After a one week hiatus, we’re back with a new episode of Lost. As I was watching this episode, I thought it could be one of my favorite episodes in the series. Then, something happened, on the sub, I did not believe whatsoever. And, I find myself angry over it. I’ll get to it, and I’m sure some will disagree. Until then…

SPOILERS AHEAD (You know the rules.)

It’s the little things in Lost sometimes. Like when an episode doesn’t start with “Previously on Lost…”, I think the episode will be a bit more memorable. That happened with this episode, and it was indeed a memorable episode.

The episode also opened with a character, Locke (flash sideways timeline), opening his eyes. Who’s there? Jack. Of course it’s Jack. Jack and Locke are linked together in this show. They have represented contrasting viewpoints throughout the show. I wonder if when it all ends they will be at the core of it. Jack and Locke finally coming together.

Jack makes the connection with Locke about how they know each other. Jack then tells Locke about his injuries he received from getting hit by a car, specifically one to his dural sac. (In the current timeline, Jack has referenced how he fixed a dural sac injury. It was when he infamously counted to five to calm himself down.) He’s tended to the injuries from the hit-and-run accident.

Jack then inquires about how Locke first got his injuries that put him into the wheelchair. Locke wonders why.

JACK: …I think you’re a candidate.
LOCKE: A candidate for what?

Those two lines have all sorts of meaning. Yes, Locke is a candidate to be physically healed by Jack. However, in the current timeline, Locke was always the ultimate candidate until Ben killed him. Jack also believes he can “fix” Locke. This parallels Jack’s temperment from early in the series, when he’d always try and fix things. In this flash sideways timeline, though, Jack’s drive to fix things doesn’t seem to have the destructive tendencies that they did in the current timeline.

While Jack believes in science, in this timeline, he also seems to have belief and hope. Locke, on the other hand, doesn’t have it. He’s more guarded, afraid to hope because they’ll probably get dashed again. He tells Jack “no”. Earlier in the series, it was always Locke trying to get Jack to hope and believe, and Jack would tell him “no”.

Helen comes in, still with dark fingernail polish, and is ecstatic to see Locke alive. She thanks Jack for “saving him”. In one way, Jack has saved him. In another way, in a spiritual way, Jack is starting the process of “saving” Locke.

Jack and Locke look at each other and share satisfied looks, but Jack wonders why someone who cannot walk would want to stay that way. Especially when given the chance to walk again. Like Jack in the current timeline, he just can’t let it go. He wants to fix Locke.

In the current timeline, Jack wakes up from being unconscious. Sayid is there, cleaning a gun, telling him that they are on Hydra Island.

At Widmore’s camp, Sawyer, Hurley, Frank, Claire, Sun and Jin are marched to the Hydra Station. Some guy tells Sawyer to get into the polar bear cage that he had been stuck in before during season three. Sawyer refuses, and gets the gun from the guy who had been marching them to the cage. Widmore then appears from nowhere and tells Sawyer to put the gun down, or he’ll kill Kate. Sawyer attempts to call his bluff, but then Widmore plays his trump. He knows about the list of names and how most of them are on it, but Kate is not on it. It doesn’t matter to him whether Kate lives or dies. Sawyer surrenders the gun, he’s hit with it by the loser goon Widmore hired, and they are all put in the cage.

(Seriously, these guys Widmore hired to be his security? They’re not like Keamy or his team. They’re a joke. Granted, they’re probably scientists of some sort. Speaking of which, where’s Zoe?)

WIDMORE: You may not believe it, but I’m doing this for your own good.

Widmore’s idea of good is his own good. Anything that must be done to accomplish that he’ll justify. He is up to no good, and it would be a big shocker if he truly was trying to do good. Then again, it is consistent with how The Others have been throughout the series. We still do not know if it was on Jacob’s orders, but routinely The Others used heavy-handed tactics in the name of “good’. Remains to be seen if that is the case with Widmore in the present. He was Ben, before Ben was.

Widmore then asks about the fence being ready, and becomes upset when he hears it won’t be ready quickly enough. “He’s coming,” is what he remarks to no one in particular. “He” being Man In Black.

