May seems to be flashing before my eyes.

It was a fun week. There was a lot of follow-up from Big Omaha, whether it was writing posts about it or meeting with people I met. I’m still buzzing from the gathering.
We had a staff party this past Monday, and actually had staff superlative awards. I won for most likely to spend work day “tweeting/blogging”. Kind of an unfair advantage on my part since it’s my job.
I had an enjoyable time leading the Counterfeit Gods lunch study this past Wednesday. The book is not about other religions, but about the idols Christians truly do worship. (Here’s a hint, it’s usually not Jesus.) The book itself is one of the better Christian books I’ve read. It’s not a rehashed idea, or a book thin on substance. It’s legit. I like author/pastor Tim Keller’s material more and more.
Also spent time writing devotionals for the upcoming Acts message series. The tough thing for me is being concise.
It’s been fun watching the Celtics rolling through these NBA Playoffs. Right now, I’m watching them cruise to a 3-0 series lead on the Magic. It’s shaping up to be another NBA Finals between the Celtics and Lakers. Awesome.
And, of course, I wrote about Lost. Tomorrow is the finale, and I plan on writing a thorough recap for it.
One thing I’ve been doing for the past few weeks is trying to unplug from Friday evening to Saturday evening. If possible, I will not access the web, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or blogs. I miss out sometimes on things, like today I missed out on an Olly Moss Lost poster that was released. Still, it’s been good for me.
Thanks for reading. I seem to meet more and more people who read this blog. It’s humbling to realize the reach it has.

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