(If the video doesn’t appear, click here to see it.)

Above is the Student Ministries video that I produced, along with Jay. The piece came together quickly, and it had to. When I first met with some student leaders, and asked for their ideas with the video, I was told jokingly, “See this blank sheet of paper”? Yes I do. That’s fine with me, because I can then drive the creation and direction of the story.  (Really, the Student Ministries team was great throughout the production. This video wouldn’t have been possible without their help. Special thanks to Alex Ehly and Miles Yang.)

The difficult thing with the project was most of the Student Ministry activities were about to end, since it’s near the end of the school year. This meant Jay and I had to focus in on gathering as much b-roll as we could before the activities ended. Jay did a great job capturing what footage he could in the time allowed.

Next was lining up students to be interviewed. I don’t know many students, so I was relying on the Student Ministries leaders to help me out. They came through in spades.  It was fun for me to talk with and interview the students. All the students were great and willing to help us out. They reflect well on their parents and leaders.

After interviewing the students, I put together an outline of the story. Jay did a great job of editing the piece together in the time he had. He was out for almost a week in California. He came back into the office, last Wednesday, and edited the piece together in time to play in this past Sunday’s service. He also did it with me being out of the office on Friday.

With any project like this, you always want more time to tweak it. However, we’re pleased with the end result. Hopefully, everyone involved with Student Ministries liked it as well. More importantly, I hope those that didn’t know anything about Student Ministries before watching it are now interested by it and would want students they know to visit.

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