There is a lot to unpack from this episode of Lost. A lot of dialog to parse. Unfortunately, I’m getting over a cold so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to write tonight. I need rest. However, I also know I enjoy writing these recaps, and that a lot of you come to this blog to read them on Wednesday. I’ll do my best. Once again, pardon any grammatical errors. It’s late. (Update – I took my normal amount of time to write. I can’t help myself, especially since the series is near its end. I hope you enjoy reading!)

SPOILERS AHEAD (And, my own theories are ahead as well.)

A shipwreck, and we see one survivor at sea. It is a woman, and she sees The Island. Next, she has washed up on shore. We see she is pregnant. She goes into the jungle and comes across water. She starts drinking, and in the water’s reflection she sees…Mother. (We’ll just call her that.) She speaks Latin to the survivor and helps her out of the water.

How were we introduced to the series? A plane crash, wreckage strewn about on the beach. Tonight’s episode? A ship wreck, with wreckage on the beach. In the series premiere, we are introduced right away to Jack, one of The Candidates. In this episode, we met Mother who is the current Candidate of The Island. In the series premiere there was also a pregnant survivor. Claire, who gave birth to Aaron. In the Bible, Aaron was a descendant of Jacob. And, when Claire came to The Island who was The Candidate at the time? Jacob.

Let’s also not forget the end of season one where the boat the survivors built to escape The Island was attacked by The Others. They were shipwrecked, and The Others took captive a boy. Walt. (Remember him?)

Next we are in the caves where Mother asks the survivor what her name is. Claudia. Then, Mother starts speaking English. This catches Claudia off guard a bit, as if somehow Mother knew she could speak English. Claudia asks where the rest of Mother’s people are. Mother doesn’t answer the question directly, saying, “There’s only me”.

CLAUDIA: How did you get here?
MOTHER: The same way you got here, by accident.
CLAUDIA: How long have you…
MOTHER: Every question I answer will simply lead to another question. You should rest. Just be grateful you’re alive.

So, we can conclude, if Mother is telling the truth, that Mother is from off The Island. We can also conclude that she is well-versed in half-truths and answering questions by not really answering them. One could also think that Mother speaks for the Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, producers of Lost, when she says, “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.” They answer questions of ours (the fans) and invariably more questions arise. We just need to rest and enjoy the ride.

Then, Claudia goes into labor. “It’s coming”. She gives birth to a boy. When Mother sees that it is a boy, she focuses in on it entirely. She’s not even acknowledging Claudia anymore, but rather obsessing over the baby. Claudia says the baby’s name is Jacob. Claudia asks to see the baby, but then she goes back into labor. Another boy is born, but Claudia has only picked one name. Mother puts the boy next to Jacob. Jacob is calm, serene, looking around, while his brother is crying and fussing. Jacob is wrapped in a white blanket, his brother (Man In Black) is wrapped in a black blanket.

Claudia asks to see her sons, and Mother tells her, “I’m sorry”. She then murders Claudia. Why? I’ll expound on this later.

Fast forward thirteen years, and Man In Black finds a box washed up on the beach. It excites him to find it. He looks out over the sea. The box is a game, and Man In Black is playing it. Jacob comes running up to him. (It is the mysterious, young boy we’ve seen at various points throughout season six. As I thought, he is Jacob.) Man In Black is setting out pieces. The box is a game, and it has hieroglyphics on it. (The game is Senet.) Man In Black asks if Jacob wants to play a game. Jacob asks how he knows the rules. Man In Black says he just knows. Jacob wants to play, but is told by Man In Black to not tell Mother about the game.

The scene parallels the scene in the series premiere where Locke and Walt talk over a game of backgammon. Two characters who were “special” in their own right. In that scene, Locke asked Walt to keep a secret. In this scene, it is Man In Black who asked Jacob to keep a secret. And, Man In Black now in habits the form of Locke. (What does this make Walt?)

The game. One could say everything so far in the show is a game, one between Jacob and Man In Black.

Jacob goes back to the caves, where Mother is weaving. She inquires what Jacob and Man In Black have been doing. Jacob tries to not answer the questions as to give away the secret, but Mother figures it out. Jacob cannot lie. Mother uses manipulation to get the answers.

MOTHER: Do you love me, Jacob?
MOTHER: Then tell me what happened.

On the beach, Man In Black sees a turtle that has come ashore. He continues to stare out at the sea. Mother comes up to him, and he hides the game. Man In Black knows Jacob told Mother about the game.