Flash sideways, and we see Bernard working on a dental mold. Jack walks in and asks him about Locke. Bernard wonders why he wants to know about Locke, and Jack tells him how Locke and him met on a flight back from Australia. Bernard says, “Oceanic 815” and this gets Jack’s attention. Bernard then shares how he was on the flight as well, sitting across the aisle from Jack. Bernard can’t break doctor-patient confidentiality, but he does give Jack a name to pursue. The name of someone who was in the accident that caused Locke’s paralysis.

JACK: That (accident) was three years ago, you just remember that?
BERNARD: Of course I do, Jack.

People from Oceanic 815 are beginning to remember a lot of things in this flash sideways timeline.

The name Bernard gave him is Anthony Cooper, Locke’s dad.

BERNARD: Good luck, Doc. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Jack is always searching, chasing something that is always just out of reach.

Back to the current timeline, Sayid tells Jack how Man In Black saved him from the mortar attack. It’s now just the three of them. The rest of The Others were either killed or scattered into the jungle. (Convenient way to get rid of the rest of The Others.) Jack asks why he was brought there, but then Man In Black comes out of the forest. He tells Jack that his friends got captured and that they need to rescue them. Jack wonders what they have to rescue them from, and Man In Black tells him that Widmore has them in a cage. Man In Black doesn’t answer the question directly, but provides information that implies an answer to the question.

JACK: Why would he…
MAN IN BLACK: You know, I would ask him except I don’t think he’s going to give me a straight answer.

That’s true for Man In Black as well. He then says Widmore’s intentions aren’t good and that they need to move now so they can rescue everyone. Then, they all go to the plane to escape. Man In Black talks about how Jack’s friends are Jack’s “people”. Jack says they aren’t “his people”. Throughout the series, there have been moments where leaders emerged to lead the people, lead The Others. Jack emerged early on in the series to lead his people, lead the survivors. Here, though, Jack is interested in helping people, but not leading them. He’s not interested in being THE leader. He’s interested in fulfilling his calling, not in just solely being a leader. He’s not interested in power.

JACK: They’re not my people. And I’m not leaving The Island.

The words unnerve Man In Black for a moment. It’s not the words themselves, but the belief that is behind them. Man In Black knows who his real threat is, Jack. So, he leverages Jack’s friendships to get him to go along with the rescue plan.

MAN IN BLACK: You’re friends do want to leave. And since they just ran away from me, on my own boat, I’m going to need your help convincing them that they can trust me.
JACK: Why should I trust you?
MAN IN BLACK: Because I could kill you, Jack. Right here. Right now. And I could kill every single one of your friends, and there is not a thing that you could do to stop me. But, instead of killing you I saved your life, and now I want to save them to.

Man In Black continues his lies and deception. He cannot kill Jack, but Jack doesn’t know that. He cannot kill the other candidates either, for the moment. Curious, when is the moment that he could kill them? Like, when he killed Eko in season three? When did Eko go from being a candidate to not being a candidate?

At the Hydra Station, Sawyer is talking to Kate about how they are running in circles. (A loop, so to speak. This season did start on Groundhog Day. I like how Groundhog Day is now associated with the movie Groundhog Day and its themes.) Kate says confidently that Widmore wouldn’t have killed her. How would she have known? She doesn’t, and thankfully Sawyer tells her how her name had been crossed out in the cave. She is not needed.

Sun and Jin are talking about their daughter, Ji Yeon. Sun wonders how Jin knows about her, and Jin tells her how Widmore showed him pictures from Sun’s digital camera that was on the airplane. Sun then hands him his wedding ring. They are oblivious to their surroundings.

But then the power goes out at the station. The familiar sound of the smoke monster is heard in the distance, and everyone knows it’s not good. The smoke monster comes onto the scene and starts killing Widmore’s people. But why doesn’t it go after Widmore then? Widmore isn’t a candidate, why not kill him? It’s either a convenient plot device, or something more sinister is afoot.

Jack gets the key to open the cage and set everyone free. Kate looks scared that he’s there, but Jack says he’s “with him (Man In Black)”. We see everyone later going through the jungle to the Ajira plane. Kate is hopeful that Jack is coming with them, but he isn’t.

JACK: I’m going to take you to the plane, but I’m not getting on it. I’m sorry Kate. I’m not meant to go.

