate pull up to the church, and it’s the music from the first flash forward reveal. I was still hoping that Jack wasn’t going with everyone at this point.

KATE: Do you know where we are?
JACK: This is where I was going to have my father’s funeral. He died in Australia.
KATE: I’m sorry.
JACK: Why did you bring me here?
KATE: Because this is where you were going to have your father’s funeral. You can go around back.
JACK: Wait, where are you going.
KATE: Inside. I’ll be waiting for you in there…once you’re ready.
JACK: Ready for what?
KATE: To leave.

What’s going on? They are all getting ready to leave, but no details have emerged yet. We don’t know how everyone else knows where to meet and where they are going. Kate’s past tense of “were” I think insinuates that the funeral doesn’t matter anymore. Because there’s no need for a funeral now.

And, why would they all leave? What’s the impetus? Who decides if they are ready? They obviously cannot decide, because we are told Ana-Lucia wasn’t ready. What if they are ready and don’t want to go like Ben? What then?

Back on The Island, Jack wakes up on some rocks in a stream. He’s outside the heart of The Island, and apparently nowhere near the light. How did he get out there? Who knows.

Flash sideways, we see an angel looking at its hand outstretched to the side. The angel is within a gate. Jack walks up steps in the back of the church. He enters an office that has religious artifacts from a number of religions. Right off the back we see a cross, a menorrah and a buddha. There is a stained glass window with six images in it representing world religions. A cross (Christianity), the star of David (Judaism), yin yang (Taoist), crescent and star (Islam), Om (Hinduism), and wheel (Buddhism). The coffin is in the office, and it’s another season finale with Jack entering a room with a coffin.

Jack walks around the coffin methodically. He puts his hand on it, and then he is flooded with memories from The Island. It starts off with his eye opening when he first got to The Island. He steps away from the coffin, but putting aside his doubts he puts his hand back on the coffin. The memories come back. He sees interactions with practically every one of the original survivors. And then it focuses in on his interaction with Kate. He steps away from the coffin again, and then he goes to open it to see his dad. Except he’s not in there. Jack tears up and shuts the coffin. And then he hears his dad.

CHRISTIAN: Hey kiddo.
JACK: Dad?
CHRISTIAN: Hello Jack.
JACK: I don’t understand. You died.
CHRISTIAN: Yeah. Yes I did.
JACK: Then how are you here right now?
CHRISTIAN: How are you here?
JACK: I died, too.
CHRISTIAN: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay, son.
JACK: I love you, dad.
CHRISTIAN: I love you, too, son.
JACK: Are you real?
CHRISTIAN: I sure hope so. Yeah, I’m real. You’re real. Everything that’s ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church, they’re all real too.
JACK: And they’re all, they’re all dead?
CHRISTIAN: Everyone dies sometime, kiddo. Some of them before you, some long after you.
JACK: But why are they all here now?
CHRISTIAN: Well, there is no “now” here.
JACK: Where are we, dad?
CHRISTIAN: This is a place that you all made together so that you can find one another. The most important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack.  You needed all of them, and they needed you.
JACK: For what?
CHRISTIAN: To remember…and to let go.
JACK: Kate, she said we were leaving.
CHRISTIAN: Not leave, no. Moving on.
JACK: Where are we going?
CHRISTIAN: Let’s go find out.

So, they are all dead. And, in the flash sideways timeline they are all dead. Does this mean that every single person in that timeline is dead? Does Ben realize he is dead but doesn’t want to move on? If he does, what does he have to do still? What purpose is it in this timeline to keep repeating? A form of reincarnation?

If they are dead, how is it interacting with the dead reminds them of their lives? What did The Island have to do with anything? Christian says everything that ever happened to them was real. How would he know? Because he knows he’s dead? So, once you realize you’re dead you can let go and move on? Is that why Ben is still sitting outside the church? And move on to what?

If they are dead in this timeline, then what about David? David was not in the other timeline, yet he is in this one. Is there an additional timeline? A third timeline that accounts for this?

I guess, for the viewer, it is an act of faith to trust in this universalism. The down side is there are no consequences for the character’s actions. None. They are all here, ready to “move on” despite a number of their sins. Sin does not matter, apparently.

And, the church is a place they all made together? Huh? I guess that would explain all the religious symbols in the room, since the characters have varying backgrounds. But they built this place to find one another? Really? For example, Sayid was all about finding Nadia (when he wasn’t in love with Shannon). A number of them weren’t about one another. In this finale, Rose and Bernard state how they didn’t want to deal with anyone anymore. What did Boone or Shannon have to do with anything in building this place so they could find one another?

The most important part of their lives was the time they spent with one another? For some of them, that seemed like hell.

If they are all dead, how can Claire give birth to Aaron? How can Sun be pregnant?

Jack exits the room, and comes into the sanctuary where everyone is. They are all hugging and talking. The scene cuts back and forth with Jack on The Island, who is walking in the jungle. In the church, the first person to grete him is John Locke.

LOCKE: We’ve been waiting for ya’.

