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As I’ve said before, I didn’t know what to expect when I attended Big Omaha last year. I did feel like I was going to discover a lot, though. What did I end up discovering? Inspiration, validation, the future, friends, trendsetters, and a cool t-shirt company.

What will I discover this year? Who knows, but that’s part of the excitement for me as the conference draws near. Who’s the speaker that inspires me with an idea? Who’s the new friend and/or contact I meet? What will be presented that is a glimpse into the future? What’s the product/cause I come across that I want to support?
The flipside, can I be a discovery for someone? Can my life or work be something that inspires someone else? Is someone going to come out of this conference thinking, “Man, I’m glad I met Robert”. I hope I can give to someone, because I know I’ll be benefitting a lot throughout this conference.

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