3:24 AM – 5,200+ words about Hurley, Jacob and more. Thanks for reading! I am now going to crash in bed!

Some quick commentary on the overall season before I delve into the recap. There have been some scenes and plot devices that by themselves are cool, but I question where they fit into the overall narrative of Lost. I’m also beginning to feel like I’m being strung along with the story.

Some may think that Lost fans, like me, are being unreasonable in their expectations with this season. I don’t think so. Besides, I log onto Twitter after I watch an episode and it seems like everyone loves the episode. Any particular episode is the best episode ever, until the following week’s episode which then becomes the best episode ever. Not quite.
With that being said…
Well, back to “Previously, on Lost…” with the opener. Scenes from past episodes are played, and then black. While the screen is black we hear a voice, and I’m excited. One of the few times I have spoken during an episode. “Marvin Candle,” is what I said. Of course, that’s an alias for Dr. Pierre Chang, and soon enough we see him.
What does this mean? Well, when The Island was detonated at the end of season five, Dr. Chang was nearby when the bomb detonated. For all we know, he was not transported to the future like Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Jin, Juliet and Miles. If anything, he died during the detonation. The detonation apparently launched the flash sideways timeline. If so, then wouldn’t Dr. Chang be dead? How is he still alive in this flash sideways timeline?
Back to the story, and Dr. Chang is giving a speech about Hugo Reyes.
DR. CHANG: In a world of conflict, and strife, there is but one fact that all can agree upon. Everybody loves Hugo. Born to humble surroundings, Hugo Reyes has always been a beacon of light for all who cross his path.
I think this is a leading description, meant to parallel Jacob. Hurley and Jack are the two last remaining viable candidates. I have thought Jack would be the candidate, because it would signify a full transformation in him from skeptic to faith. However, this description of Hurley makes me wonder if he will be the candidate.
Dr. Chang’s speech, and the subsequent video, also eerily reminded me of Alvar Hanso and the DeGroots from various DHARMA orientation videos.
Hurley has won a Man of the Year award for being a phenomenal benefactor, but like anyone Hurley’s age, who remains single, all his mom cares about is getting Hurley married. It’s as if she’s more concerned about her reputation, with Hurley single, than what’s best for Hurley. You’d think Hurley’s mom would show a bit of respect and admiration for her son, but we don’t see any of that. Hurley still has parent issues in this timeline. (Is his dad even around?)  She sets him up with anyone who is willing.
Back to the present, and we find Hurley at The Island cemetery where he is at Libby’s grave. He respectfully puts a new flower against the cross marker. Hurley then talks to her as if she’s there, wishing she’d appear.  Why wouldn’t she appear? Is there some force, or God, that dictates which of the dead can make themselves seen by Hurley? If not, why wouldn’t she appear to Hurley? (And, to reiterate, why wouldn’t Locke appear? Wouldn’t he be the most logical to show up and help out?)
Ilana comes on the scene, and says they’re leaving soon for Hydra Island. Right after she returns from The Black Rock so she can get dynamite to blow up the plane. She thinks it’s the only move they have to fight Man In Black. Ilana asks about the grave, and Hurley sums up his relationship with Libby. Ilana walks away leaving Hurley alone again, until Michael shows up.
Well, first we heard some whispers before Michael showed up. This hasn’t happened before when Hurley has communicated with the dead. Second, Michael appears to have some sort of injury on the right side of his face. Is this from when he was on the Kahana and died when it exploded? Is he in the same garb from when he was on the freighter?
Hurley isn’t pleased to see Michael. Why would he be? He’s hoping to see Libby, and instead sees the guy who murdered her. Why is Michael there to talk to Hurley?
MICHAEL: I’m here to stop you from getting everyone killed.
Michael then explains how it will be Hurley’s fault if everyone follows through with Richard’s plan to blow up the plane. Explanation? People listen to Hurley now, so if he goes along with Richard’s plan it is Hurley’s fault. (Got that line of reasoning?) The insinuation is Hurley needs to leverage the power he has as a potential candidate, like Jacob told him to do with Dogen. But for what?
Jack walks up and asks who he is talking to. Hurley says no one, and Jack knows he’s lying. He doesn’t press him on it, instead telling him to come since they are leaving.
