The penultimate episode of Lost. The wait for this season seemed to take forever, and now it is almost done. I’m hoping to steer clear of spoilers until the finale. Recently, I was reading an article on Lostpedia, and I may have come across “spoiler vandalism”. I hope not.

Couple of things to note before I dive into the recap. This Thursday, there is a Lost event that will be broadcast live at select movie theaters. It will be a discussion with the series creators. What else about it? No idea, but what would you expect? Allegedly, questions will be answered, but I doubt anything would be spoiled before Sunday’s finale. I bought tickets as soon as I could.

Also, in the coming weeks I will be doing another Lost In 108 Words contest. I had a lot of fun, last December, when I did the previous Lost In 108 Words contest. Prizes? Well, last time I gave away a Daniel Danger Lost print. This time? Well, a new batch of Lost prints are being released, and one just happens to be a Daniel Danger print… πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading, and for giving me your own theories and insights about the show.

SPOILERS AHEAD (You know what you’re getting by now.)

The episode opens on Jack waking up. In typical Lost fashion, it’s his eye opening up. The series opened with Jack opening his left eye wide open. Now? It’s his left eye, and he is opening it wearily. Birds are heard in the background and one could think he is on The Island. However, It’s the flash sideways timeline, so one could say there is a double meaning when saying he is “waking from a dream”.

He goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror, and notices blood on his neck. The blood is out of place since he just woke up. It does remain consistent that whenever characters look in the mirror, in the flash sideways timeline, they look as if they are trying to remember something. Something about themselves. Even if they don’t know what that is.

David has made breakfast for them. They sit down to eat and banter away, a happy father-son reflection. David asks if Jack is coming to the concert tonight. He says yes, and then asks David if his mom is coming as well. He says yes, and asks Jack why he wants to know. Jack shrugs his shoulders, and David implores him to not get weird. Jack says he won’t, and David seems pleased. Before, Jack had been “weird” with his former wife. (Remember when he stalked her?) I’m guessing he was married to Sarah in this timeline as well.

Claire walks in, and the guys jump to serve their sister/aunt. David offers her cereal, and she sits down with them to eat. A happy family scene, probably the first time in a long time any of them had one.

The phone rings and a voice tells Jack that his dad’s coffin has been found and it will be arriving at LAX that evening. At the other end of the line? It’s Desmond Hume, once again pulling strings. Continuing to play the part of Jacob in this timeline, drawing the characters together for a purpose they don’t know yet.

In the present, Jack is unraveling some cloth to get thread. (The color is black.) It’s to be used as stitches to sew up the bullet wound Kate suffered when they all got on the sub. Of course, Jack stitching up Kate is similar to the series premiere when Kate stitched up Jack with black thread.

Kate starts talking about Jin and Sun’s daughter, Ji-Yeon. She seems to have more concern for Ji-Yeon than Jin and Sun did. I’m glad someone acknowledge the fact that Ji-Yeon is now an orphan, and it would make sense it would be Kate’s character since she raised Aaron when they left The Island last time. Kate says how Jin never met his daughter, and I’m once again wondering why he chose to die and leave his daughter to be an orphan.

She then turns angry and says Locke killed them. She says they have to kill him, and Jack calmly responds with, “I know”.

This is a minor detail, but they all know that really isn’t Locke. And, they all probably know that Locke was right about everything before. So, why do they do a disservice to Locke’s name by using it when referring to Man In Black?

Sawyer is standing on the beach, looking out at the ocean. He is watching items from the sub wash ashore. The scene is reminiscent of the first time Sawyer appeared in the series, when he was surveying the wreckage. The musical score is also from the series premiere. When it played before it was when Jack finally had a moment to collect his thoughts after the plane crash.

Kate and Hurley come up next to Sawyer and stand there. Kate rests her head on Sawyer. They stand there broken and in mourning. Jack comes over and takes a moment to honor those that died in the sub, but then tells everyone they need to get going. Hurley asks the obvious question, “Go where”? Jack tells them about Desmond being alive, and that if Man In Black wants him dead then they will need Desmond. This snaps Sawyer and everyone else out of their mourning. They want payback, and they have a glimmer of hope in accomplish that.

Flash sideways, and we see Desmond again. He’s watching someone again. It’s Locke, first day back at school. Desmond starts the car and we wonder if he is going to hit Locke again, but then Ben comes over to the car. While Ben yells at Desmond for what he did to Locke, Desmond gets out of the car calmly. He walks over to Ben and punches him. He holds Ben down on the hood of his car. Ben says he won’t let him hurt Mr. Locke again. Somewhat funny, because in the other timeline Ben took great joy in tormenting Locke.

Desmond’s response?

DESMOND: I’m not here to hurt him. I am here to help him let go.
BEN: Who are you?
DESMOND: You wanna know who I am?

And then Desmond preceds to punch Ben repeatedly. As he is punching him, Ben remembers Desmond punching in him in the current timeline. Desmond throws him to the ground, gets in the car, and drives away. Ben looks like reality has truly slapped him across the face. (By the way, no one saw Desmond beating up Ben? Any time there is even a hint of a fight at a school, students are circling the potential combatants in a heartbeat.)

