When I did the first post about lingering questions from Lost, I heard from a number of you asking when the next lingering questions post would come. I was hoping to do it last week, since there wasn’t a new episode of Lost, but I’m finally getting around to it.

The DHARMA Initiative.

The DHARMA Initiative (DI) covers aspects of seasons two through five. I’ve always been fascinated with the DHARMA Initiative storyline. While I’ve heard reports the DHARMA storyline has been told, I still have “a few” questions. Maybe they will be answered, or maybe they have been answered and I just missed it.

  • How did the DI even know about The Island?
  • Will we ever see the DeGroots?
  • If Jacob brought DI to The Island, why were they in conflict with Richard and The Others?
  • What did Jacob think of the DI?
  • How did the DI manage to get to The Island the first time?
  • Did the DI know of The Island’s history?
  • If The Island is always moving, how does DI manage to travel to it repeatedly?
  • If the DI had potential candidates, why would The Others want to kill them?
  • How did Radzinsky end up in The Swan Station after the incident?
  • What did the DI do in the aftermath of the purge?
  • Who else from the DI, like Ethan, switched sides to The Others before the purge?
  • How would the DI have known to switch sides?
  • Why do the DI continue to drop supplies to The Island?
  • What happened to the people who were manning the stations during the purge?
  • Why didn’t the polar bears die during the purge?
  • What happened to Annie, Ben’s only friend from the DI?
  • Why did the DI recruit Kelvin Inman?
  • Did Radzinsky and Kelvin know the purge happened?
  • Who was in the Pearl Station?
  • If Kelvin was expecting someone else from the DI to take his place, who would it have been?
  • What was the original intent of the blast door map?
  • Will the Valenzetti Equation be explained further?
  • Has the doomsday date (Valenzetti Equation) been prevented because of the bomb detonation at the end of season five?
  • Will Alvar Hanso’s background be explored further?
  • After the bomb went off, in the season five finale, what happened to the rest of the DI?
  • How would the DI know to ward off the smoke monster with a sonar fence?
  • How did the DI get electricity to power their homes and facilities?
  • Were the DI ever made aware of Jacob?
  • Did Man In Black ever interact with the DI?

I’m sure there are more questions, but I’ll stop there for now. I’m off to a meeting. Enjoy tonight’s new episode of Lost!

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