That was a great episode of Lost, even if there were some continuity errors and a few details I didn’t like. It was one of my favorites of the season. And, I’m also stoked that a number of theories I had came to pass. Let’s dive into it, shall we?


“Previously on Lost…” we see flash sideways scenes of the characters lives intersecting, the last being Desmond hitting Locke with his car. The purpose? As I thought in last week’s recap, it was to get Jack and Locke together. In the current timeline, their paths cross again. That’s where we start the episode.

While it wasn’t the same, the opening scene did remind me of the meeting Jack had with Mr. Friendly in season two. Jack meeting with the leader of the opposition at night amongst torches and campfires. Man In Black says to Jack, “I think we have some catching up to do”. Indeed they do. Since the end of season four, the only time the characters of Jack and Locke interacted was a brief scene in season five. It’s nice to see them together again.

Jack asks permission from Hurley to talk to Man In Black, and Hurley tells him it’s okay. I liked this quick bit of dialog. I’ve heard it said that someone cannot do well in authority unless they do well under authority. Jack has let go this season, let go of control and taken the leap of faith that Locke always implored him to do. Letting go has empowered him, especially since “The Lighthouse” episode.

Jack and Man In Black go off to talk, and some great dialog commences.

JACK: Look just like him.
MAN IN BLACK: Does it bother you?
JACK: No, what bothers me is I don’t have any idea what the hell you are.
MAN IN BLACK: Sure you do.
JACK: Why John Locke?
MAN IN BLACK: Because he was stupid enough to believe he was brought here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.
JACK: He had to be dead before you could look like him.
MAN IN BLACK: That’s right.
JACK: Who else have you looked like?
MAN IN BLACK: Jack, what do you really want to ask me?
JACK: The third day we were here I saw…I chased my father through the jungle. My dead father. Was that you?
MAN IN BLACK: Yes, that was me.
JACK: Why?
MAN IN BLACK: You needed to find water. This may be hard for you to believe, Jack, but all I’ve ever been interested in is helping you.
JACK: To help me? To do what?
MAN IN BLACK: Leave. But because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this Island before you even got here. Now Jacob’s dead. We don’t have to be trapped anymore. We can get on an airplane and fly away any time we want to.
JACK: If we can just fly away whenever we want, why are you still here?
MAN IN BLACK: Because it has to be all of us. (pause) What?
JACK: John Locke was the only one of us that ever believed in this place. He did everything he could to keep us from leaving this Island…
MAN IN BLACK: John Locke was not a believer Jack! He was a sucker.

Even in death, John Locke influences all the characters. Even Man In Black. John Locke could be the biggest threat to Man In Black, even though he is dead. Perhaps that’s why Man In Black is posing as him. He’s posing as a candidate, the one who he believed with certainty, that The Island was more than just an island. Man In Black’s hope is by posing as Locke it undercuts what Locke believed and espoused about The Island. He belittles Locke to the man who may be the next Locke.

Locke may have been a sucker in following Man In Black at times, but Man In Black knows Locke was onto something about The Island. That everyone was brought there for a reason. While Locke mentored a few of the castaways, his greatest disciple is now Jack. Jack is beginning to believe what Locke always did. Man In Black thought Locke’s death would undermine what Locke came to represent. It only served to light a fire within Jack, who I’ve suspected is THE candidate.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

We get confirmation that Man In Black was indeed posing as Jack’s dad, Christian, in season one. Man In Black says it was to lead him to water, but I’m not sure I buy that. Man In Black almost got Jack killed in that episode, and if it weren’t for Locke he probably would’ve died.

It was subtle, but I liked how Jack grieved ever so slightly for his father. It’s like he knew his father was dead, and yet he’d seen him on The Island. He’d also seen his father alive after he left The Island. Hope beyond hope, but there was a finality when Man In Black said he had been posing as his father.

Man In Black says all he’s ever been interested in is “helping you”. This cannot be true because all Man In Black has been trying to do is escape by any means necessary. Jack knows that Man In Black isn’t being forthright, but he does agree with Man In Black about Jacob. Jack does believe that Jacob brought him to The Island, but he doesn’t see it as a negative like Man In Black frames it. He’s accepting of why Jacob has brought him, he believes in what John Locke did.

The belief in Locke that Jack exhibits is enough to get a rise out of Man In Black at the end of the conversation.