Back in the present, we see Ben, Richard and Miles trekking through the jungle. It’s been a couple of days, and recall that Ethan and Goodwin infiltrated the survivors’ camps in a few hours. (We found out in the season three premiere that Ben sent them there after they all watched Oceanic 815 crash to The Island.) The trek to the barracks is a couple of days now? Especially for these three who have spent extensive time on The Island. Whatever.

Miles has a great line as the walk through the jungle.

MILES: Well, I lived in these houses thirty years before you did. Other wise known as last week.

The explosives are in Ben’s secret room behind the bookcase, which we first saw when Ben summond the smoke monster to kill Keamy. (This was after Keamy killed Alex, Ben’s daughter.)

They come upon the barracks, and it’s in disarray. Miles starts sensing someone dead nearby. Ben is wondering what’s going on, but Richard answers. It’s Alex. He buried her where they all are standing. Ben is quiet. He looks at the ground, looks around, thanks Richard, and then walks away. While he is emotional, he will not be emotional in front of Richard and Miles. And, he will not be emotional while they are on their mission.

They enter into Ben’s old house, and Ben enters the secret room. Miles asks if that’s a “secreter room”, and Ben tells him that’s where he was told he could summon the monster.

BEN: That’s before I realized it was the one summoning me.

Back when Ben was the leader of The Others, and Richard was there to advise, do you think Ben would have told Richard about the secret room that summons the smoke monster? If so, don’t you think Richard would’ve known that the smoke monster was evil since Richard was getting his orders from Jacob?

Ben unlocks a safe where the C4 is, and asks Richard if they want to “blow the plane to hell” or merely cripple it. Since there are many references to heaven and hell in this show, Richard says, “Blow it to hell”.

They start loading C4 into their backpacks when they hear commotion in the house. They come out of the secret room and see Zoe. Ben asks, “Who the hell are you”? And then Widmore enters, completely shocking Ben. (commercial break)

Ben has his gun pointed on Widmore, but Widmore doesn’t seem threatened. He won’t answer Ben’s questions, but instead tells Zoe to go to the dock to get their equipment. Ben doesn’t want her to go, but Widmore says he is their last chance for survival. Zoe leaves. Widmore asks Richard what he is doing there, and Richard answers him. Ben is dumbfounded that Richard reveals their plan. And why would Richard trust Widmore? Does he not care anymore? Does he see Richard as the leader who never should’ve left? Or, does he figure that the enemy of their enemy is their friend?

Widmore tells them that he has the plane rigged with explosives already, that he’s three steps ahead like always. A subtle power play by Widmore and a chance to needle the guy, Ben, who forced him off The Island long ago. Ben asks how Widmore got to The Island, and he answers that Jacob told him. Is this possible? Yes. Do I believe him? Not really. Widmore has never been completely forthright, but we have seen Jacob off of The Island. Why would he go to Widmore, though? And, how could Jacob get off of The Island?

WIDMORE: He visited me. Not long after your people destroyed my freighter. He convinced me of the error of my ways, and told me everything I needed to know for this exact purpose.
BEN: What purpose?

For someone who has realized the error of his ways, he sure has a funny way of showing it. Hard to believe.

Before Widmore can answer the question of “What purpose”,Β  he is interrupted by Zoe on the walkie talkie. Man In Black is coming. Widmore implores Zoe to get back as soon as possible, and then tells Ben that if they don’t want to die they need to hide.

Flash sideways, and Ben is getting treatement from the school nurse. He’s looking at his reflection in the mirror, when Locke enters the room. He’s concerned for Ben. Ben smiles, but it’s forced. Is it because Ben also remembers who Locke is and/or how he treated Locke?

Ben tells Locke that he got in a fight, and it was with the man who before tried to run Locke down.

BEN: And then the strangest thing happened. While he was beating me, I think, I think I saw something. What are you doing?
LOCKE: I’m calling the police.
BEN: You may not want to do that.
LOCKE: Well, why wouldn’t I want to?
BEN: The man who told me that he wasn’t trying to hurt you. He told me he was trying to get you to let go. And for some reason I believed him. Do you have any idea what he was talking about, Mr. Locke? Does that mean something to you?

Let go. In the episode “The Candidate”, Jack and Locke had a conversation about letting go. Jack was asking Locke to let go in hopes that Locke would try surgery to walk again. Jack and Locke had a discussion that the two of them have had before, but then it was Locke imploring Jack to trust. This time, in the flash sideways timeline, it was Jack imploring Locke to trust by letting go. However, Locke couldn’t let go at that time.

So, he hears Ben telling him he needs to let go, and Locke begins to wonder what is going on. Locke hangs up the phone with the LAPD. On the other end of the line, the cop trying to talk to Locke hangs up the phone. Desmond then comes to him, and asks to talk to a detective. (Know any detectives?)