MOTHER: Jacob doesn’t know how to lie. He’s not like you.
MAN IN BLACK: Why? What am I like?
MOTHER: You’re…special.

What’s interesting here is the tone of the conversation between Mother and Man In Black. Mother talks to him as an equal, where she is slightly condescending toward Jacob. It’s even implied here when she talks with Man In Black. Mother prefers Man In Black.

It’s also conveyed that Man In Black can lie. Mother can pick up on this because she can lie as well. Is it fate that has determined Jacob to not be a liar?

MAN IN BLACK: Can I keep the game?
MOTHER: Of course you can. That’s why I left it for you.
MAN IN BLACK: It came from you?
MOTHER: Of course it did. Where else would it come from?
MAN IN BLACK: From somewhere else. Across the sea.
MOTHER: There is nowhere else. The Island is all there is.
MAN IN BLACK: Then where did we come from?
MOTHER: You and your brother came from me, and I came from my mother.
MAN IN BLACK: Where is she?
MOTHER: She’s dead.
MAN IN BLACK: What’s dead?
MOTHER: Something you will never have to worry about.

Man In Black is hopeful the game is from somewhere else. It’s a longing, or wonder, that most people have. The hope that there is more to life than just “this”. That there is something, someone out there. Man In Black’s hopes are dashed by a lie from Mother. She says the game is from her. Why? She doesn’t want Man In Black to leave The Island. She wants him to think The Island is all there is.

Where did Mother come from? From somewhere else, but we’ll probably never know.

Mother also implies that Man In Black will never die. How does she know this?

We then find Jacob and Man In Black hunting a boar in the jungle. They are about to kill it, when someone else kills the boar. It’s a hunting party. Man In Black tells Jacob to hide, and the two of them watch this group of men. They’ve never seen anyone else before, so it is a shock to find out there are other people on The Island.

The boys run back to Mother, telling her what happened. Jacob wonders where they came from since they look like them.

MOTHER: They’re not like us. They don’t belong here. We are here for a reason.
MAN IN BLACK: What reason?
MOTHER: (pause) It’s not time yet.
MAN IN BLACK: Mother, what reason?
MOTHER: Come with me.

What is the reason? At this point, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is Man In Black wanting to know. He’s yearning with his whole being to know there is a reason that he is there. He is looking for reason, a purpose. It’s why he sits on the beach, looking across the sea. He’s hoping for something more to life.

We don’t know if Mother explicitly lied about there being no one else on The Island, but she obviously didn’t tell the boys. She’s keeping her own secrets, and leveraging what she knows to her advantage with the boys.

The boys are blindfolded and led into the jungle by Mother. Man In Black and Jacob pester her with questions about the other men. Mother tells them that the men are dangerous.

JACOB: What makes them dangerous?
MOTHER: Same thing that makes all men dangerous. They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. And it always ends the same.

In the season five finale, Man In Black repeated Mother’s words to Jacob. Man In Black reflects Mother in so many ways.

What’s interesting is Mother talking about corruption, yet who does she think she is? She is a liar and a murderer. That’s not corrupted?

Man In Black inquires about other parts of The Island where the men are, but Mother tells him to never go looking for them. Jacob wonders why the men would hurt them, and Mother says it’s because they are people. “And that’s what people do”.

Once again, Mother murdered Claudia, the mother of Jacob and Man In Black. So who truly hurts people?

MAN IN BLACK: But we’re people. So, does that mean we can hurt each other?
MOTHER: (takes off the boys’ blindfolds) I’ve made it so you can never hurt each other.

How can this be? How can Mother do this? Who knows, but we do find out later the boys can hurt one another.

Mother then shows the boys a cave where the water is running into. A golden light is seen in the cave. Mother tells the boys that this place is the reason they’re here.

MOTHER: Don’t go in there.
MAN IN BLACK: What’s down there?
MOTHER: Light. The warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that no one ever finds it.
MAN IN BLACK: It’s beautiful.
MOTHER: Yes it is, and that’s why they want it. Because a little bit of this very same light is found inside of every man. But they always want more.
JACOB: Can they take it?
MOTHER: No, but they would try. And if they tried they could put it out. And if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. And so I’ve protected this place, but I can’t protect it forever.
MAN IN BLACK: Then who will?
MOTHER: It will have to be one of you.