Flash sideways, and we see Locke strapped down in the back of an ambulance. With him is Ben Linus, the man who killed him in the current timeline. Ben is now trying to keep Locke alive. He tells the medic that Locke had a wheelchair, but the medic says it was smashed to pieces. The wheelchair probably saved Locke’s life. What do I think? There’s no going back to the wheelchair for Locke, and that the wheelchair saved his life. Locke then tells Ben about Helen, how he was going to marry her. Ben tells him that he’s still going to marry her, and then Locke tells Ben that his name is John.

They arrive at the hospital at the same time Sun is brought in. Sun is wheeled into the hospital next to John. She sees John, and seemingly begins to remember him from The Island. Now, does she remember him as Locke or as Man In Black? I think she remember him as Man In Black. What makes this interesting is she has a memory of something happening in the present in the current timeline. Before, it only seemed like the characters were remembering memories from before the bomb went off. If that is the case, and that is a big if, it makes for some interesting interaction coming up. Specifically, the interaction between Jack and Locke, Ben and Locke, well, anyone and Locke really.

Think about it, the last Locke interacted with Jack he was ridiculed by Jack. But if in this flash sideways timeline, what if Jack recalls how he does apparently believe in Locke now? How does that change the dynamic, even though Locke has no memories of it?

Back to the present, and Man In Black and Jack are making their way back to the camp. They are followed by Claire, and Man In Black leaves the two of them alone so they can catch up. The reunion of the siblings, and they both know it. Claire asks if he knows about Man In Black posing as their father. Jack says he does. She then talks about how it’s nice to have family around, since she never has had family. She’s always been abandoned, and had given up hope that someone would come back. It means a lot to her that Jack is coming with them. Jack says he hasn’t made up his mind about whether or not he is going with them. Claire says that he has decided, and that he is coming with them. This is because Jack let Man In Black talk to him, so whether he likes it or not he’s with Man In Black now. Jack doesn’t seem to accept that theory.

I’m not sure what I think about this concept yet, but it’s a theme that keeps getting repeated. He talked to you first, so somehow that ensnares you. Dogen said this about Man In Black, and Man In Black said it to Richard when he sent Richard to kill Jacob.

Back at the camp it’s daylight, and Sawyer and Hugo are talking. Sawyer is filling him in on his plan to escape The Island with the submarine. Sawyer saying whatever he can to escape The Island, much like Man In Black. How many plans does he have? He’s not fully committed to any one of his three concurrent plans.

Sawyer reveals that Kate is telling Sun about the plan, but Sayid isn’t part of their escape plan. He’s gone over to the “dark side”, and Hurley once again channels Star Wars by invoking Anakin as an example of someone who switched back from the dark side. Sawyer’s response is priceless. “Who the hell’s Anakin!”

Jack and Man In Black return to the camp, and Man In Black says how nice it is to have everyone together again. In one sense, this is true. I don’t think Locke, Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire and Sun have been together since season three.

Flash sideways. Sawyer is at the police station questioning Kate. He reads the charges against her and says how she doesn’t strike him as the murdering kind. Kate says it’s because she isn’t (the murdering kind). Kate wants to know what Sawyer wants, and he brings up how it’s interesting their paths keep crossing since Oceanic flight 815. There is a nod to Casablanca as well.

SAWYER: Out of all the cars in Los Angeles you smash into mine.

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine. –Rick from Casablanca

In Casablanca, Rick says this about an old flame. In Lost, Sawyer says it about an old flame.

Kate thinks Sawyer is hitting on her, but he’s just trying to figure out why they keep crossing paths. And then, we have my only issue with the episode. It’s a consistent issue I have with Kate. She somehow deduces that Sawyer doesn’t want it to be known that he was in Australia. I continue to not buy, and be annoyed, at how Kate is some genius at so many things. (tracking, reading people, fighting, crime) Sawyer says how he likes her, and this is reminiscent of the series premiere. Kate pretended to not know how to hold a gun, after she took it from Sawyer, but Sawyer had a read on her. He knew what he was dealing with, and he was impressed.

Their conversation is interrupted by Miles who informs Sawyer about the multiple homicides of Keamy and his henchmen. Their lead suspect? Sayid. Or as Sawyer calls him, “our bad guy”.

Back to the current timeline, and we see our alleged “bad guy” in Sayid. Jack is watching him. Kate comes up and sits down next to Jack to tell him that Sayid is different now. Jack retorts that they’re all different now. Or, maybe just Jack is different.