Sawyer and Miles are bantering back and forth. Miles is reminding Sawyer about the benefit concert at his dad’s museum. Miles is going to the concert that Jack will be attending to hear David play. Who’s Miles’ dad? Dr. Pierre Chang. So, there’s some connections happening. Last time there was suppose to be a benefit, in the flash sideways timeline, it was Driveshaft playing with Daniel Farraday. I’m guessing there will be an appearance by them as well. (Last week, in reality, there was a special live concert of music from Lost. It was at UCLA, and it was conducted by Lost composer Michael Giacchino.)

Miles tries to get Sawyer to come to the concert. Sawyer asks if Charlotte will be there, and Miles says yes. Sawyer says he’ll pass on going.

Then, a cop escorts Desmond up to Sawyer and Miles. Desmond admits to the hit-and-run and assaulting Ben. Sawyer takes him to a holding area, where he is joined up with Sayid and Kate. Desmond seems amused that he is with them. Everything is falling into place for Desmond. (If there was any lingering doubt that Desmond is pulling the strings in this flash sideways timeline, this scene squelched those doubts.)

Back to the present. Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate are going to the well where Desmond is. Jack and Sawyer are walking together, and Sawyer asks why Man In Black can’t kill Locke. Jack doesn’t know, speculating it’s one of the rules. Sawyer then brings up the bomb on the sub.

SAWYER: You said he couldn’t kill us.
JACK: I’ve been wrong before.
SAWYER: I killed them, didn’t I?
JACK: No. He killed them.

It was Sawyer’s realization that Jack was right and he was wrong. Sawyer was trying to apologize, but Jack wouldn’t let him. Jack correctly pointed out that Man In Black killed them. It was Man In Black’s intention all along for potential candidates to die.

Hurley sees a young Jacob. He is momentarily distracted by Kate, but when he returns his gaze to look at young Jacob he’s no longer there. Young Jacob is behind him, demanding the ashes that Hurley took from Ilana. Hurley gets the ashes out, and young Jacob snatches them away. He then takes off running, and Hurley follows him. Hurley loses him, but then finds a campfire burning. Jacob is there with the bag that held the ashes.

JACOB: Hello Hugo.
HURLEY: Dude, I’ve been waiting for you to show up. Where you been?
JACOB: Doesn’t matter. I’m here now.
HURLEY: Did you see a kid run by here with your ashes?
JACOB: My ashes are right there in that fire. When it burns out you’ll never see me again.
JACOB: You should get your friends. We’re very close to the end, Hugo.

Jacob is now in the flesh, at the age he was when Ben murdered him. Was he the proverbial Phoenix rising out of the ash? And, what is with the ashes? If they offer protection against Man In Black, why would Jacob take them? Or, how about a reason why they are necessary for Jacob to leave? When the fire burns out, does that mean Jacob is dead?

I also like how Hurley asked him a question, a pertinent question to most in that situation, and Jacob just brushed it aside to have Hurley focus on the here and now. Poignant, but also think about Lost fans (like me) and there litany of questions. I can see the showrunners responding to fan questions with, “Doesn’t matter. What matters is the now”.

Jacob also refers to “the end”. The title of the season finale? “The End”. How would Jacob know they are getting close to “the end”?

Locke is on the docks of the The Island. He sees the boat with the equipment, and then quickly departs. At the same time, Zoe barges into the house at the barracks and tells Widmore they need to go. Widmore says there’s no time and tells everyone to hide in Ben’s secret room. Ben opts not to hide.

BEN: I’m not interested in hiding. He’s going to find me sooner or later anyway. I’d rather have it over with.

Why does Ben decide not to hide? Before, he was ready to bomb the airplane to prevent Man In Black from leaving. Now? Maybe he thinks since they can’t escape, which makes blowing up the airplane impossible, he might as well face his fate.

Miles hears this and decides to head off into the jungle on his own. Ben gives him a walkie talkie before he leaves. Widmore chides Ben by telling him Man In Black will kill him. Ben responds in typical Ben fashion with, “Then I guess this is goodbye”. Those two just can’t have a happy moment between them, ever. Widmore and Zoe go into the secret room.

Richard offers to talk to Man In Black, be a diversion so Miles and Ben can escape for the airplane. Miles wants nothing to do with it, running off into the jungle. Richard and Ben go outside to wait for Man In Black in the middle of the barracks. It is still. And then the smoke monster roar can be heard. From out of nowhere, it attacks Richard and thrusts him into the air, away from the barracks. Ben is petrified at the sigt. He walks slowly and sits down on the closest chair. He looks around and then stares straight ahead. From around a corner, Man In Black walks toward Ben. Ben still looks ahead. They make small talk. Ben is awaiting what he believes is his own death. Man In Black sits down next to him with his knife in hand.

MAN IN BLACK: I need you to kill some people for me, Ben.
BEN: And, why would I do that?
MAN IN BLACK: Because once I leave this Island, you can have it all to yourself.
BEN: All right.
MAN IN BLACK: Good. Now…whose outrigger is that down at the dock?
BEN: I believe it’s Charles Widmore’s.
MAN IN BLACK: And, do you know where I might find him?
BEN: He’s hiding in my closet.

Who must Ben kill? The candidates and Desmond, although Man In Black doesn’t know who of them is still alive. Man In Black also promises The Island to Ben again. (Remember that for later in the show.) Always making promises to people to get them to do something for him.