Kate looks crushed, but Jack is resolute. And, I think Jack’s words will come to pass. Jack will ultimately get people off The Island, but he will stay behind.

Sayid joins them, and you have the most Oceanic 815 survivors together in quite awhile: Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Jin, Sun and Claire. Factor in Man In Black as Locke, and it might be since season four that we had so many survivors together.

Flash sideways timeline, and we find Jack trying to visit Anthony Cooper. He’s having some difficulties seeing him, when Helen sees Jack. She comes over to him and wonders why he is there. He tells her how he wants to see Anthony Cooper so he can find out how Locke became confined to a wheelchair. Helen abruptly tells Jack to leave, but Jack tells her all he wants to do is help Locke. Helen says she knows about Jack’s desire to help Locke, but Locke doesn’t want to be helped.

HELEN: You saved John’s life, why can’t that be enough?
JACK: Because it’s not.

This is reminiscent of the Jack of old who would not give up in his attempt to fix situations and people. Still, the tone is softer than Jack’s previous driven ways. He senses a connection with Locke, and he’s not going to give up on it.

Jack follows Helen into a room, where Anthony is. Helen walks over to Anthony, who is in a wheelchair as well. She wheels him over to Jack, and we see that Anthony is unresponsive. He doesn’t move or speak, even though he is alive. Helen tells Jack that Anthony Cooper is John’s father.

Back to the present, and we find Man In Black going right at the Ajira airplane. Two of Widmore’s guard try to shoot him, but it is to no avail. Man In Black kills them. Now, if Widmore knows of Man In Black’s capabilities, why would he send two of his men to protect the airplane with guns? He must know guns are of no use against Man In Black. Why do this? I’ll get to it…

Man In Black takes a watch off of one the guards and goes on the airplane. He’s looking around the plane when he sees a mysterious wire. He follows it to a device in the overhead bin. Like most viewers, I assume, I figured at this point it was a bomb the wire was attached to.

Outside, everyone converges upon the plane. They are temporarily happy at the sight of it, but that quickly changes when they see the dead guards. Man In Black appears and tells everyone he killed the guards. He then discusses how the guards were there for show. It was a setup by Widmore. Widmore knew they’d come, so he wanted it to appear he was guarding the plane. Only, Widmore wasn’t guarding it. It was a trap to get everyone on the plane so Widmore could blow it up and kill everyone. Man In Black then pulls out the explosives (4 bricks of C4) from the plane.

Why would Widmore want everyone dead? Because he wants The Island to himself. He’s always wanted The Island. It’s not just Man In Black that stands in his way, it’s all of the potential candidates as well. The candidate stands in his way of having The Island to himself. So what use is Desmond then? Desmond is an insurance policy Widmore can use, a backup plan. If he can’t kill Man In Black by blowing up the plane, then he’ll use Desmond as a way to kill Man In Black.

It’s interesting, Widmore wants The Island and Man In Black wants to leave The Island. In one sense, you’d think there goals would overlap, but they don’t. Because, for Widmore to take The Island there can’t be a candidate of Man In Black. For Man In Black to leave, there can’t be a candidate.
Man In Black leverages the situation to try and gain trust with everyone. He suggests they use the submarine to leave The Island, which Sawyer likes. Hurley mentions to everyone that Man In Black is not suppose to leave The Island, but is cut off by Sawyer. Sawyer tells Man In Black he was wrong about him, and that he’ll go with him. Man In Black says they need to go to the submarine, but that everyone needs to help if they are to take it. He looks at Jack as he finishes saying this. Jack says he’ll help them, but he isn’t going with them. Man In Black has a quick look of unease, but says, “Fair enough”.

They begin to head off to the submarine, and Sawyer concocts a plan. He’s trying to con Man In Black yet again, and needs Jack’s help to pull it off. Sawyer understands that Jack won’t leave. So he wants to get everyone else on the submarine, but have Jack keep Man In Black from getting on the sub. Then, everyone escapes and Jack gets to stay behind.

