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Thinking out loud with this post. A bit half-baked, but I wanted to get it out for people to consume.

One of my favorite memories from last year’s Big Omaha conference was hearing a number of the speakers talk about how impressed they were with Omaha. Why? Well…

I was born and raised in Omaha, and I’ve heard people from the coasts, and other big cities, unfairly malign and stereotype Omaha. Most people from here take it personally when they hear those comments. We know Omaha is more than what people outside of it think it is.

How can you fight the stereotype? You keep plugging away at being a growing, progressive, relevant city for people of all types.

In recent years, there have been a number of articles written about Omaha, from its economy, way of life, and culture. It’s a hub in the midwest for a number of things. Hearing the speakers last year, like Gary Vaynerchuk, talk glowingly about Omaha was great. Those speakers influence a lot of people, and they can advance an accurate representation of Omaha.

Jeff Slobotski and Dusty Davidson started Silicon Prairie News with the intent of highlighting the great things that are happening here in the Omaha area. It’s one of the reasons why I support their work. They not only highlight local talent, but they highlight a city that can no longer be dismissed flippantly by others.

For many of us from here, and/or living here, we love this place. It’s home. And, we like that the word is getting out how great it is here.

I’ve told people from other parts of the country that Omaha is a big city with a small town feel. While Omaha continues to impress people far and wide, I hope the small town feel doesn’t leave. I say small town feel because I do think people rally around one another in the community. They look out for one another. They champion one another.

Big Omaha is a tremendous conference, but it’s also a showcase for Omaha. What about Berkshire Hathaway and their meeting? A different kind of demographic. Click here to see the Berkshire Hathaway site. Click here to see the Silicon Prairie News site. The trendsetters respect what Warren Buffett has done, but they are impressed with the culture and community that SPN has blogged about, and advanced, here in the Omaha area. I was glad to go to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting recently, but Big Omaha is better.

I’m looking forward to Big Omaha, because Omaha will be celebrated.

Hope this post made sense. Thanks for reading.

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