Flash sideways, and we see Ben leaving the school. He’s trying to get his keys out while he’s carrying his briefcase and his arm is in a sling. He drops the keys, and Alex comes over to him. She can’t believe the condition he is in. She’s looking out for him, and she offers her mom to drive him home. Her mom is Rousseau. Rousseau agrees to give him a ride home, and then Alex asks if he can come over for dinner. Ben doesn’t want to impose, but Rousseau insists. She says, “Even if we have to kidnap you”. That’s funny because both Ben and Rousseau have kidnapped people when they were on The Island.

It’s after dinner at Rousseau’s house. Alex is doing homework, and Rousseau and Ben are talking. Rousseau is friendly with Ben. This is mainly due to him being a mentor to Alex, but is there something more with Rousseau’s warmth toward Alex? It’s the opposite of The Island where Rousseaus treated Ben with contempt. Ben asks what happened to Alex’s dad, and we find out that he died when Alex was two.

ROUSSEAU: It’s probably why she’s so attached to you.
BEN: Excuse me?
ROUSSEAU: All the interest you’ve taken in her, all the help you’ve given, you’re the closest thing she to a father she’s ever had.

Ben gets choked up at this realization. While he’s shown it in ways only he could, he deeply cared for Alex in the current timeline. That is a constant in this flash sideways timeline as well. Whereas in the current timeline his fatherhood seemed forced upon Alex, in this timeline Alex is yearning for it.

Back to the present, and Ben leads Man In Black to the secret room. Man In Black tells Ben to wait outside the room, he thinks Ben won’t want to “see this”. Ben says he wants to, and Man In Black obliges.

Now, why would Ben want to “see this”? “This” being the death of Widmore? Widmore has been Ben’s nemesis for years, maybe it’s a chance to see his rival’s demise. Or, maybe Ben is aligning himself with Man In Black, giving himself over to what he thinks is inevitable. However, what I think is Ben is attempting to pull a con on Man In Black. If anyone could pull it off, it would be Ben. He wants to gain favor with him. Why? So Man In Black doesn’t kill him, but also to do what’s right. There have been a lot of redemption stories, and I’d like to think Ben will have one as well. He may die in the process, but I think he’s going to attempt to con Man In Black to prevent him from leaving The Island.

They proceed into the secret room and confront Widmore and Zoe.

BEN: Sorry Charles.
MAN IN BLACK: What a pleasant surprise. How nice to be able to talk without those fences between us. And who might you be?
ZOE: Zoe. My name is Zoe.
WIDMORE: Don’t talk to him. Don’t say anything. (MAN IN BLACK pulls out a knife and slashes at ZOE’s neck. She bleeds to death.) Why would you do that?
MAN IN BLACK: You told her not to talk to me which made her pointless. Now Charles, it’s clear you’re not afraid to die. So there’s only one way to motivate you to tell me what I want to know. Soon, this will all be over. I’ll get what I want, and I’ll finally leave this Island. And when I do, the first thing I’m going to do is kill your daughter. Penny.
WIDMORE: You’ll kill her whether I talk to you or not.
MAN IN BLACK: No I won’t. I give you my word.
WIDMORE: And I’m suppose to take your word?
MAN IN BLACK: You tell me why you came back here, and I won’t hurt your daughter.
WIDMORE: I brought Desmond Hume back here because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism. He was a measure of last resort.
MAN IN BLACK: What do you mean “last resort”?
WIDMORE: I’m not saying anymore in front of him. (MAN IN BLACK looks over at BEN, and BEN turns and slowly begins to leave.)
MAN IN BLACK: Well, then whisper to me. (WIDMORE begins to whisper to MAN IN BLACK, but then BEN shoots WIDMORE. WIDMORE dies.)
BEN: He doesn’t get to save his daughter.
MAN IN BLACK: Ben…you never cease to amaze me. Fortunately, he had already told me what I needed to know. So, no harm done.
BEN: Good. Did you say there were some other people to kill?

Man In Black smiles when Ben utters that last line of dialog.

It’s interesting that even though Ben and Widmore both know Man In Black is evil, they refuse to align against their common enemy. Ben ultimately guns down Widmore, a final act of retribution for Alex’s murder. A chance to right the wrong of “he broke the rules” when Keamy shot Alex.

It seems Widmore knows what Man In Black is. He sets up the sonar fences as a protection against it. Why doesn’t Ben, when he was leader of The Others, ever pick up on Man In Black’s tricks? He must have been warned, he must have known from being on The Island and interacting with Ricahrd and Widmore. How did Man In Black manage to fool Ben so long, and apparently Richard as well? Wouldn’t Richard have known about

Desmond is the fail-safe for whoever. Another parallel to earlier in the series when Desmond turned the fail-safe key, in the Swan Station, after the timer hit zero. He discharged the build-up of electromagnetic energy, and in the process blew up the Swan Station.

I would’ve thought there’d be more interaction between Widmore and Ben before one of them died. They’ve had this rivalry, and it seemed poised to be a part of the finale. Instead, they share a scene together, and then Ben shoots Widmore. I thought there might be more between them.