Flash sideways, we see Jack yet again at Locke’s bedside. Locke is talking in his sleep, saying things from the present timeline. “Push the button. I wish you had believed me”. Jack and Locke were a team, in the Swan Station, when they had to push the button in season two. They were linked again when Locke wrote his suicide note, to Jack, saying, “I wish you had believed me”. This happened after Locke failed to convince Jack to return to The Island. In that timeline, Locke saw the connections and how it wasn’t coincidence. In the flash sideways timeline, it is Jack who sees it.

Jack leaves Locke’s room when he sees Claire out in the hall. He goes to her, and she asks if they can talk. They go to a room, where Jack gets an Apollo candy bar. They sit down, and Claire has a package with her. Inside the package is a music box that Christian wanted Claire to have. She asks if there is any meaning to it, but Jack doesn’t know. She then asks how Christian died, and Jack tells her. He died the same way he did in the present timeline. Jack then says how he flew to Australia to pick up the body, but that the body was lost on the flight back from Australia. Claire remarks she recently flew in from Sydney, and Jack mentions Oceanic 815. She says yes, and Jack is dumbfounded by this connection. He begins to realize there is some sort of connection with Oceanic 815.

He then asks to see the box, from Claire, and he opens it. Music plays, Catch a Falling Star, and we see the two of them reflected in the mirror of the music box. An image of brother and sister, at last. Claire gets up to leave, and Jack asks where she’s staying. She tells him a motel, and he asks if she wants to stay with him. They’re family now. They both smile.

In the present, we see everyone getting ready to board the sub. Sawyer hatches a plan to take the sub in which everyone gets on before Jack and Man In Black. Everyone makes their way to it, while Jack and Man In Black watch. Sawyer, Frank, Hurley, Sun and Jin make it to the sub. Sawyer and Frank then take control of the sub.

Before Jack and Man In Black make their way down, Man In Black hands Jack a backpack to put on. Lost in the moment, Jack puts it on without checking it before they head down to the sub. As they go down to the sub, Man In Black initiates a conversation.

MAN IN BLACK: You sure you won’t reconsider, Jack?
JACK: Yeah, I’m sure.
MAN IN BLACK: Whoever told you you needed to stay had no idea what they were talking about.
JACK: John Locke told me I needed to stay.

And then Jack knocks Man In Black into the water. (Why doesn’t Man In Black turn into smoke here? Who knows.) I liked this bit of dialog because it was Jack acting and speaking in 100% belief. His belief in The Island, his belief in what Locke had always told him. It was not in vain that Locke died. Locke’s death brought a resurrection, but not in Locke. It was in Jack Shephard.

Widmore’s men then shoot at everyone. Kate is hit. Jack channels Wyatt Earp and stands there shooting at everyone. He then gets Kate and gets her on the sub so he can check on her. Everyone else makes their way to the sub. Man In Black comes out of the water and starts killing Widmore’s men. He’s not thinking about the sub.

In the sub, Jack is trying to give Kate medical attention. Sawyer hears the gunshots and wonders what is going on. Sayid tells him that they’re only missing Claire. Sawyer goes up and yells to Claire. Man In Black calls to him, and Sawyer realizes this is his chance to keep Man In Black from leaving. He closes the sub hatch, leaving Claire and Man In Black. This also keeps Jack from staying when Sawyer goes below and tells Frank to take the sub under.

Claire runs after the sub, but Man In Black holds her back saying, “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub”. It’s a trap! (That’s my own Star Wars reference.) I liked this because I never would believe Sawyer could con Man In Black. Man In Black is evil, manipulative, scheming and deceptive.

How far did that sub travel in such a short time? Anyway…

Jack continues to treat Kate’s gunshot wound. Medical supplies can’t be found on the sub, so Jack tells Jin to get his pack. Jack opens it, and inside is a bomb Man In Black made from the watch and C4 he took from the Ajira plane. Man In Black planted the bomb in the backpack, which is why he handed Jack the backpack. Four minutes left on the bomb, and the clock is ticking. (Remember any other times where a clock would tick when it got under four minutes? The Swan Station.)

Jack realizes that the bomb is from Man In Black, and that everyone on the sub has been set up.

JACK: We did exactly what he wanted.

Jack yells that they have to get to the surface, but of course it will take longer than time allows to get to the surface. (Seriously, how far and deep did the travel in such a short time?)