Kate then asks about what Jack and Man In Black discussed. Jack says that Man In Black wants to leave, and that they all have to go together to make that happen. Jack does add that he isn’t sure he believes him.

Then, Zoe walks in to the camp asking for Man In Black. He comes out of his tent, and she wants returned what they stole from them. That being Desmond. Man In Black lies that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She then talks into her walkie talkie if they have a fix on her position, and the person on the walkie talkie says they do. She then says, incredibly unconvincingly I might add, “Show them what we’re capable of”. And then a missile comes in, presumably from Hydra Island, and blows up behind the camp.

Okay, the more I think about it, this is a second annoyance from the episode. Zoe the geophysicist trying to be Tomb Raider or something. She’s not tough, and her act rings hollow. It does move the plot along, though.

She tosses the walkie talkie to Man In Black (how brave), and tells him he has till nightfall to return Desmond. She walks off. Man In Black drops the walkie talkie and smashes it.

MAN IN BLACK: Well, here we go.

Let the war start.

Flash sideways, and we see Claire looking for the adoption agency. And then Desmond walks up to Claire and starts talking to her. Claire seems a bit unnerved, but tries to pass it off. She tells him that he was right about the sex of the baby. (He guessed it in his centric episode earlier this season.) He’s trying to get her to meet his lawyer for whatever reason. He tells her it would be wise to have a lawyer present with the adoption contract, and that there wouldn’t be any cost for her. This sways Claire to see his lawyer. (Is he the Jacob in this timeline?) In the end, Claire is grateful for Desmond’s help.

Who is Desmond’s lawyer on floor 15? It would be Ilana, a servant of Jacob in the present timeline. (Which makes me wonder of a Desmond-Jacob connection in the flash sideways timeline.) Was Desmond wanting Claire to meet Ilana? No, it was who Ilana would be meeting with later that Desmond wanted Claire to meet. Desmond seems to know this because he is not surprised by Ilana’s amazement at having Claire present. As she puts it, a “coincidence”. (We know there is no such thing on this show.)

Back to the present. Claire walks up to Hurley and asks what’s going on. Hurley with a great quip, “People trying to kill us again”. Man In Black reiterates some dialog Widmore and Zoe had earlier about their timeline being forced, being ahead of schedule. (A course correction? Time speeding up since the flash sideways timeline is about to somehow cross this current timeline?) Locke tells how Widmore’s team is provoking them into a confrontation, but I think Man In Black wants the confrontation. He wants to use it to his advantage.

He does lie again, or should I say mislead, about how Widmore’s team is accusing him of taking something.

They are headed to Hydra Island for a showdown. Man In Black sets in motion two other plans. He wants Sawyer to get a boat and meet them. Sawyer has Kate go with him. Why don’t they all just go to the boat? Because that would slow things down. So they’ll travel all together, minus two people, to meet up with those two people, who will have a boat, and then travel to Hydra Island. That will make all the difference in the world. (Okay, it’s a convenient way to move along the plot, but I’ll play along.)

Man In Black goes to talk with Sayid, and that’s when Sawyer gets alone with Jack. He wants Jack to pull Hurley, Sun and Frank away from the travel party and meet them at an abandoned dock. What do I like about this? It make sense since Sawyer spent three years on The Island as part of the DHARMA Initiative. He knows The Island like the back of his hand.

The purpose of Sawyer’s plan is to get to Widmore’s team, since Sawyer says he struck a deal with Widmore. Jack asks about Sayid and Claire, but Sawyer calls Sayid “a zombie” and Claire “nuts”. Sawyer says Claire “gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate, and he isn’t going to let that happen again”. (Sawyer and Kate together? I hope not at this point.) Jack wonders how he can get away from everyone, but Sawyer tells him to figure it out.

Sawyer then walks away to Kate, and she asks what they were talking about. Sawyer won’t say. The con is trying to pull his con on THE con.

Man In Black and Sayid talk. Sayid thinks Man In Black is going to give up Desmond, but instead Man In Black orders Sayid to kill Desmond. This is not well-received by Sayid, but Man In Black leverages the agreement he made with Sayid. If he wants what he asked for (Nadia). Sayid says he does, so Man In Black tells him to go kill Desmond.

Sayid walks up to the well, where Desmond is, with gun in hand. He cocks the gun at Desmond. Without looking up at him, Desmond asks, “So what did he offer you”? Desmond then looks up.