Man In Black comments to Ben that he “never ceases to amaze me”. A little reason why I think it is possible Ben could pull a con on Man In Black. At the end of the dialog, Ben asks if there are others to kill. This pleases Man In Black. Ben knows he is needed, so he leverages that to gain Man In Black’s trust.

In the jungle, Hurley leads Jack, Sawyer and Kate to the campfire where Jacob is. The three of them see Jacob for the first time as who he is. Hurley is a bit confused how they can see Jacob. I’m sure it has something to do with the ashes that are in the fire. Right? (Which makes sense as to why Jacob can be seen by everyone, but soon will leave when the fire goes out. And, notice it’s night again?)

KATE: So you’re the one who wrote our names on the wall?
JACOB: I am.
KATE: Sun and Jin-Kwon and Sayid Jarrah. You wrote their names on the wall?
KATE: Is that why they’re dead?
JACOB: I’m very sorry.
KATE: You’re sorry?
KATE: No, I want to know why! I wanna know that Sun and Jin and Sayid didn’t die for nothing.
JACOB: Come and sit down and I’ll tell you what they died for. I’ll tell you why I chose them…and why I chose you. And then I’ll tell you everything you need to know about protecting this Island because by the time that fire burns out…one of you is gonna have to start doing it.

Kate’s anger seemed a bit out of place. I thought Sawyer would’ve confronted Jacob, especially since he was dealing with his grief over his role in the sub explosion. It’s in his nature, but he seems passive in this scene. Maybe it’s a chance to give Kate some lines, because she hasn’t had many in this episode.

It does look like the cave is Jacob’s dwelling. I had a theory it might have been Man In Black’s cave. My theory was when he took Sawyer to the cave, he lied about everything so to present himself as the good guy.

Jacob is ready to give answers, but he must before the fire goes out. He also tells them that one of them must take his place. The implication is Kate could take his place, even though her name was crossed off in the cave.

Flash sideways, and we are at Jack’s office. Locke appears in the doorway. Jack is happy to see him and invites him into his office. Locke notices a picture of Jack’s, that has Jack, Christian and David in it. Locke inquires about David, asking if it’s his son. Sons and fathers, an issue that both of these characters have dealt with in both timelines.

LOCKE: Dr. Shephard, you and I were on the same plane from Sydney. You gave me your card, and next day I threw it away. No offense.
JACK: None taken.
LOCKE: Anyway, then a few days later I get hit by a car, and of all the doctors in Los Angeles I ended up with you. Then after you save my life, you still want to fix me. And I still don’t want to be fixed. Okay. Then, the man who ran me down shows up at my school today again. He beat up a teacher in the parking lot, but you know what he said to him? He said that he wasn’t there to hurt me, he was there to help me let go. Which is exactly the same thing you said to me the last time you and I saw each other.
JACK: I’m sorry, are you saying that I sent this man to run you down?
LOCKE: No, no, no, no, but what if all this…maybe this is happening for a reason. Maybe you’re supposed to fix me.
JACK: Mr. Locke, I want to fix you, but I think you’re mistaking coincidence for fate.
LOCKE: You can call it whatever you want, but here I am. And I…I think I’m ready to get out of this chair.

Locke is “walking out in faith” by coming to Jack and asking to be fixed. Before, he had shut off hope so he wouldn’t be hurt again. He chose to be a victim as a way of punishing himself for what happened to his dad. Now he is letting go and trusting again. Locke, a man of faith again, is asking Jack, the man of science (doctor), to fix him so he can rise up and walk. Before, Locke was always trying to get Jack to believe. Here, Locke is believing in Jack.

Coincidence or fate? Fate would imply they would not have a choice, but I don’t think that’s the case. (Especially in the upcoming scene with Jacob.)

I liked how Locke was careful in expressing his request to Jack. He knew it sounded ridiculous. Before, when he was on The Island, he would have been bold in his faith. It is more tempered here.

Back to the present.

JACOB: I don’t know really know where to start.
HURLEY: How about why you brought us to The Island?
JACOB: I brought all of you here because I made a mistake. A mistake I made a very long time ago. And now, because of that, there’s a very good chance that every single one of you and everyone you ever cared about is going to die.
SAWYER: What mistake.
JACOB: You call him “the monster”. But I’m responsible for what happened to him. I made him that way, and ever since then he’s been trying to kill me. It was only a matter of time before he figured out how. And when he did, someone would have to replace me. And that’s why I brought you all here.
SAWYER: Tell me something, Jacob. Why do I gotta be punished for your mistake? What made you think you could mess with my life? I was doing fine till you dragged my ass to this damn rock.
JACOB: No you weren’t. None of you where. I didn’t pluck any of you out of a happy existence. You were all flawed. I chose you because you were like me. You were all alone. You were all looking for something that you couldn’t find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you.
KATE: Why did you cross my name off of your wall?
JACOB: Because you came a mother. And it’s just a line of chalk in a cave. The job is yours if you want it, Kate.
JACK: What is the job?
JACOB: There’s a light at the center of The Island. You have to make sure it never goes out. That’s how you protect it.
SAWYER: Your monster friend said there was nothing to protect it from.
JACOB: You have to protect it from him. You must do what I couldn’t. What I wasn’t able to do.
JACK: You want us to kill him. Is that even possible?
JACOB: I hope so because he is certainly going to try and kill you.
HURLEY: So, how you going to pick?
JACOB: I’m not going to pick, Hugo. I want you to have the one thing I was never given. A choice.
KATE: What if none of us chooses it.
JACOB: Then this ends very badly. (pause)
JACK: I’ll do it. This is why I’m here. This is…this is what I’m supposed to do.
JACOB: Is that a question, Jack?
JACOB: Good. Then it’s time.