Flash-sideways, and we see Hurley sitting alone on his blind date. The girl never showed up. (Thanks a lot, Mrs. Reyes. So much for that girl wanting to see Hurley.) Hurley opens up the menu, and we see he’s at Spanish Johnny’s. Any meaning? None that I’m aware of, but you never know. (Unless you want me to stretch logic and go with how John was a prophet in the Bible, and Hurley is now some sort of prophet on The Island. Nah…)
The interesting thing is Libby walks up to him in this timeline because she recognizes him. Not just that, she remembers him from The Island. She remembers the other timeline, yet is somewhat confused since she is living in a different timeline than the one she experienced with Hurley. She remembers Hurley, but he doesn’t remember Libby.
LIBBY: Hugo, do you believe that two people can be connected? Like soulmates?
HURLEY: I guess…
LIBBY: You don’t remember me, do you?
Begs the question, are they each other’s constant? Whatever the case may be, the same mental health doctor from previous episodes takes Libby away. This saddens Hurley, until he sees Libby getting into a van marked Mental Health Institute. He figures it would be a crazy person that apparently likes him.
Back to the present, and Ilana has returned from The Black Rock. She has 4 sticks of dynamite, enough to blow the cockpit and all its instruments. Everyone is making plans to go to Hydra Island, except Hurley. He wonders aloud if it’s a good idea. One reason being the dynamite is really unstable. (He would know since he witnessed Arzt blow himself up at the end of season one.)
ILANA: You have to trust me. I’ve been training my whole life for this.
HURLEY: To blow stuff up?
ILANA: To protect you.
HURLEY: Yeah, but how is blowing up the plane protecting us?
ILANA: With that plane gone, that thing won’t be able to leave The Island.
HURLEY: Yeah, well, neither will we and then we’ll be stuck here with it and it will be angry at us.
ILANA: Jacob said Richard would know what to do, and Richard said to blow up the plane. Correct?
HURLEY: Well, Jacob never said anything about it to me. I mean, what if Richard’s wrong?
ILANA: Hugo, I’m looking out for your best interests! All of you! Nothing is more important than this. That thing is evil, and God help us if it ever leaves this Island…
Boom goes the dynamite. And now Ilana is dead.
Hurley raises an excellent point that Ilana is unable to answer before her death. If she is there to protect the candidates, isn’t keeping them on The Island with an enraged Man In Black asking for trouble? Is why she died providential because she was getting off course from her original call to protect the candidates? What is the goal?
Richard’s is to kill Man In Black, which Hurley told him to do when Richard’s dead wife, Isabella, told Hurley to tell Richard. Ilana’s was apparently to protect the six candidates. That’s what she allegedly has been training for her whole life. Yet, now she is trying to accomplish something outside of her calling. Then again, she was told by Jacob that Richard would know what to do. So, she thinks she is following Jacob’s command. Was she?
Those that have thought they were following Jacob (Richard, Ben and Ilana), have been undone by their devotion to Jacob. Or, what they thought was Jacob. Instead, with Richard and Ben, it was Man In Black posing as Alex or Locke to get them to do something nefarious.
Over at Man In Black’s camp, Man In Black is carving some sort of staff when Sawyer and Kate come up to him. My initial interpretation of this dialog? It’s to remind us that Sawyer and Kate are still a part of the show. That, and to repeat what we’ve heard before. Man In Black explains that they are waiting because the only way to get off this “God forsaken rock” is together. This is because the only way they were able to come back to The Island is together. I’m not buying it, especially since Kate is not a candidate, they no longer have Locke’s body, and Jin never left The Island to begin with.
Sayid comes onto the scene, blows off Sawyer, and asks to speak to Man In Black in private. The two of them walk into the jungle alone. Sayid continues to act like the living dead. Man In Black questions Sayid about the mission, about whether or not he found out what was hidden in the submarine. Sayid pulls back some branches, and there is Desmond tied to a tree. Locke looks intrigued by this development.
Back on The Island, Hurley goes through Ilana’s tent and belongings. He finds a book in Russian and the action freezes on this for awhile. What’s the book? Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky. The book is considered one of the first existential books. Existentialism maintains that an individual is solely responsible for giving their own life meaning. Thus, why would Ilana have such a book when she considered Jacob to have given her life meaning?