Jack begins to explain to everyone, as he grasps it, why Man In Black set them all up.

HURLEY: Dude, how’d that get on the sub.
JACK: Locke (Man In Black) put it in my pack.
JIN: Why would he do that? He wanted to come with us.
SAWYER: Damn right he did that’s why I shut his ass out.
JACK: He wanted you to shut him out. (to SAYID) Any idea how that thing works? Can we turn it off?
SAYID: This wire is jury rigged to the battery. The battery detonates the explosives. (SAWYER talks to FRANK and finds out it will take longer than necessary to get the sub above water.) These wire, they’re leads from the watch. If we disconnect them from the battery, technically speaking the bomb should be inert.
SAWYER: Technically?
SAYID: Yes, but you need to pull them out simultaneously, and I’m not sure…
SAWYER: Step aside.

Sawyer gets bull-headed again. Perhaps he’s trying to rectify the situation he got everyone in, or perhaps he’s shamed by Jack being right and wants to reassert himself. Maybe he’s mad that he got conned. Whatever the case may be, he acts without thinking. And then, another showdown with Jack and a timer.

JACK: Now wait! Wait!
SAWYER: What the hell are you doing doc?
JACK: Nothing’s going to happen.
JACK: Don’t pull those wires out. We’re okay. Nothing’s going to happen.
SAWYER: If I don’t pull those wires, Locke (Man In Black) is going to blow us to kingdom…
JACK: No he’s not! Locke (Man In Black) can’t kill us.
HURLEY: Uh, what?
JACK: This is what he wanted. This is what he’s been waiting for. Everything he has done has been to get us here. He wanted to get us all in the same place at the same time. A nice enclosed space where we had no hopes of getting out of.
JIN: I don’t understand.
JACK: Locke (Man In Black)said that he can’t leave The Island without us. I think he can’t leave The Island unless we’re all dead. He told me that he could kill any one of us whenever he wanted. So, what if he hasn’t because he’s…he’s not allowed to. What if he’s trying to get us to kill each other?
SAWYER: Stay out of my way, doc.
JACK: No, if he wanted that thing to blow up why would he put a timer in it? Why not just throw it inside?
SAWYER: I don’t care!
JACK: Nothing is going to happen.
SAWYER: It’s not your decision to make!
JACK: He can’t kill us!
SAWYER: I’m not going to stand here and do nothing!
JACK: James…we are going to be okay. You just have to trust me.
SAWYER: Sorry, doc, I don’t.

Jack comes to the conclusion I’ve speculate about for awhile, that Man In Black didn’t need the candidates with him to leave The Island. He’s wanted the candidates dead all along. However, he couldn’t do that, as we were told by the mysterious kid. (Is this mysterious kid like the Phoenix rising again from the ash? Remember the ash and its properties in protecting against Man In Black? When Jacob dies he is burned, and thus turned to ash.)

In season two, we had one of the best scenes in the series when Jack and Locke squared off. The timer in the Swan Station was ticking down and Jack and Locke went back and forth over the merits of faith. Jack doubted, but Locke believed. Locke believed in The Island. He ultimately got Jack to push the button to reset the timer. Now, Jack is in the position of Locke, and Sawyer is in the position of Jack. While Jack and Locke will always be linked, and they have their history of conflict, the same is also true with Jack and Sawyer. Jack is trying to get Sawyer to believe. Jack has seen his faith realized, like on The Black Rock when the dynamite didn’t explode. (Which makes me wonder why Hurley didn’t say something during the stalemate between Jack and Sawyer.)

What I like about Jack’s faith here is how he logically explains it to everyone. The new man of faith uses science/reason to explain his leap of faith. And, as I mentioned before, he channels Locke again by calling Sawyer, “James”.

Sawyer says it’s not Jack’s decision to make, but apparently he thinks it’s his decision to make for everyone else. That’s consistent with people of that mindset. They don’t like it when people make decisions for them, but they have no problem doing it to others.

Sometimes the hardest thing is doing nothing.

Well, Sawyer pulls the wires and we know what happens next. The timer speeds up. Sawyer has apparently caused their demise. Sayid then snaps out of his zombie like state, which started when Desmond conversed with him. He tells Jack about Desmond being in the well and how he’s still alive. He continues on to say Man In Black wants Desmond dead, which means Jack needs him. Jack wonders why he’s saying this. “Because it’s going to be you, Jack”. (Any doubt Jack is The Candidate?)