Jack accepts his role as the next protector of The Island. Glad to see I got that prediction right. I would have been upset if someone else would’ve stepped up. It would’ve been a huge shocker. It also wouldn’t have been believable. It’s been shaping up to be Jack for awhile.

While it may have been fate/destiny, while all the events unfolded to put him in this position, the choice was still his make. He was not forced or coerced into the role, like Jacob was. No matter what may happen, or how life’s events may unfold, we always have a choice in any given matter.

Another interesting thing is Kate still could have been the protector of The Island. Yet, her name was crossed off. Jacob implies that it’s just “a line of chalk”, but that line of chalk had powerful meaning. It meant whether or not someone had protection from Man In Black. So why not protect all potential candidates so they aren’t killed by Man In Black? It’s a nice line from Jacob, but in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t make sense.

Kate was crossed off because she became a mother, but then why weren’t Jin and Sun crossed off? Probably because their daughter doesn’t count since Jin chose to die with Sun instead of being a father. (As you can tell, that scene still angers me.) After that, he deserved to have his name crossed off the list.

What was shown last week, and what I surmised, is true. Jacob created his nemesis. He somehow created evil out of “the light” that can be found in all of us. This still hasn’t been fully explained, and I don’t expect it to be. It does make sense that Jacob won’t kill him. Whatever the monster is, it’s still a tie to his brother. He can’t kill his brother, his last family member. His connection to off The Island.

This also explains why these four are being asked to step in for Jacob. He can’t “clean up after his own mess” because it is his brother.

Jacob tells them they are all flawed, which is true of all of us. He chose them because it was better than their previous existence off The Island. He was providing them a chance at redemption.

I’m still not sure how everyone could die if Man In Black leaves The Island, or goes to “the light”. We already know he can be contained by ashes and the sonar fence. Jack threw dynamite at him, in the season one finale, and that prevent him from snatching Locke away. This can’t be figured out by someone?

They must kill Man In Black. It’s what Richard was tasked to do, by his deceased wife, before he got sidetracked by trying to blow up the plane.

Jacob leads Jack to a stream, away from the others. Sawyer makes a crack about Jack’s “God complex”. Kate silences him. Hurley says he’s glad he isn’t going to protect The Island.

JACOB: Do you remember that bamboo field you woke up in when you first got here?
JACK: Yeah.
JACOB: Beyond that filed, across a ridge, is the heart of The Island. That’s where the light is. That’s where he’s trying to go, and that’s what you have to protect.
JACK: Past the bamboo, there’s nothing out there.
JACOB: Yes there is, Jack. And now you’ll be able to get there. (kneels down by the steam) Do you have a cup?
JACK: Yeah, yeah actually I do. (JACOB picks up some water in his hands and speaks something softly over the water. He then takes the cup from JACK and fills it with some water.)
JACOB: Drink this.
JACK: How long am I gonna have to do this job?
JACOB: As long as you can. (JACK drinks the water.) Now you’re like me.

Another reference to the series premiere with Jack, the protector of The Island, having arrived at The Island near the heart of it.

Water, a symbolism for life, is now giving Jack a new life.

How will Jack protect the light?

Flash sideways, Sawyer arrives to release Desmond, Sayid and Kate to the county jail. He says to them, “Vaya con Dios”. Go with God. An interesting thing for Sawyer to say, since I don’t believe he’s spoken Spanish at all during the series. So, are they going with God? Is Desmond suppose to play the role of a god? Then, does that make Sayid and Kate going with a god? Or, is their destiny of combinging the timelines them going with God?

Kate pleads with Sawyer to release her, but he can’t do it. He’s torn over Kate.

Back of the van, and Desmond is pulling strings again.

