When I sat in the audience for Big Omaha 2009, I had no idea what to expect. Outside of Gary Vaynerchuk, I wasn’t too familiar with the speaker lineup. Jason Fried was batting leadoff at the conference, and by the time he was done I was a fan. (Click here to read what I wrote about his presentation last year.)

There may have been more entertaining aspects to Big Omaha 2009, but in my opinion the most effective speaker there was Jason Fried. A straight-talk, common sense approach to business and life.

I remember after the conference telling people about Jason, and I was usually met with indifference. No one in my work or ministry network had any clue about Jason Fried or his company 37signals. And, no one cared. Somewhat understandable, but that’s not the case anymore.

Since the release of the book Rework, which Jason co-authored with David Heinemeier Hanson, I’m not sure I’ve heard of a book more from people working in ministries than Rework. Sure, I may be limited to certain networks in ministry circles, but I find it interesting that his book keeps coming up in those networks. When people ask me if I’ve heard of Jason Fried and/or Rework, I try not to get a smug grin. One person asked if I’d heard of Rework and Jason Fried, and I was reminded that I told them about Jason last year after Big Omaha.

(By the way, Rework is a great book.)

I was signing up for this year’s Big Omaha regardless, but when I saw Jason Fried was speaking I was stoked. I don’t need some sideshow barker that uses smoke and mirrors to hide the fact they aren’t saying anything in their presentation. Sure, that entertains, but I want something I can take with me and apply to life and work. Jason will provide that, and it’s one reason why I’m going to Big Omaha 2010.

Below is Jason’s presentation from Big Omaha 2009. There are a handful of NSFW words. If the video doesn’t appear, click here.

Next is Silicon Prairie News‘ recent interview with Jason. If the video doesn’t appear, click here.

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