This morning at staff prayer, we were asked to think about things we were thankful for in our lives. One of the things I shared, in the group I was in, that I was thankful for? Baseball. Another thing? Free media from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.

One of the *joys* of home ownership, for me, is lawn care. I don’t mind mowing, I just don’t like spending the money for fertilization, aerating, power raking and seeding. Then again, I’d rather have the boys playing on grass instead of a dust bowl.

I don’t know if there has been a point in my life where I have been more clueless about the current music trends than now. A willing decision on my part.

It’s sad to see David Ortiz be the worst bat in the Red Sox lineup.

I’m probably one of the few individuals around that still hopes for a Veronica Mars movie.

The UFL is coming to Omaha? (Shrugging my shoulders.)

A recent study had 8-18 year olds averaging almost 11 hours a day exposed to media. 4.5 hours was spent watching television. (In other news, the sky is blue.) With laptops, smartphones and now iPads, this number will only go up.

NBA playoffs start up. Though I’m a Celtics fan, I realize there is no way this Celtics team will win the title. The best they can hope for is winning a first round playoff series. I’ll be pulling for the Cavaliers and Kevin Durant to do well.

I liked reading this story about former Husker Carl Nicks.

That’s all for now. Thanks again to Amsterdam.

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