DESMOND: If you’re going to shoot me in cold blood, brother, I’ve got a right to know what you’re getting in exchange for it.
SAYID: He told me I could get something back I lost.
DESMOND: And what did you lose?
SAYID: The women I loved?
DESMOND: And where is she now?
SAYID: Dead.
DESMOND: And what makes you think Locke can bring her back?
SAYID: I died, and he brought me back.
DEMOND: So what will you tell her?
SAYID: What do you mean?
DESMOND: This woman, when she asks you what you did to be with her again, what will you tell her?

The dilemma Sayid has faced consistently, what is the greater good? Can the greater good be accomplished by doing evil? This concept was thoroughly explored during his centric episode earlier in the season. In that episode, Nadia asked that Sayid not intervene in a coflict, while Sayid’s brother asked him to intervene. Both Nadia and Sayid’s brother said Sayid must act for the greater good.

And now, Sayid must once again decide what is the greater good? Nadia has said that she would not approve of Sayid resorting to evil for her benefit.

Even more important, can someone who is infected be reversed of their curse? Because it sure seems that Sayid is having doubts. What wins over evil? Love.

Flash sideways. We see Sayid coming into Nadia’s house and packing immediately. He wants to leave before he is caught by police. Nadia senses that something bad has happened, but Sayid won’t tell her. He just says that “everything will be okay for you now”. He says he “took care of it”. Nadia inquire if he hurt someone, but he doesn’t answer the question. Nadia is on the verge of breaking down, realizing that Sayid hurt someone and didn’t do what she asked of him. Miles comes to the door and Sayid asks Nadia to stall. While she does, Sayid tries to escape through the back. However, Sawyer catches him and arrests him.

Sawyer and Sayid had their own confrontations in season one, so it seemed like a nice ode to have Sawyer arrest Sayid in this timeline.

Back in the present. Sawyer and Kate get to the boat, and Sawyer reveals his plan to Kate. They’re going to rendezvous with Jack, Hurley, Sun and “that pilot that looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie”. Kate wants Claire to come along, saying she came back to get her off The Island, but Sawyer reminds her that Claire is dangerous now. It appears the case is settled.

Man In Black is leading his people through the jungle. (I do find it interesting that these people all have guns, and at one point in time were all in opposition to Man In Black.) Jack starts talking with Claire and inquires about Locke. Claire says she’s been with him since they left. She trusts him because he never abandoned her.

Randomly, Man In Black asks Sun if she’s seen Sayid. (Why he asks Sun I don’t know.) Sayid was suppose to meet up with them a half mile back, but Sun doesn’t want to talk to him. Purpose of this dialog? Remind us that Sun still can’t talk in English, and to give Man In Black an excuse to leave everyone in search of Sayid. (And why doesn’t Man In Black turn into the smoke monster? This would allow him to move faster across The Island.)

This provides the (convenient) opportunity for Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank to leave everyone and meet up with Sawyer and Kate. Somehow no one else notices them leaving, except Claire. Remember, The Others have been shown to have quite the prowess with tracking and survival skills. They all don’t notice the four castaways not with their group anymore?

Claire watches them leave, angry that she is being abandoned by her friends again. What hurts even more this time is the knowledge that her brother is choosing to abandon her.

Man In Black meets up with Sayid and quizzes him about whether or not he killed Desmond. Sayid says he did, and even tells Man In Black he can go check if he would like. This pleases Man In Black enough that they leave to go meet up with everyone else.

I don’t think Sayid killed Desmond. And, if Sayid didn’t kill him, then this means he could be cured from whatever infection he has.

Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank meet up with Sawyer and Kate at the boat. All seems well, but then Claire comes out of the jungle as well. Gun in hand, she asks where they are going. Kate plays the peacemaker, saying they are going to leave The Island. Claire asks why they aren’t waiting for Locke, and Kate replies that Locke isn’t Locke.

KATE: Whoever he is, he’s not one of us.

But who is “us”? Kate isn’t a candidate, so she’s not part of that team. Claire isn’t considered one of the group. Any number of them have aligned with Man In Black, so you could say he is “one of us”.

Back to Kate. She says she can get her back to Aaron. Sawyer tries to interject, but Kate cuts him off.  She says that Claire is coming, or she isn’t. Now, Sawyer knows who the candidates are. He knows that Kate is not one of them. So, if he wanted to leave The Island he could’ve left Kate there with Claire. That doesn’t happen. Kate is promising Claire that she can get her back to Aaron. The only reason she came back to The Island was to get Claire reunited with Aaron.