The dialog ends with Man In Black looking longingly into the cave.

Mother talked about how if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. For all the boys know, there is nothing but The Island. Why does it matter? Then again, in their worldview it would have even more importance. There isn’t much to the world, they’d think, so it would make sense that some cave with a light would be the source of “light” amongst men in the world. To them, the world is The Island.

Now, why can’t the boys go down there? Because they’ll want more of the light, the same light that is found in everyone. Is this suppose to be like the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden? I know that is a leap, but it’s the only parallel I can think of at the moment.

Men will want to take the light, but the danger is they could put it out. How is that possible?

How would Mother know about this place and what it holds? Someone had to have known the origin of it. Who was that person? Who was Mother’s mentor? (Kind of reminds me of the Sith in Star Wars. A master and an apprentice.)

And, Mother protects this light through murder and deception. Yet, if people try and take the light and put it out, then it goes out everywhere? She uses evil to protect good so evil doesn’t happen? Sounds like Sayid’s character.

Later, the boys are playing the game. Jacob tries to make a move, but is forbidden by Man In Black because it is against the rules. Jacob points out that Man In Black makes the rules, the implication being he can never win. Man In Black tells him since he found the game he makes the rules. Then, this bit of dialog.

MAN IN BLACK: One day you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules.

That game is happening now, in the present timeline. What’s also interesting to note about the game of senet? Historians argue over the rules of the game. Different people play by different rules.

Man In Black then sees Claudia, but Jacob cannot. Claudia tells Man In Black to not be afraid, which is something angels would say in the Bible to people. Man In Black goes after her. Claudia is shrouded in light when he sees her in a clearing. Man In Black asks why Jacob can’t see her, and Claudia says it’s because she’s dead.

Who can see dead people? Ben, Hurley and Man In Black.

Claudia asks Man In Black to come with her so she can show him something. Where he, Man In Black, came from. She takes him across The Island where a camp is. The camp is comprised of survivors of the shipwreck. And, like the survivors of Oceanic 815, the survivors of this were separated on both sides of The Island.

CLAUDIA: …Their ship was wrecked in a storm.
MAN IN BLACK: Ship, what’s that.
CLAUDIA: It’s a way for people to get from one place to another. It’s how we came across the sea.
MAN IN BLACK: There’s nothing across the sea.
CLAUDIA: There are many things across the sea. You come from across the sea, too.
MAN IN BLACK: No. That’s not true. That’s not what my mother told me.
CLAUDIA: She’s not your mother. I am.

Man In Black’s hopes come true, but it’s almost if he doesn’t want them to be true at first. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want them to be dashed again. Unfortunately for him, the truth that there is something across the sea comes with a burden. Mother is not his mother. Claudia tells him that she is his mother.

What’s the endgame here for Claudia? Why would she tell Man In Black this? Well, 99.9% of parents would want their children to know who their parents truly are. The interesting dynamic is the conflict of “spiritual forces” within The Island. If Mother is suppose to be good, why is Claudia undermining her? Why is someone who is dead on The Island coming against the person who is suppose to be protecting The Island?

What does Claudia want? Or, should the question be, what does The Island want with Man In Black? What are these forces that are pulling at Man In Black wanting from him?

Man In Black, the tragic hero.

Man In Black goes back to the caves to get Jacob while Mother sleeps. They go out into the jungle where Jacob asks why Man In Black has all his things. Man In Black tells Jacob they’re leaving and they’re never coming back.

MAN IN BLACK: Just follow me.
JACOB: Follow you where?
MAN IN BLACK: To the people.
JACOB: No. We’re suppose to stay away from them.
MAN IN BLACK: They’re our people, Jacob, and we’re going to live with them.
JACOB: No, Mother said…
MAN IN BLACK: She lied. She lied about everything. All of it. I know you don’t understand, but you have to come with me. I don’t want to go by myself.
JACOB: We can’t. Mother loves us.
MAN IN BLACK: She doesn’t love us.
JACOB: Stop!
MAN IN BLACK: It was all a lie!
JACOB: Stop it!
MAN IN BLACK: She’s not even our mother!

Jacob then attacks his brother, as his own world comes crashing down around him.

Man In Black understands that Mother is a liar, because he can tell a lie. He quickly surmises that if Mother was willing to lie to them about who she was, and that there is more in the world than The Island, what else has she lied about? Has she lied about The Island’s contents, specifically the light?

