(Update 4.28.2010 – Just realized the word “not” was missing in last paragraph and that changes the whole perception of it. I’ll reiterate here. I’m glad that Bruce Rasmussen is staying at Creighton.)

Real quickly, about former Creighton coach Dana Altman…

It was time. I was surprised, three years ago, when he abruptly left Creighton to coach Arkansas. He got down there, saw that the state of affairs there wasn’t what he thought, and came back to Creighton a day later. Most Creighton fans were grateful to have him come back.

Now? I think it’s best he’s leaving for Oregon. Altman is a fantastic basketball coach, and he played a pivotal role in raising Creighton’s profile. It’s usually fun to watch Creighton play at the Qwest.

I say “usually” because since the Arkansas dalliance, his Creighton teams have seemed to not be in sync. It got progressively worse till I didn’t care that much this past season. I turned down opportunities to see the team play, this past season, because it became ugly basketball. The team was not fun to watch anymore. It wasn’t about winning and losing, it was about playing a way that was not customary to Creighton’s past standards. Altman didn’t seem to have a plan with what he was doing with the team. And, players were leaving the program.

Hopefully the break between Creighton and Altman will reinvigorate both parties.

The key person at Creighton is still there, Athletic Director Bruce Rasmussen. It’s one big reason why I think this is not the demise of Creighton. Also, I think the hire of Greg McDermott is a good one. He knows the Missouri Valley Conference and is from the area. He had been doing well at UNI before he left for Iowa State. He may not have done well at Iowa State, but it’s hard to be a power in the Big 12 when you have Kansas, Texas and more. (The Big 12 was arguably the best basketball conference this past season.)

Already, I’m looking forward to the 2010-11 season of Creighton basketball.

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