Hurley puts the book down, and finds a black pouch. Simple guess is it’s the black pouch Ilana used to gather some of the ashes of Jacob. While I’m not sure how Hurley would know of the ash properties, he’s seen it used at Jacob’s cabin and at The Temple. He keeps it to himself.
Richard is in a tizzy, ready to hike to get more dynamite. He thinks if they don’t get more that Ilana died in vain. Jack questions whether they need to get dynamite, but Richard is sticking with his plan. Jack says he promised Sun that he’d get her off The Island, but this doesn’t phase Richard at all. Okay, remember when Richard was suicidal? Who helped him off the ledge? Jack. Richard seemed to imply, at that time, that he would follow Jack’s lead. However, he’s not listening to Jack now. When Hurley told Richard what Isabella said, it was to kill Man In Black. It was not to prevent Man In Black from leaving The Island. Richard is smarter, and smoother, than this.
Hurley pipes up that he thinks Richard is right, and then asks Jack to trust him. Jack says he will, so they begin to hike to The Black Rock.
Flash sideways, and we see a despondent Hurley eating chicken like there is no tomorrow. The same coping mechanism (eating) he had before to deal with his absentee dad and the emotional scars that brought. He’s now trying to cope with the Libby situation. As he’s eating, he sees someone staring at him and he yells at them. It’s Desmond, apparently in the same clothes from when we last saw him.
Desmond initiates conversation with Hurley, asking if he’s seen him before, but it goes nowhere. Desmond then asks if he was on Oceanic flight 815. Hurley says he was and Desmond says he was as well.
HURLEY: Wow, what a coincidence.
There’s nothing coincidental with this show and it’s storylines.
Desmond presses Hurley about the chicken, and Hurley says he eats when he’s depressed. Desmond asks for her name, and Hurley tells Desmond the story about his interaction with Libby. How everything went well, except for the fact she’s crazy. Hurley goes on to tell Desmond about how Libby said they (Hurley and Libby) already knew each other. This infuriates Hurley because while he likes Libby, that never happened to him in this timeline. Desmond leans in and asks if he believed her when she said it. Hurley says he did, and Desmond encourages him to go with his gut. He then tells Hurley to try and find out where she thinks she knows him from. The order number 42 is called out, and Desmond leaves to get his food.
In this flash sideways timeline, is Desmond playing the role of Jacob? I had speculated earlier that it could be Hurley, but Desmond’s actions have me thinking he’s channeling Jacob. He has a list of names and he’s apparently manipulating the people on that list for some end goal. An end goal we aren’t aware of yet.
Back in the present, and we have Man In Black interacting with Desmond. Man In Black apologizes to Desmond for being held captive, but Desmond doesn’t mind. He does add, nonchalantly, that he wouldn’t have run because he has nowhere to run. This amuses Man In Black, and he frees Desmond. Once again, Desmond is nonchalant about it. He’s along for the ride, so to speak. Man In Black begins to question Desmond about why he was brought back to The Island, by Widmore, but Desmond doesn’t have the answers since he was kidnapped by Widmore to come to The Island. Desmond then offers up that he was thrown into a wood shack and shot at with a massive amount of electromagnetism by Widmore. This piques Man In Black’s interest, and he asks Desmond how he’d know what Widmore shot him with. “Experience,” is the simple reply from Desmond. He spent a few years down in The Swan Station pushing the button that released a buildup of electromagnetism. Man In Black then asks Desmond, “Do you know who I am”? Desmond replies nonchalantly, “Of course, you’re John Locke”.
Desmond and Locke have an interesting history. When both were ready to give up on life, in the season one episode “Deus Ex Machina“, they unknowingly gave the other hope to carry on. Locke was one of the first individuals to cross paths with Desmond. The two of them interacted throughout the season two finale, and we’re together when the timer ran out and Desmond triggered the failsafe.
Man In Black dismisses Sayid, and takes Desmond on a walk. He does not reveal who he truly is.
On The Island, Richard is leading the group to The Black Rock to get more dynamite. Ben starts talking about The Island and Ilana to Jack.