What’s also true is Mother doesn’t love the boys. She’s raised them out of a duty to The Island, trying to find a replacement for her. Why? The reason comes later, or what I think the reason is.

Man In Black doesn’t want to go alone and wants Jacob to go with him. Just like Locke couldn’t push the button alone and needed Jack.

Mother comes onto the scene and pulls Jacob off of Man In Black.

JACOB: He’s leaving! He’s going to them, the other (The Others) people.

(Just wanted to note The Others.)

MAN IN BLACK: I know now. There is another place across the sea. It’s where I’m from, and I’m going to go there. I’m going to go home.
MOTHER: Who told you that?
MAN IN BLACK: My mother!
MOTHER: I’m your mother.
MAN IN BLACK: You killed my mother. Jacob, she was your mother, too. We don’t belong here. We don’t belong with her. Come with me.
MOTHER: My love, you need to know this. Whatever you have been told, you will never be able to leave this Island.
MAN IN BLACK: That’s not true, and one day I can prove it!

Earlier in the episode Jacob said he loved Mother, but she has never said that to Jacob. Here, she calls Man In Black “my love”. She prefers him, which is the opposite of the Biblical character of Jacob whom God loved over Esau.

Now, does Mother even love the boys? It’s debatable, but I’m going to say no still. I’ll explain later.

Why can’t the boys leave The Island? How does Mother know this? What is holding them back?

Why wouldn’t Jacob go with Man In Black? He’s in shock. His world is crashing around him, he finds out his mother isn’t his real mother, and that his biological mother was murdered by the woman who he thought was his mother. His innocence is gone, though.

Next we find Mother on the beach. Jacob sits down next to her. He asks if Man In Black will come back, and she tells him no.

JACOB: He said you killed our mother. Is that true?
MOTHER: Yes. If I had let her live, she would have taken you back to her people. And those people are bad, Jacob. Very bad. I couldn’t let you become one of them. I needed you to stay good.
JACOB: Am I good, mother?
MOTHER: Yes, of course you are.
JACOB: Then why do you love him more than me?
MOTHER: I love you in different ways. Will you stay with me, Jacob? Please?
JACOB: Yes. For a while.

So, if Mother doesn’t want Jacob to become bad, why continually lie to him? Why kill his mother? I don’t think she’s concerned about him, and Jacob picks up on this. She preferred Man In Black, but why is that? There was something different about him, and she related to him as an equal. Maybe she knew about his abilities, like being able to see dead people.

Also, how would Mother be able to deduce who is good when she is a liar and a murderer? She can’t even bring herself to say she loves Jacob. Saying she loves Jacob and Man In Black in different ways just proves Jacob’s point.

Jacob has always done right, been loyal, and has been good, yet his brother was preferred when he was willing to lie and deceive.

It’s like at this moment, Jacob steels his resolve. He knows the truth, and yet he chooses to stay the course. Is it to please the only parent he knows? Is it to be the apple of her eye finally? Or, is it because he knows it’s the right thing to do? (Then again, how do we know it is the right thing to do?)

Fast forward thirty years, and we find Jacob weaving a dark thread through light threads. He asks Mother what she thinks of his weaving. He’s still looking for her love. She tells him it’s nice. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she’s tired.

Jacob goes to the other camp, where he watches his brother from afar. Man In Black picks up on Jacob watching him, and they smile.

The two of them play a game of senet again. Jacob has been visiting Man In Black consistently, and has been watching the other people. Man In Black wants to know why.

JACOB: I watch because I wanna know if mother’s right.
MAN IN BLACK: Right about what?
JACOB: About them.
MAN IN BLACK: Oh, you mean my people. You want to know if they’re bad. That woman may be insane, but she’s most definitely right about that.
JACOB: I don’t know. They don’t seem so bad to me.
MAN IN BLACK: Well, that’s easy for you to say. Looking down on us from above. Trust me. I lived among them for thirty years. They’re greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish.
JACOB: Then why are you with them?
MAN IN BLACK: They’re a means to an end.
JACOB: What end?
MAN IN BLACK: (pause) I’m leaving, Jacob. I found a way off The Island.
JACOB: No, that’s impossible. There is no way off The Island.

What is Man In Black’s endgame? It’s what he’s said throughout this season. He wants to leave The Island. Jacob thinks this is impossible, but we know this isn’t true. It’s even more interesting to note Jacob saying it’s impossible when we know he has left The Island. He left The Island and touched the current crop of Candidates.

