I know it is early in the season, but after the Red Sox were swept by the Rays, at home, I’m worried about this season.

This past weekend, Jana and I had a weekend getaway in downtown Omaha. It was great. I finally was able to eat at La Buvette. It was good, and the atmosphere is great, but I still prefer The Boiler Room.

We ended up eating at La Buvette twice. Once on Saturday, as we had a progressive dinner around the Old Market, and on Sunday. On Sunday, we were going to eat at Urban Wine Company. We got there five minutes after they opened up, but they told us it would be another fifteen minutes before they could take customers. We weren’t interested in waiting, so we went back to La Buvette.

We did go to Ted & Wally’s twice. I gorged the second time, getting a scoop of peach custard, cake batter, and strawberry.

Needless to say, I gained some weight this past weekend.

Picked up three more books. I’m not sure why since I already have a backlog of books to read. Plus, I do most of my reading in the car, listening to them. Forty-five minutes of driving a day, and it’s a great time to get caught up on reading.

I’m working on a few blog posts. I’ll have a few up in the next twenty-four hours. So, keep checking back.

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