DESMOND: I think it’s time to leave.
KATE: What?
DESMOND: I said, I think it’s time to leave. Are you ready to get out of here?
KATE: I’m sorry, who are you?
SAYID: He’s a crazy person who turned himself in.
KATE: What’d you turn yourself in for?
DESMOND: I ran over a guy in a wheelchair.
SAYID: You see what I mean?
DESMOND: All right. I’m crazy, but do you want to get out of here or not?
KATE: So, what, are you just gonna to tell the driver to stop?
DESMOND: Driver already knows where to stop. When that happens, you’re gonna have to give me your trust.
SAYID: Our trust.
DESMOND: That’s right. Because after I set you free, I’m going to ask each of you to do something, and you’re going to have to promise me that you’ll do it. So, what do you say?
SAYID: Oh, absolutely, I promise.
DESMOND: How about you?
KATE: Okay, sure.
DESMOND: All right then. (The van stops and the doors to the back of the van open.)
ANA: Who’s Hume?
DEMSOND: That’s me.
ANA: Where’s your friend with my money? Otherwise I’m going to have to say I shot all of you trying to escape.
DESMOND: Don’t worry. He’ll be here. (ANA uncuffs DESMOND first and then goes to the others. DESMOND exits back of van and sees Hummer approaching.) Okay, here he comes.
HURLEY: Sorry I’m late dude.
DESMOND: Don’t worry about it.
HURLEY: Oh, hey, you didn’t tell me Ana-Lucia was going to be here.
DESMOND: Do I know you, Tubby?
HURLEY: Oh, no, we never met. Anyways, here’s your money. 125 grand, right?
ANA: Yeah, that’s right. Nice not knowing you.
HURLEY: She’s not coming with us?
DESMOND: Nah, she’s not ready yet.
HURLEY: I brought you my camaro. The keys are under the floormat. Everything else you need is in the trunk.
DESMOND: All right, good. You know where you’re taking them, yeah?
HURLEY: Absolutely.
DESMOND: All right, well, we should get going. You go with him, and you go with me.
KATE: What do you mean I’m with you?
DESMOND: We are going to a concert. Let’s go.

How did Desmond come to be the puppet master? After he conversed with Daniel, in the flash sideways timeline, he connected with Penny. Since that conversation, things changed. Why is that? Is it because Penny is Desmond’s constant? Is it because Desmond is Daniel’s constant? How can Desmond know to set everything in motion? He is the conductor of this piece, which makes sense why they are all going to a concert. Desmond, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Miles, Charlotte and Jack are all confirmed to be at the concert. Who else can we expect? (Probably everyone.) You know who else we might see? Dogen. Remember, he was at David’s audition in the flash sideways timeline.

It’s interesting that Desmond says Ana is not ready yet. How is that possible? Were any of them ready? Was Charlie ready? Yet, he’s the one that started Desmond on this mental trip. Who decides who’s ready? Can Ana come later? How would that be possible after the timelines converge?

What is going to happen at the concert? Will Claire go into labor there? Will David play a role in all this? Will Libby be there? Boone? Sun and Jin? Eko? What about Locke?

Back in the present, Ben and Man In Black are walking through the jungle. Ben asks a question many of us have asked. Why doesn’t Man In Black just change into the smoke monster when moving about. It’d be easier for him. Man In Black says he likes the feel of the ground on his feet. It provides a sense of humanity for it.

They arrive at the well and Man In Black sees that Desmond is not in the well. Ben thinks this is bad.

BEN: Looks like someone helped him out.
MAN IN BLACK: No Ben, someone helped me out.
BEN: What did Widmore say to you.
MAN IN BLACK: He said Desmond was a fail-safe. Jacob’s last resort in case, God forbid, I managed to kill all of his beloved candidates. One final way to make sure that I never leave this place.
BEN: Then…why are you happy that he’s still alive?
MAN IN BLACK: Because I’m gonna find Desmond. And when I do, he’s going to help me do the one thing I could never do myself. I’m gonna destroy The Island.

Okay. The Island is the target. What does this mean for Ben? That he is expendable. Jack has to protect The Island against Man In Black, and potentially Desmond.

At the end of season five, when Juliet set off the bomb, The Island sunk and the flash sideways timeline was created. (We saw this result in the opening scene of season six.) What happened then? What happened to Jacob and Man In Black? What happened to the light, the heart of The Island? Was it not destroyed when it sank? Can the light survive even though its underwater? How can Man In Black destroy The Island with Desmond?

Quick hitters

  • Aaron in flash sideways timeline. Does he represent anything?
  • Will Claire have a chance to be a parent in any timeline?
  • Will there be an explanation of Desmond actions in flash sideways timeline?
  • What will the concert be?
  • Richard’s dead wife told him to kill Man In Black. Will he play a role at all in the finale?
  • Locke telling Ben he heard there was “an incident” in the parking lot was a nice word play. The incident before related around the Swan Station.
  • Was it wrong of Ilana to take the ashes?
  • What’s the point of the ashes now?
  • Jacob talks about things being near “the end”. Name of the finale? “The End.”
  • Will we see any scenes of Man In Black transforming into smoke?
  • What will happen to relationships in sideways timeline?
  • How would Widmore know what Man In Black is?
  • Thanks for everything Zoe.
  • Will there be any additional info with Walt? Remember, Ben once said Walt was “More than what they bargained for”. This was upon Walt’s release.
  • It would be nice to know if Jacob met with Widmore off The Island. You could say there were some redemptive qualities in Widmore then.
  • What was the purpsoe of Jacob’s Cabin? Was it a place where Man In Black was trapped for a time? If so, who trapped him there?
  • I like the respect Locke and Jack show each other in the flash sideways timeline.
  • The lame walking is often synonymous with the miraculous.
  • Beginning, middle, beginning. It’s a literary technique that I think might be in play with the show as the finale nears.
  • What was up with the voiceover in the promo for the finale?