Man In Black refers to Mother as insane. Another insane woman alone on The Island? Rousseau.

Jacob watches the people because he wants to know who is right. Is Mother right, or Jacob? What if neither of them are right?

At the end of this dialog, Man In Black then throws his knife and it flies in a curve and magnetically sticks to a nearby well. He tells Jacob about the pockets of magnetic energy across The Island, and how he and the other men dig at these locations. (like DHARMA Stations) They found something, and it will allow Man In Black to leave. He wants Jacob to go with him, but Jacob wants to stay on The Island. It’s his home.

Man In Black asks Jacob what he’s going to do when Mother dies, and Jacob says she’s never going to die. Man In Black says everything dies. Now, how can Jacob think this? And, we also know that not everything dies on The Island. Richard being a prime example of that.

The Island is not Man In Black’s home, and he wants to leave. He wants to go to his home.

Jacob goes back to the caves and tells Mother that Man In Black has figured out a way to leave The Island. This causes concern for her. Why would it if she said he could never leave The Island? Because, she was lying and knows he could leave The Island. So, she goes to see him.

Man In Black is down in the ground, you could say in his own version of the Swan Station. He’s tending to some rocks in a fire when he turns to Mother. She asks to join him, and he agrees. He asks how she is doing. She says she is worried.

MAN IN BLACK: Well, mother, you should be. I’ve spent thirty years searching for that place you brought me as a child. That waterfall with that beautiful light. I’ve walked this Island from end to end not once coming close to finding it. But then I began to think what if the light underneath The Island, what if I could get to it from someplace else. Figuring out how to reach it took a very long time.
MOTHER: The people with you, they saw this too?
MAN IN BLACK: Yes, they have some very interesting ideas about what to do with it.
MOTHER: Do with it? You don’t have any idea wha…
MAN IN BLACK: I have no idea, because you wouldn’t tell me mother!

Man In Black takes a tool to the wall, and we get a glimpse of the “frozen donkey wheel“. I would guess they are at the location of the Orchid Station. He takes a rock off the wall, and reveals the golden light.

MOTHER: What is that?
MAN IN BLACK: It’s a wheel. We’re going to make an opening, one much bigger than this one. And then I’m going to attach that wheel a system we’re building. A system that channels the water and the light. And then I’m going to turn it, and when I do I’ll finally be able to leave this place.
MOTHER: How do you know all this? How do you know it will work?
MAN IN BLACK: I’m special, mother.
MOTHER: Please don’t do this. Don’t go.
MAN IN BLACK: I have to go.
MAN IN BLACK: Because I don’t belong here!
MOTHER: Then I suppose this is goodbye.

Man In Black allows Mother to embrace him, and he seems genuinely touched by the display of affection.

MAN IN BLACK: Goodbye, mother.
MOTHER: I am so sorry.

And then she thrusts Man In Black against the rock wall. He hits his head and is knocked out. Does she think she killed him? Even if she wasn’t trying to, she could’ve.

Okay…where to start within that dialog. Why would Mother fear Man In Black leaving The Island? Why can’t he leave The Island? Is it because he would be using the light to leave? That doesn’t make sense, because neither he or the men would be taking the light with them. They just want to escape, so why does the light matter?

It’s easy to understand why Man In Black wants to leave. He wants to know what’s in the world, what’s out there. He wants to see where he is from. He wants to see across the sea.

Why is Man In Black special? How is he? Is this why he is preferred by Mother? Probably, which is why she took interest in him. I think she saw him as her replacement as The Island’s protector. He was special, he was like her in so many ways. To her, it made sense that Man In Black would be the next Candidate. He didn’t want the job, though. He didn’t want to stay on The Island. If he isn’t The Candidate, if he leaves The Island, then there is no one to replace Mother. She wants to be replaced, is what I think. She’s been trying to manipulate things so Man In Black would take her place, even when he was across The Island. It didn’t appear to be happening, so she tried to take matters into her own hands again. I’ll finish this thought up soon.

Mother comes back to the caves and wakes up Jacob. Jacob intuitively knows something happened.

MOTHER: …I had to say goodbye to your brother.
JACOB: You’re letting him go?
MOTHER: I don’t have a choice. It’s what he wants.