He then greets Desmond, then Boone. Cut back to The Island, and he is amidst the familiar bamboo forest where the series started. The shoe hanging there like it was in the series premiere. Back to the church, and now Jack is greeting Hurley. Sawyer is next. And then Jack sees Kate, and she takes him by the hand. Back on The Island, Jack sees a clearing in the bamboo. In both places, Jack sits down. At the church, everyone else sits down as well. Christian touches Jack’s shoulder. On The Island, Jack is back where he first started, and then Vincent comes out of nowhere. Just like with the series premiere. He lays down next to Jack, a comfort in that moment. Back at the church, Christian walks down the aisle to the back of the church, in between two angels at the back door. He’s wearing the white sneakers. He opens the door, and a golden light appears. It floods the inside of the church. Everyone looks around in awe. On The Island, Jack sees a plane flying low overhead. It causes him to smile. At the church, the light envelopes everyone. On The Island, Jack dies and his eyes shut.

The End.

So, what do we take from this? Well, you need community. Live together, die alone. Anything else? I don’t. Everyone is “moving on” with apparently no consequence of their actions. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Faith? In what? What did they have faith in to get them to this next stage of life? Some had faith, but some didn’t. It apparently doesn’t matter, because we’re all reincarnated or sent to some sort of purgatory to work out…something.

What about the good versus evil debate? Is nothing evil in the end?

The miraculous on The Island isn’t explained. I think of the season five finale with the bomb detonated. What did that accomplish? What was the point? The Island was sunk in the flash sideways timeline, but yet it wasn’t in the real timeline. So, was The Island dead as well? Remember when Juliet died and then told Miles, “It worked”. If she knew “it worked”, why wouldn’t she remember when in the flash sideways timeline when she was dead?

More quick hitters…

  • Guess we didn’t see Jacob die. Wouldn’t he be at the church?
  • What happened to Richard? Did he die at some point? Wouldn’t he be at the church?
  • Where was Walt? What about Michael? At the Times Talks Live: Lost event, we were told we’d see Walt. Apparently not.
  • Speaking of Times Talks Live: Lost, it was said the character’s stories would be resolved. I guess, but don’t you want to know what happens when some of them left The Island?
  • Faith versus Empiricism would be resolved, Carlton Cuse said. I’m guessing faith won out.
  • If you are a Battlestar Galactica fan, wouldn’t you react more like Galen Tyrol when recovering your memories? That’s more realistic than the response of nearly everyone on this show.
  • Did Jack’s sacrifice amount to anything? What was the point of saving The Island if the characters all built a place for themselves in the afterlife?
  • The light that Christian Shephard walked into at the end? Same as the light on The Island?
  • No Nikki or Paulo? Expected. But what about Dr. Arzt?
  • So, Michael died on/near The Island but he can’t be a part of this place? Yet, Charlie, Libby, Mr. Eko, Boone and Shannon can be?
  • Did Desmond and Penny make it in the end? Whatever happened to their son Charlie? He’s not there at the church in the end.
  • Glad Sawyer and Juliet ended up together.
  • So, Widmore brought back Desmond on account of Jacob? Really? All it did was help Man In Black. We’ll never know what prompted Widmore to come back.
  • War? What war? What was the war for? The Island? The Island didn’t matter in the end.
  • Hurley was a #1, Ben was a #2, and what happened to Desmond?
  • I like the Dukes of Hazzard reference when Sawyer calls Miles “Enos”.
  • Does this happen routinely in this timeline? People random leaving for someplace else? Some of them never exhibited signs of faith, and now they reap the rewards?
  • I always did like the respect Jack had for Locke in the flash sideways timeline.
  • Jack did get peace, like Locke said, when he found his dad. He did not get peace when he fixed Locke. In fact, doubt entered for awhile. Then again, maybe that was necessary so he could find ultimate peace.
  • What became of Clementine? Sawyer’s daughter?
  • So, what were the rules? Doesn’t matter apparently.
  • What was the point of The Temple? Dogen? Lennon? The sickness? Being claimed?
  • Charlotte and Faraday? What happened to them? They’re dead, though, right?
  • The ash? And, that was…never mind.
  • How does Eloise know anything of the timelines? Why wasn’t her character explored more on this topic?
  • Choice. The problem is choice. Remember that line from The Matrix Reloaded? Those that choose, break from the present life and enter into an afterlife/heightened reality.
  • Bernard the only person from the tail section of Oceanic 815 to “move on” into afterlife.
  • What about the kids and the stewardess on Oceanic 815?
  • Smoke and mirrors permeated the last season, and I feel like there has been a bit of a smoke and mirror show.
  • What was the purpose of leaving The Island on the plane? Wouldn’t Frank and Miles be at the church?
  • The interesting thing about some of those beliefs represented in the church are they aren’t universal.

Did I like the finale? Not as much as I would’ve hoped. And, I don’t think I had unreasonable expectations. I think the showrunners did make the best ending they thought they could. There were a lot of questions the producers and writers raised that they never seemed to attempt to answer. However, there could be a brilliance with that. The mythology lives on, and in a sense the show lives on.

Damon Lindelof tweeted out that people should “let go and move on”. I think that’s awfully convenient of him. Right after a 2.5 hour finale of one of the most influential and critically-acclaimed shows, he basically tells people to deal with it and move on. Right. Easy way out of critiques and a potential head-scratcher of an ending. It’s one thing to enjoy the story, but when there has been so much attention to detail and major themes throughout the show, it’s a bit ridiculous to not wrap stuff up and then say “let go and move on”.

Of course, that could just be him channeling Christian Shephard and the last scene of Lost.

Lost has been a tremendous ride. It’s one of the best shows in history. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof did amazing work throughout its run.

I’m sure I’ll be writing a follow-up to the finale, once I’ve had some time to process it a bit more. From reading other people’s reactions, I do think I’m in the minority with my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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