Okay, I guess in my rewatch I have another issue with Kate and Claire. Why is Kate apologizing for raising Aaron? Didn’t Claire abandon Aaron in the middle of the freaking jungle? Yes. Claire should be blaming herself for this issue she’s worked up over. Someone was going to raise Aaron. Who was it going to be? Kate managed to escape The Island with Aaron, and provide for him. Claire should be thankful that someone found Aaron in the jungle, when she abandoned him, and took care of him.

Back to the story. So now, Claire is abandoning the person who did not abandon her while she was on The Island. I have a hard time believing this, but Claire’s drive is to be with Aaron again. She’ll follow whoever can get her to him. Kate’s speech to her convinced her. It also makes me wonder if people can turn from the “dark side”, since it could be that Claire is turning her back on Man In Black.

Everyone is trying to double-cross Man In Black. I think how foolish they are, but they don’t know the depths of his conniving like the viewer does.

Flash sideways. We see Jack, with his son David, walking into the same building that Claire and Desmond were in. David’s mom calls Jack, and we still don’t know who she is. (Considering the recycling of characters from the current timeline in the flash sideways timeline, I’m guessing David’s mother is his ex-wife, Sarah, in the current timeline. Just don’t let it be Ana Lucia!)

Jack and David appear to have a better relationship, with David wanting to spend more time with Jack. They are at the building to hear Christian’s will read. Jack tries to reassure David, but David is the one who reassures Jack. They go upstairs, and they are meeting with the same lawyer that Desmond brought Claire to. And now we know why Desmond wanted Claire to meet with Ilana. He wanted Jack and Claire to make a connection.

Ilana asks Jack if he believes in fate before he introduces him Claire. Jack asks how Claire knew his father, and Claire tells him that Christian was her father as well. This catches Jack completely by surprise. Then, Jack gets the phone call from the hospital about needing to come in for surgery. We can easily surmise that it will be Locke, which I thought last week. (I have to tout the few times a theory of mine comes to pass!) Jack says their meeting, with Claire, David and Ilana, will have to be rescheduled.

Back to the present. The boat is sailing for Hydra Island. Everyone is near the back of the boat, except for Jack. He is by himself near the front. Frank asks Sawyer what the plan is. Sawyer changes the plan now. Instead of saying how he has a deal with Widmore, like he told Jack and Kate, he tells Frank something a bit different. They’ll get to Hydra Island and gain Widmore’s trust, but then they’ll get on the sub and force someone to take them off The Island. Does Sawyer think he can con Widmore and Man In Black? Apparently so.

Frank gets everyone to go down in the boat to eat, except Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer has Kate stay up to steer the boat so he can go talk to Jack. Sawyer comes over to Jack, ready to gloat it seems. Sawyer seems pleased that Jack took his orders, that he “finally came around”. Sawyer’s glee is short lived.

JACK: Doesn’t feel right.
SAWYER: What doesn’t feel right?
JACK: Leaving The Island.
SAWYER: Wanna tell me why not?
JACK: Cause I remember how I felt the last time I left. Like a part of me was missing.
SAWYER: They got pills for that, Doc.
JACK: We were brought here because we were suppose to do something, James. And if Locke, that, that thing wants us to leave? Maybe it’s afraid of what happens if we stay.
SAWYER: Get off my damn boat.
JACK: What?
SAWYER: You got a decision to make, and you make it now. You’re either with us and you keep that damn crazy talk to yourself, or you’re going in the water.
JACK: James, this is a mistake. And I know there is a part of you that feels that. The Island is not done with us yet.
SAWYER: Yeah, well I’m done with this Island. So if you want to take a leap of faith, Jack, then take it. Get off my damn boat.
JACK:  I’m sorry that I got Juliet killed.

And then Jack jumps off the boat to swim back to The Island.

Jack has fully embraced the Locke role, even so much as calling Sawyer by his real name, James. In season two, Locke told Jack to take a “leap of faith”. Now, Sawyer is telling Jack to take a “leap of faith”, but since Jack has embraced the role of Locke he does take the leap of faith. He believes in The Island, that they were all brought there for a reason. He is choosing to stay. I’ll reiterate it again, the man of science has become the man of faith. This is why I thought before Jack was THE candidate. I know there are many reasons why it makes sense Hurley could be the candidate. Still, Jack has always been central to the story. Hurley may be good, but Jack has faith.