She did not say goodbye to Man In Black, unless she thinks she killed him. Why does she continually lie to Jacob? And, she did have a choice in the matter when she prevented Man In Black from leaving.

MOTHER: Do you recognize this place?
MOTHER: Do you remember what I showed you here?
JACOB: The light.
MOTHER: You’re going to protect it now.
JACOB: What’s down there?
MOTHER: Life. Death. Rebirth. It’s the source. The heart of The Island. (pause) Just promise me, no matter what you do you’ll never go down there.
JACOB: Would I die?
MOTHER: It’s be worse than dying, Jacob. Much worse. (MOTHER takes out bottle of wine and speaks Latin as she pours a cup of wine for JACOB.) Here, drink this.
JACOB: What happens if I do?
MOTHER: You’ll accept the responsibility. That you will protect this place for as long as you can. And then you’ll have to find your replacement.
JACOB: I don’t want to protect this place.
MOTHER: Someone has to.
JACOB: I don’t care.
MOTHER: My time is over.
JACOB: Why? Why is your time over?
MOTHER: It has to be you, Jacob.
JACOB: No it doesn’t! You wanted it to be him! But now I’m all you have!
MOTHER: It was always supposed to be you, Jacob. I see that now, and one day you’ll see it too. But until then you don’t really have a choice. Please, take the cup and drink. (JACOB takes the cup and drinks.) Now, you and I are the same.

Why did Mother wake Jacob and say it’s time and then rush him to the light? Because she knew she had no other alternative. Who she thought was to be The Candidate didn’t want the job. Whether or not she realized Jacob was suppose to be The Candidate, and you can’t really believe her at this point because she’s still was lying to Jacob at various points, Jacob believes he is suppose to be The Candidate.

She says that Jacob doesn’t have a choice, which goes back to themes of free will and fate that have been laced throughout this show. In one sense, Jacob does have a choice. But, is it a choice if it has been determined for him and/or if the situation necessitates that he choose one way?

Why must she find a replacement for her? How does she know her time is coming to an end? The Others spoke of this. Widmore was replaced by Ben and Ben was replaced by Locke. How does Mother know it is her end? What if she doesn’t? What if she sees getting her replacement as a way to escape? We’ve seen this before with Kelvin and Desmond. Kelvin trained up Desmond to worth the Swan Station, but he was a means to an end. A way for Kelvin to escape. To be set free. Set free from The Island. I think that’s what Mother wants. It’s no wonder Man In Black takes after her in so many ways. They both want to be free of The Island. Why did Mother kill Claudia? Was Claudia or her people bad? Who knows, but we do know Mother wanted a replacement. She would be free from The Island so when two babies came on the scene she could raise them up, molding them to her thinking so they could take her place one day.

Does she care about protecting The Island? About as much as Kelvin did with pushing the button. He did grudgingly, and I get that sense from Mother. If she’s good, it’s bad for everyone. Thus, Desmond would be like Jacob, which is what I’ve speculated about with the flash-sideways timeline. Jacob replaced the cynical Candidate, and Desmond replaced the cynic in Kelvin.

If anyone goes down into the light, it is worse than dying. How does she know this?

The next day, and we see Man In Black outside the well he was in. The well has been destroyed. He wakes up and sees the destruction. He’s broken, because he sees his opportunity to leave is gone. He then sees black smoke in the distance and he runs to it with a look of anger. (Symbolism noted of him running to black smoke, and from season one when black smoke was the sign that The Others were coming.) The camp is burned, his people have been killed. He is all alone. Any connection he had to his people across the sea, any hope he had of going home, is dead. He finds his game on the ground and picks it up. And with a look of despair and fury he looks into the distance. He knows who is behind this destruction. Mother.

Once again, how is Mother good? She continues to kill, which is something Man In Black has not done to this point. Is she really protecting The Island?

JACOB: Storm comin’.
MOTHER: Yes, there is. You should go. Get some firewood, before it rains. (JACOB begins to walk away.) Jacob? Be careful.
JACOB: I’ll see you back home.

Mother knew what was going on. A storm was coming. Or, as it’s been said throughout season six, a war was coming. She knew Man In Black would be coming for her, which is why I think she sent Jacob off to find firewood. She went to meet her end.

She goes back to the caves, and sees everything in disarray. Man In Black has ransacked the place. She finds the game of senet and picks it up. She pulls out a white stone and a black stone and holds them in her hand. She picks up the black stone and looks at it. As she does, Man In Black stabs her from behind.