Sayid takes the bomb and runs away from everyone. He manages to get far enough away that only he is killed when it explodes. The distance away also provides time for everyone else to escape. An alarm sounds in the sub, which is the same alarm sound from the Swan Station timer. Frank goes to check on everyone, when he hears part of the sub cracking. A door flies off and knocks him unconscious as water comes around him. I’m guessing Frank is now dead.

Jack pulls Kate from the water. Hurley and Sawyer are safe for the moment, but Jin sees Sun trapped behind some metal. Jin gets Sawyer to help him move the metal that has Sun trapped. Jack has Hurley take Kate out of the sub to safety. Hurley wonders about Sayid, and Jack snaps, “There is no Sayid”! Jack then encourages and empowers Hurley in being able to rescue Kate and himself. (While he doesn’t claim to be the leader, there is no doubt who the leader is. Jack.)

The sub continues to sink, and sink, and sink…

Jack goes over to help free Sun. The men manage to move a large piece of metal blocking Sun, but there is still more metal restraining her. Then, some turbulence hits the sub and a piece of metal hits Sawyer. He is knocked unconscious. Jack tends to Sawyer, and it starts to dawn on Sun that she may not survive. She tries to tell Jin to save himself, but he contineus to try and rescue her. Jack tries to come over, but Jin yells at him to leave so he can save Sawyer. Jack tries to give him the last tank of oxygen, but Jin refuses. He tells Jack he needs the oxygen if he is to save Sawyer and himself. He implores Jack to go, and it is understood why. Jin can’t free Sun, and he wants to be with her alone. Jack leaves with Sawyer.

Now, here is where I take MAJOR ISSUE with the episode. (Yeah, I’ll use all caps because I am that frustrated by the story.) I can understand why Jin would want to be alone with Sun. He understands that he cannot free his wife, so he wants one last moment with her. What I do not understand is why Sun would allow Jin to drown when they have a daughter. I can’t understand why Jin wouldn’t even raise the issue with Sun. I didn’t believe this part of the story at all.

God forbid I ever find myself in this situation, but let’s say I’m on a capsized boat with Jana. I’m trapped and can’t escape, but Jana could escape. I would say and do anything to make sure she escaped since we have kids. We have young kids. I would not want her to die with me, thus meaning our kids grow up without either parent.

Having a child has been a part of Jin and Sun’s stories. And now they die and the child is an orphan? Jin has never seen his daughter in person, why would he willingly drown? Why would Sun allow him to die? Because it’s romantic? Because they want to recreate a scene from Titanic?

I thought it was a messy way to wrap up their storylines. Why not have one of them survive? They had been separated before. Sure, something could happen in the flash sideways timeline that rectifies it all. I have no problem with their characters dying, it’s just how it happened. How they are fine with their daughter being an orphan. Wouldn’t they be thinking of their daughter at that moment? They were talking about her when they were trapped in the cage earlier in the episode.

I’ll say it again, I did not like this development. I won’t say it ruined the episode for me, because there is so much to like about this episode. I am extremely disappointed. I’m trying to think of a scene that angered me more in the series.

Flash sideways, and we see Locke is being released from the hospital. Jin passes him in the hall as he heads towards Sun’s room. Jack catches Locke before he leaves. Jack wants to say goodbye, but he really he wants to find out more about Locke. He wants to understand better the connection the two of them have.

Jack tells Locke that he went to see Locke’s dad. This angers Locke as Jack explains he wanted to know how he got in the wheelchair. Locke then says he was in a plane crash. (Of all things…) He had just received his private pilot’s license, and he begged his dad to be his first official passenger. His dad had been terrified of flying, but Locke told him to “trust me”. Unfortunately, the plane crashed as it was taking off. Locke doesn’t recall what happened or what he did wrong. However, he blames himself that his father cannot walk or talk now.