Sawyer while trying to undermine Man In Black, still shows his colors as being indirectly united with him. Sawyer doesn’t care about The Island, he just wants to leave. This is the same mindset as Man In Black. Kate is again caught in the middle of Jack and Sawyer, uncertain where her loyalties should be. (And everyone else is down below eating food.)

Flash sideways. We find Sun waking up in a hospital room. She’s holding Jin’s hand, who is asleep. She wakes him, and he tells her that she, and the baby, are going to be fine. A happy moment that literally is frozen in time as the camera transitions to Jack and David.

David asks his dad the obvious question about never knowing about his sister. Jack says his dad kept a lot of things to himself, and David asks if that’s where he, his dad, got the trait from. This makes Jack laugh. They share a few more moments together before Jack heads off to surgery.

I do like seeing a happy father-son relationship, especially on this show. With so many characters having parental issues, it’s nice to see a good relationship burgeoning between a parent and its child.

Jack is prepping for surgery while getting the lowdown about the patient. The description of the patient is Locke, but Jack doesn’t know that yet. Jack looks at the x-rays. He was called in because he is the expert. What does Jack think? “I got this”. He goes into the operating room and starts the surgery. He looks at the patient, and then realizes it is Locke.

Remember, in this timeline these two shared a nice moment in the season premiere where Jack offered to help Locke’s spinal condition. Locke had considered going to see him, but Helen helped convince him to not go see Jack. What happens? Desmond playing the role of Jacob, or more appropriately being the “course correction”, forces Jack and Locke together.

Back in the present. Jack comes up onto the shore. Man In Black is waiting for him, and quickly surmises what has happened. It’s hard to tell if Man In Black is upset. Did he know this might happen?

At Hydra Island, everyone else is coming onto shore. Sawyer is playing leader, but then Widmore’s team ambushes them. (Quick note, if you have DVR, look for the guy on Widmore’s team who looks like he has no clue how to hold a gun. It’s at 58:39 on my DVR.) Zoe sees its Sawyer and everyone drops their guns. She asks who else is with them and Sawyer responds quickly with “nobody”. He tells them that Man In Black is still on The Island. Zoe gets on a walkie talkie and conveys this info to someone, presumably Widmore. While she’s talking, we see Jin come from the trees. Sun sees him and the two come together and embrace. Sun all of a sudden starts talking in English. How convenient. (Really, was her not being able to speak English just a cover by the writers since they had no lines for her?)

While the reunion is going on, Zoe is still talking on the walkie talkie.

ZOE: Are you sure? I understand Charles.

Sawyer wants to talk to Widmore. Too late. She pulls a gun on everyone, and the rest of Widmore’s team follows suit. Sawyer reminds Zoe that they had a deal, but she tells him that the deal is off. Sawyer’s cons have backfired. Why does this happen? Well, right before Sun and Jin united, Zoe can be heard telling Widmore that Sawyer is there with five others. Theory. Widmore probably surmises that Sawyer is there with the rest of the candidates. Thus, Widmore wants to take them out AND take out Man In Black. Widmore wants The Island to himself.

The problem is instead of Jack and Sayid being with Sawyer, you have Claire, Kate and Frank.

Zoe then tells someone to fire on Man In Black. Why fire missiles at this guy? I don’t think it will do anything to him. Are they trying to take out his followers? Who knows.

Jack figures out what’s going on, that a missile is coming, and tries to warn everyone. The missile hits the beach where they are at, and he is thrown to the ground. And like that, it’s like series premiere where Jack is trying to make sense of his surroundings as the beach he is near is on fire. Man In Black runs to his rescue and takes him to safety. He seems undaunted by the fact his followers are nowhere to be seen and the only person he has is Jack. He tells Jack that everything is going to be okay.

MAN IN BLACK: You’re with me now.

It’s like Man In Black knew all this would transpire, and now he has his biggest threat to his freedom. He has Jack, who is morphing into the candidate to replace Jacob. The episode ends with Jack going into unconsciousness.