There’s been some talk about the final scene. I’m not sure about this since anymore because it seems clear that Man In Black has to die. I had thought the last scene would be Jack and Man In Black (in the form of Locke) would be on The Island, by the water, playing backgammon. The two of them linked forever.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors. Don’t forget, the Lost event is this Thursday, and I’ll be doing another Lost contest soon.

Oh, and I will not hold back with the finale recap. πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “"What They Died For" – Lost 6×16 Thoughts

  1. – Voiceover was terrible. If you want an older woman, make it Ms. Hawking.
    – I think the thing with Walt, and with other characters, is that they're actors who may or may not want to come back to show. I think with the BS Report podcast it showed how people like Eko had other roles but wanted off the show. Maybe Walt was just done with LOST, maybe it became more about Jack, who knows…
    – Desmond is rocking the sideways timeline. He's a bad mama-jamma
    – I think, and hope, Ben's playing MiB. And I agree, he's the one who could
    – Love that the moment with Jack and Jacob was one we saw coming yet was still powerful when we got there.
    – I think the drinking of the cup does more than offer an oath of confirmation. I think there's some kind of download going on. Was kinda there with Jacob, seemed even more pronounced with Jack.
    – The Kate/Kwon/Chalk thing was a little convoluted, but it's not really the point anymore. We all knew it was Jack.
    – I don't know that we're going to get more with Widmore, and while that's disappointing it's not as big of a deal for where this is going. Still would have love more interplay with him and Ben, like a previous generation's Locke and Jack
    – I didn't pick up on the concert thing with them all there, so thanks for showing me obvious things
    – No idea how it ends. We've been told it will be emotionally satisfying but left up for interpretation. That means it's not going to be clean, but I feel we're going in the direction of MiB dies. Not sure, but can't wait.
    – Any chance Jack's ex-wife is Juliet? He's got a thing for blondes…


  2. Nice. Your comments reminded me of something I was going to put in the post. Before, when women got pregnant on The Island, they would usually die during their pregnancy. In any way is this related to being a candidate? Jacob crossed off Kate because she was a mother. (Still doesn't explain Jin and Sun, but I'll make the leap. Plus, she gave birth off The Island.)

    I don't think we ever received a good explanation about the women dying during pregnancy on The Island.

    It would be interesting if Juliet was Jack's ex-wife. You'd think there'd be an appearance by her in the finale.

    The BS Report Podcast was interesting because of the reveal of how crucial Eko's role was going to be on the show. Instead, because he wanted off, it gave the opportunity for Ben's role to rise in importance. Hard to imagine the show without Ben, but I do wonder what it would've been like now with Eko.

    I've never heard any good resolutions with Walt, though. I do think he makes the perfect basis to launch a spin-off, or relaunch the show in the future. He was the focus early on in the show, and now nothing. Was he an early candidate? Did he have qualities like Desmond?


  3. So I know the whole Sun/Jin thing really bothers you and I have been thinking about it. I think that if Jin had been trapped and Sun could leave, she would have. I think her face said that in the scene when Jin was trying to rescue her, she did it once before when the ship blew up, even though she wasn't happy with her decision at the time. She even said that to Kate at the hotel in LA, it was tough decision, but the right decision. She had a relationship with her daughter and I think she would have tried to save herself to be with her daughter. On the other hand, Jin had never met their daughter, didn't have a relationship with her and essentially I don't think he had an understanding of being a father. I'm sure to some degree you could said that Jin was remembering what it was like to be left by his wife on the ship and now he was not going to do that to her. Just some random thoughts on that issue…


  4. @Lucinda, thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ˜‰

    I still think the scene was unbelievable. As a dad, I would not willingly leave my kids to be orphans. Jin had longed to have kids, and he knew Sun was pregnant when she left The Island. He then knew that Ji-Yeon was real when he saw the pics of her on the camera. That would stir something in him. It stirred something in him when he found out she was pregnant, because they hadn't been able to have kids before. Knowing what we do of their characters, I don't buy their actions.

    I also find it unbelievable that they didn't even talk about Ji-Yeon as they were about to drown. Granted, I think this was intentional, by the writers, so it wouldn't highlight Jin's choice, and Sun's approval, of willingly dying. Sun was going to die no matter what, unfortunately. Why not honor her life by taking care of Ji-Yeon? Nope.

    The greater good, which is a theme that is discussed on the show, would've been Jin leaving Sun to take care of Ji-Yeon.

    I think it would've been more believable if Jin was trapped and Sun stayed with him to drown. Sun had left before and watched Jin (allegedly) die. It crushed her. She wouldn't go through that again. Why did Jin want Sun to leave The Island the first time? For the baby! He was always cognizant of the baby.

    Whatever their motivation, or whatever the writer's came up with, it was idiotic. I thought it was an unsatisfying ending to their character's stories. I'm sure people are caught up in the “romance” of their death, but it's foolishness.

    Granted, this could all be resolved with the finale and however the flash sideways timelines merge with the current timeline.

    Thanks for the comments. As you can tell, it's not my favorite scene in the show.


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