Man In Black is broken, despite killing Mother.

MAN IN BLACK: Why wouldn’t you let me leave, mother?
MOTHER: Because…I love you. Thank you.

Now, I still don’t think she loved him, for all the reasons I’ve listed before. She continually lied, deceived, manipulated and murdered to keep Man In Black on The Island. That’s love? That’s obsession. It’s also goes back to her wanting to find a replacement so she could be set free. She’s free now because she’s dead. I think that’s why she thanked Man In Black.

She loved Man In Black so much that she didn’t want him to leave, but she needed to find her replacement so they wouldn’t have been able to be together anyway? You can’t trust her.

And yet, Jacob loved her. Jacob loved her despite knowing she didn’t love him. Jacob was loyal to her even though she wasn’t loyal to him. It goes back to when they were on the beach. Jacob knew the truth, yet he chose to stay with her. She was relieved. If she can’t have Man In Black around, at least she has Jacob. Jacob could see through that, though. Still, he was good throughout, wasn’t he? Well…

Jacob comes onto the scene and goes ballistic. (What would Jacob think if he knew Mother almost killed Man In Black and killed the other men? Man In Black tried to tell him this, but Jacob wasn’t listening.) He beats up Man In Black and then takes him to the light. Man In Black says he can’t be killed, but Jacob isn’t going to kill him. Going to the light is worse than dying, remember? Jacob then says he’ll help him leave this place, and then he throws him toward the light. Man In Black falls into the light, and a few seconds later the smoke monster comes out in all its glory. Jacob created the smoke monster in his act of rage, his act of evil. Evil begets evil, you could say. Jacob created his future nemesis.

Jacob goes to a nearby stream where he sees the body of Man In Black. He is dead. Jacob embraces him and then takes him back to the caves. He lays the body down, and goes to Mother. He sees the white and black stone and puts them in a pouch. Suddenly, we cut to the scene in season one where Jack finds the pouch with the black and white stone. Jacob then takes Mother’s body and puts it next to Man In Black’s, thus answering the question of who “Adam and Eve” are in the story. It’s fitting that the two of them are together in death.

In his mind, Jacob is all alone on The Island. Man In Black is dead in this form, something Jacob didn’t think possible. Man In Black killed his “mother”, and Jacob killed his brother. A Shakespearean tragedy almost. Jacob is alone, and must now do battle with evil.

Quick hitters:

  • Jacob called Man In Black “brother” throughout the episode. Another character fond of saying “brother”? Desmond. Another connection between the two characters.
  • Man In Black was the victim of many wrongs, kind of like John Locke before he came to The Island.
  • Latin is spoken once again on The Island. The language of the The Others were suppose to know.
  • Another famous sadistic mother that had issues with her son? Remember the movie Psycho?
  • In the series, there was an episode in season three about being a farmer or a hunter. You could say that Jacob is the farmer, and Man In Black is the hunter.
  • Why the blindfolds when Mother led the boys to the light? Is it because neither of them was a candidate yet? Or, she didn’t think it would be Jacob and didn’t want him to see the path to it. Thus, to be fair, she blindfolded both boys?
  • It didn’t seem like Jacob had much of a choice in choosing to be The Candidate, but it appears he is giving that choice to The Candidates. He wants Jack to choose his path.
  • Jacob continues to weave, a trait he picked up from his mother.
  • Finding cave of light is like finding Jacob’s Cabin apparently.
  • It’s interesting that Man In Black still called Mother “mother”, even though he left her when he found out she killed his real mother.
  • We still don’t know much about the light, and I doubt we’ll know much more. It’s in all men, it’s the source of The Island, yet somehow going into it is worse than death. Throwing a body into it releases the smoke monster. Okay.
  • No developments with the flash sideways timeline.
  • No idea what Ben, Richard and Miles have been up to.
  • Will Walt ever be explained? So crucial in season one and two, and now…nothing.
  • What are the spiritual forces at work on The Island? What is Jacob really protecting? How did he come to know so much about the smoke monster?

Who or what is good in this story? Mother was evil, with the end justifying the means. Even then, who knows if she was protecting anything beyond her own obsession with Man In Black.

Man In Black is the tragic hero. Jacob is the reluctant leader. Jacob killed Man In Black, and Man In Black returned the favor. Mother said she made it so they could never hurt each other, but they did.

