I walked into Amsterdam, kind of frustrated, but someone came up to me and introduced himself to me. I didn’t know them. They said they read my blog, and we talked for awhile. I feel great now. (Thanks William!)

Still buzzing a few days after Big Omaha. I’m working on a follow-up to last year’s post, Big Omaha…and Jesus.
Right now, at work, I’m writing a number of devotionals based on the Book of Acts. Toughest part for me is fitting them under 250 words.
A couple of days till the Lost finale. I’m sure that post will be the longest one I’ve written on the blog. I’ve got a couple of Lost projects in the works, so stay tuned if you are a Lost fan.
It’s hard to call the Boston Celtics playoff run surprising now. Who would’ve guessed a Celtics v Lakers matchup in the NBA Finals? Awesome.
I’m considering getting a Droid. Tired of waiting for iPhone to come to Verizon.
Lately, I’ve enjoyed writing, working on projects and connecting with people, but it explains why I have 107 emails in my inbox. Need to get that down.
Back to work. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Curry Fries & Mayo #58

  1. You might want to just give it a little more time on the iPhone. Seems like it could hit as early as next month. But then again who knows. On the other hand, the Droid Incredible is sweet.


  2. Yeah. Part of me is tired of waiting, but I don't want to make the Droid plunge and then a month later find out iPhone is coming to Verizon.

    In June, there might be news of a Verizon iPhone at WWDC. (Apple's Developers Conference) I'll wait till then, probably, before making a final decision.

    Do you have an iPhone? Droid?


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