Well, what happened this past week? Big Omaha, obviously. I wrote 6,500 words about it, over five different posts. That’s not counting the posts I wrote in the lead-up to it. Why am I in the bag for it? In a nutshell, I love Omaha and I see it championing Omaha in a way I can support.

Speaking of 6,500 words, I wrote just over that in my latest Lost post. I wanted to write more, but I was getting over a cold and needed some sleep. Even better were the comments posted by friends Clayton Bell and Rahul Gupta.
At CCC, Jay and I finished up producing the Student Ministry video. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, considering the lack of time we had to work on it, but I’m pleased with end result. It accomplishes what we set out to do with it. I’ll post it here later in the week.
As a Boston Celtics fan, I still can’t believe the success they are having in the NBA Playoffs. Just like Kevin Garnett screamed after winning the title in 2008, “Anything is possible”. Why not Boston to win the championship?
It makes sense to add to your list of books to read, when you already have close to twenty waiting to be read. This past week, I added to the list Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and Wendy Townley’s Nerdy Thirty.
Everyone on the home front dealt with a cold in varying degrees this past week. I think we are all healthy now. What lays ahead this week? I need to finish up some writing for a devotional that is coming out in the fall. Also, a lot of follow-up meetings with people I met at Big Omaha. That will be fun.
Thanks for reading!

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