Jacob and Man In Black are linked. Jack and Locke are linked. It’s why I think Jack will be The Candidate, and Man In Black, as John Locke, will be with him on The Island. Of course, we still have to figure out the flash sideways timeline, which is what I think is Jacob’s loophole to undo Man In Black’s plans.

Thanks for reading. Only one more episode until the series finale. What happens next week? I’d think they’d have to develop the flash sideways timeline in some way. Who will it center around? At this point, I’d say don’t waste time on characters just because they are there. I think we’ll get a dose of Desmond or Jack and Locke if it’s a flash sideways timeline.

9 thoughts on “"Across The Sea" – Lost 6×15 Thoughts

  1. The more I think about it, the more I don't like. The episode, not the review. 🙂

    I don't know what this showed us or revealed to us other than to make us ask more questions. And even if CJ Craig's answers was “each question will just lead to more” that's only because it's a device the writers have chosen to use, not because it has to be that way.

    Perhaps the light will be given further explanation by the end of the series as you surmise, but if that's all we got I don't know that it was worth having. It's almost like the monster isn't as scary after you've seen it. I mean, that's what this is all about? And we still don't even know what the big deal is about it. Can people even take it? How long has this been going on? Why is it happening? How does this relate to the rest of the world? Is it some kind of Garden of Eden, but for evil?

    As for MiB- after last week's ep we were told “he is pure evil, and must be stopped. There's no denying it now” by the creators. And then this ep comes along and totally undermines that. He never starts out to hurt anyone, wants only to sneak away, only wants to go home, never goes back and intends harm mother and Jacob, never demonstrates an “evilness” close to what Mother displayed, doesn't want to be a smoke monster, etc. How in the world does this make him “evil incarnate?” If only because he's been forced into this situation for no reason at all of his own doing. What the heck?

    And if we estimate that Jacob had been on the island for a long time when he met Richard, which had to be around the mid to late 1850s, this initial crash was around….1650? 1700? Some stinking GENIUSES about the impact of electromagnetic energy and time/space travel (plus MiB's “specialness”) who just happened to crash on the island? I mean, geesh. Even if the island is drawing people to it, who in that time would have any idea of how to harness the energy?

    And the only thing I can think of with the appearance of their real mother is the Island has a mind of it's own, and we have no idea what it's agenda is, other than trouble.

    I told my wife at the first commercial break that the entire season rested on this episode, because it was setting the mythology for the season. The more I think about it, I think the entire mythology of the SERIES rested on that episode (as it would provide the motivation for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE (Jacob, Ben, MiB, Whitmore, DHRMA, etc.) and I don't think it delivered. I think it was convoluted. I think it would have been better to say more and show less. I think the little info they actually conveyed could have been easily done in flashbacks.

    I have faith that Jack and Locke can redeem this all, but I am not a fan of “the light.”

    And I'm done…


  2. Great wrap up — it's actually the first one I've read because this is the first time I've watched an episode on its air date in seasons!

    One of the ideas that I was toying with which I don't think you mentioned is that the Mother was also the black smoke — which is how she knew what happened if you went into the cave of light.

    The main evidence I have to support that idea is the destruction of the Man in Black's camp and the filling up of future Orchid station could only have been done by the black smoke given the timeline.



  3. Very good theory with one MASSIVE hole- she died. She dies at the hand of the same knife that didn't do anything to Locke. Maybe she could die because she passed it on to Jacob already?

    Other than that, very good theory.


  4. Yeah, I was just discussing that part with my wife.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the fact that she has a body when she's killed, and we weren't sure if the Black Smoke could would have a physical body if it were somehow killed.

    The Mother's got to have some ridiculous power, though, to do what she did to the camp and fill that hole.


  5. Hm…

    Could also have to do with the fact that she didn't talk to him first… that he was able to stab her without her saying a word to him.

    Though, obviously, they had conversed earlier.



  6. Thanks for letting us process with you Ram.

    Rahulgupta — that was a great insight regarding the lack of words prior to the stabbing. Every time we've seen the knife there's been great attention paid to striking before they can say a word. Hadn't thought of that yet and I think it could be really significant. Nice catch.


  7. Wow. I come back from my lunch meeting and I've missed out on the fun! I'm going to need to post something more in-depth later.

    Rahul, nice point about Man In Black stabbing her before she could talk.

    If I didn't have to work, I think I'd take the next hour and figure some of this out.


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