JACK: You know, the first time you and I met, back at the airport, you told me that my father was gone. And, it hurt to hear that, but I knew you were right. Your father is gone too, Mr. Locke.
LOCKE: No. No he’s not.
JACK: Yes, he is, and you can punish yourself as much as you want and that’s never going to bring him back. What happened, happened, and you can let it go.
LOCKE: What makes you think letting go is so easy?
JACK: It’s not. In fact, I really don’t know how to do it myself. And that’s why I was hoping that, maybe, you could go first.
LOCKE: (laughs) Goodbye, Dr. Shephard. (LOCKE begins to exit)
JACK: I can help you, John. (LOCKE pauses) I wish you believed me. (LOCKE exits)

Another recreation of their scene from season two when they squared off over faith, except this time they are on the other side. (Click here to watch video of the scene.) The Swan Station was a “two person job”. They are linked. Even in this flash sideways timeline they are linked. Whereas before Locke needed Jack to take the leap of faith, in the flash sideways timeline Jack needs Locke to take the leap of faith. Before, it was Locke telling Jack it’s not easy to believe when asked why it’s so easy to believe. In the flash sideways, it’s Jack telling Locke it’s not easy to let go when Locke asks what makes him think letting go is so easy. However, where Jack did take a step of faith and push the button, in the flash sideways timeline Locke leaves. And then Jack quotes Locke’s suicide note. “I wish you (had) believed me”.

Back to the present, and Jack pulls Sawyer ashore. (By the way, it’s night again.) They meet up with Hurley and Kate, and Jack has to tell them the news about Jin and Sun’s death. Jack goes back to the water. He looks up the heavens, and then breaks down.

Cut to Man In Black at the dock. He’s staring over the water and then says the submarine has sunk. Claire is there and wonders if everyone is dead.

MAN IN BLACK: Not all of them. (he begins to exit)
CLAIRE: Where are you going?
MAN IN BLACK: To finish what I started.

And that’s the end of the episode. It appears Man In Black is off to get Sawyer, Hurley and Jack killed. He’s off to finish what he started. His best bet is probably to get Sawyer to kill Jack, since Jack is his main threat.

Some quick hitters…

  • There have been some convenient ways to get rid of characters. The Others are no more, and Widmore’s team is practically gone. Is it just Jack, Man In Black, Widmore, Desmond, Hurley, Sawyer, Kate, Claire and Zoe? No, there’s also Ben and Richard, but they’ve been gone awhile now.
  • When was Hydra Island first called that?
  • How did Widmore find out about the list of names?
  • If the plane and submarine would have both blown up, how would that benefit Man In Black?
  • Will we ever see Man In Black transform into the smoke monster?
  • I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I find it amusing how quickly it goes from night to day and day to night in this season’s episodes.
  • John Locke and Anthony Cooper have different last names in the flash sideways timeline. Why is that?
  • For some reason, the visual of the stairs made to get on the Ajira plane made me laugh.
  • Not a lot of Hurley in this episode. So much for him being the leader.
  • Is there something more to water and Man In Black I’m missing?
  • What will happen to Christian’s body in both timelines?
  • When Jack and Claire were talking we had the black and white imagery again. Jack in black, and Claire in white.
  • What was the point of Sayid’s resurrection? Will we ever know what the infection is, or how Sayid was claimed?
  • How would Man In Black know some people survived the sub wreck?
  • I’m glad for another Jack-centric episode. Surprised I’m saying that.
  • I’m not optimistic about a thorough Widmore or Eloise Hawking backstory.

Next week? It looks good. Where I thought this episode would be about Man In Black, it appears next week’s will be. I also liked how they teased next week’s episode with one of the iconic scenes from the show.

Remember, in backgammon your pieces can be “trapped” if they are alone and are hit by the opposing side. If this meant that Man In Black was trapped, in a backgammon sense, then who is the one playing the game?

I don’t think Man In Black will die. I think Jack and him will end the series on The Island together. Jack will be Jacob, and Man In Black will be in the body of Locke. Jack and Locke, together. They have been linked throughout the show, and will continue to be. The interesting thing is how in this instance the two characters will have flipped their roles from the beginning of the series. Even though it’s not really Locke, that’s the symbolism.

I hope there is a good resoultion to Jack and Locke’s relationship in the flash sideways timeline, and/or the current timeline if the flash sideways timeline affects it.

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