Resting up a bit for the week ahead.

Speaking of rest, it’s one thing I’ve been pondering the past few months. What does rest look like for me? I’ve been thinking about it since Jana’s injury, and then even more since Peter Scazzero spoke at CCC a few weeks ago. Last weekend, Jana and I had a weekend getaway, and we slept 10-11 hours. I need to rest. It may be hard with two boys under the age of four, so I have to make sure to take advantage of rest when I can.
This past Wednesday, I (along with a few other CCC staff) met with Ethan Burmeister, Doug Stevens and a volunteer from Core Community Church. Ethan is the Lead Pastor at Core, and he asked if I could help give some ideas to help Core integrate video with their ministry. It was a great meeting, and worthy of its own blog post. More so because of the connection CCC and Core have.
Really enjoyed the Enrique Martinez Celaya event at KANEKO this past Monday. I posted my thoughts about it, which you can read by clicking here. 
Happy for Ndamukong Suh, and I will be following him throughout his NFL career, but I don’t want to be a Detroit Lions fan. My old boss in Arkansas was a Lions fan, and he was never happy during the NFL season.
Maybe it’s the matchup, but I’m still surprised the Celtics are the only team to hold a 3-0 series lead in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. (Update, the Magic took a 3-0 series lead today.) The Celtics were maddening to follow this season, and I wasn’t expecting to watch a lot of their games. I was looking forward to following LeBron and Kevin Durant during the playoffs. Well, the Celtics look solid, especially after Paul Pierce won Game 3, last night, with a buzzer beater.
I really liked Tuesday’s episode of Lost, which may be why I wrote a 6,000+ word recap about it.
Not sure I’ll be watching The Office next year. I go back and forth on it, which in itself tells me what I think of the show.
Jana and I watched The Blind Side last night. I thought it was a great. It’s the fourth film out of the recent Best Picture nominees that I thought was better than Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker. (The other films? Avatar, Up and Up In The Air.)
Next week, I have at least four interviews I’ll be conducting for a video I’m producing. It will be for the May 16 services, which will highlight the CCC Student Ministries. I’m also looking forward to the Johnny Cupcakes event at Nomad Lounge. And, there’s always more in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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