Quick hitters…

  • Why can’t Man In Black switch back to someone else? He can still turn into the smoke monster, so why not another individual? I don’t think this was adequately explained. Just because Jacob died he can’t transform into anyone else?
  • Was it a hallucination when Jack saw his dad in season four, when he was off The Island? If not, who was his father?
  • Will Desmond’s insight in the flash sideways timeline be explained?
  • What happens when they all remember? Locke and Jack? Locke and Ben? Locke and Boone?
  • I’ve asked this before, but I’ll ask it again. What happened to Jacob and Man In Black in the flash sideways timeline? If Man In Black can’t escape The Island, does that mean he is dead since The Island is sunk?
  • If Hurley ends up being The Candidate, then I think Jack dies at some point. A symmetry with Locke’s character. I then would wonder if Locke would be the person to welcome Jack into the afterlife.
  • Where are Richard and Ben? I know they are off getting explosives, but no sign of them? Are they going to rescue the castaways from Widmore’s team?
  • Will we see Lennon in the flash sideways timeline since we’ve seen Dogen and Ilana?
  • In the flash sideways timeline, wouldn’t everyone in the entire world be having deja vu?
  • I think Desmond is alive and well, still in the well.
  • Since Kate can do no wrong, she’ll succeed in getting Claire and Aaron reunited.
  • Nice to see Libby’s boat again.
  • Locke’s storyline was so moving that I hope his character has a better resolution than being strangled to death by Ben. I hope his character returns, and that could happen with the flash sideways timeline intersecting with the present timeline.
  • No Eloise Hawking? She’s integral to this. Remember, when Locke mentioned her name, Ben strangled him to death. I hope that tidbit is explained as well.
  • It seems the only one who knows what he is doing is Jack.

Why is it important for Man In Black to get everyone off The Island? Because if someone stays behind, that is The Candidate, it creates the possibility that they could be The Candidate and force Man In Black back to The Island. If no candidates stay on The Island, then none of them can be Jacob’s replacement.

Next week’s promo?
His soul had gone mad…
Being alone in the wilderness…

It would appear to be a Man In Black centric episode. I hope that is the case.

Thanks again for reading. Let me know what you thought about the episode, and what some of your theories are!

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  1. – Good job on the Locke/Jack theory in the FS
    – As I tweeted last night, forgot how much I liked Locke/Jack interplay. That was some good stuff early in the series, asking legit questions about life and the island
    – Kate: totally agree. I don't think my enjoyment of the character has gone anywhere but down since the first season. Other than being fairly non-ugly, I don't know what she's brought to the show. I can't see why Jack and Sawyer would be so in love with her, other than the non-ugliness. And what does her lighting her abusive step father on fire have to do with her being able to track people through a jungle? Was there a uber-girl scout group in her home town? Troop Beverly Hills or something?
    – Thought “That's out bad guy” was very telling. We'll see if it comes true.
    – Zoe was just moving the plot along with an actor we already knew, my wife called the same BS on her Indy Jones routine
    – Interesting parallel with Des and Jacob on and off the island. If he's the non-island Jacob (and he's acting like it, but who knows if there is one) he also had the same effect on Sayid- as soon as he talked with him it was over. There's no way he's dead, they'd never do that to one of the most beloved show characters. But the moment Des spoke, Sayid wasn't gonna kill him. Very MiB/Jacob.
    – I cannot emphasize enough how I would watch a Sawyer/Miles cop show!
    – Random note: When Des asked for Illan, I could SWEAR he said “Ms./Mrs. RADinsky.” I don't have DVR, and know her character in the normal timeline is Verdansky, but if it was Radinsky somehow, that would explain much of her connection to the island. Again, don't have DVR.
    – I like this new Jack. It's clear they're separating him, making him seem more and more like The Candidate. Would be fitting, as he's been so central for so long, and if you track his arc he's been on quite a journey. As in faith, those who've had to wrestle through believe tend to hold on to it more dearly when they arrive at it.
    – However, if in some twist it's Hurley or Des and Jack dies, would be weird/fitting the guy who was supposed to die in ep 1 dies at the end. Almost like Moses not getting to the promised land after leading them for so long.
    – The “james” thing was a big crumb on the trail…just not sure where the trail's going!
    – Agree with all your quick hitters.

    I think one of, if not the biggest question in the FS timeline is where Jacob and the MiB are. Does that mean he can be destroyed, and if so, missiles make sense. If he's alive, he's gotta be off the island, why isn't the world in darkness. Whitmore was forced off by Ben, so he and Eloise would still have been on the island when the bomb went off. It wasn't just a break at that time exactly, ala Back tot he Future, that had to have happened. Not sure what it did, but it must have been more alone the line of Faraday's bomb convo with Des, about altering it. But my quantum physics is rusty…

    Great ep!


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