BEN: Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it.
JACK: What’s that?
BEN: Ilana. There she was, handpicked by Jacob. Trained to come and protect you candidates. No sooner does she tell you who you are, then she blows up. The Island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen when it’s done with us.
Again, I think Ilana’s demise was her own doing, not because The Island was done with her.
They come to The Black Rock and Richard says he’ll go in alone to handle the dynamite, which makes sense since he can live forever. (Why didn’t he get the dynamite in the first place then?) He then realizes that Hurley is not around, and then we see Hurley running out of The Black Rock. The ship blows up. Richard is upset, wondering why Hurley did that. Hurley simply says, “I’m protecting us”. Richard is still angry. Jack tries to calm him down, but he snaps at Jack, “We’re all dead”.
Once again, what is Richard trying to do? His original job was to kill Man In Black and not prevent anyone from leaving The Island ever again.
Back to the story, and Miles (remember him) asks Hurley why he blew up the ship. Hurley tells him about Michael and how he hears from the dead. Miles presses as to why he would listen to dead people.
HURLEY: Dead people are more reliable than alive people.
Flash sideways timeline, and we see Hurley looking at a picture of an island in an office at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He’s talking with Libby’s doctor, trying to get the chance to talk to her again. The doctor is against the idea, saying she’s not “well”. Hurley thinks she’s capable of a “fajita field trip”. (Funny.) The doctor disagrees and tells Hurley that she has issues with reality, and that Libby seeing Hurley would only confuse her. So, does the doctor know about Hurley being in this other reality of Libby’s?
Hurley picks up on the fact he might be able to see Libby, and proceeds to bribe the doctor for 100K. It works, and Hurley is in the rec room waiting for Libby to show. He scans the room and sees patients doing various activities. On a chalkboard there is a drawing off an island. Most of the patients seem detached from reality, but when Libby walks in she appears to be lucid.
Libby asks Hurley if he remembered, but he tells her that he didn’t. Libby then asks why he’s there, and Hurley responds with his own question. “Where do you think you know me from”? Libby proceeds to tell him that a few days ago she was watching television when she saw a Mr. Cluck’s commercial that had Hurley in it.
LIBBY: The moment that I saw you it was like I was hit over the head with all these memories came washing back of my life. Only, it was another life.
HURLEY: What kind of memories?
LIBBY: There was a plane crash and I was on an island.
HURLEY: And I was there?
LIBBY: I think so. We knew each other. We liked each other. And then, when I got here it was like I had been here before. For some reason, Hugo, I have a memory of you being here to.
With the exception of Faraday, it seems like all the characters in the flash sideways timeline started getting deja vu in recent days. All the deja vu seems to stem back to the Oceanic flight 815 and when it didn’t crash.
So, is the flash sideways timeline going to course correct, like it did in “Flashes Before Your Eyes“?
Libby hopes that Hurley will remember her, because it he does it means she’s not crazy. Hurley doesn’t remember, though. Libby seemingly accepts the fact she’s crazy, but Hurley tries to encourage her. He then asks Libby out on a date, in a way only Hurley can pull off. Libby is touched, and says she’d love that.
Back in the present, Man In Black is quizzing Desmond.
LOCKE: Remind me, Desmond? How long were you down in that hatch, pushing the button?
DESMOND: Three years.
LOCKE: And here you are, back for more. If I didn’t know better I’d say The Island has it in for you.
Man In Black and Widmore both assume that The Island isn’t done with Desmond yet, but they say that from their own narrow vantage points. Both want to use Desmond for their own end. This is illustrated more when Man In Black sees the boy we saw earlier in the season when Man In Black was walking with Sawyer through the jungle. At that time, the boy told Man In Black he couldn’t kill Sawyer according to “the rules”. With his appearance here, does that mean the same thing? That Man In Black cannot kill Desmond?
Also interesting to note that Sawyer and Desmond both saw the boy. The boy does seem like a younger version of Jacob. Last time we saw him, though, his arms were bloodied. This time, he seems a tad bit older.
Whoever the boy is, he annoys and rattles Man In Black.
Back at The Black Rock, Richard is planning to get explosives from the DHARMA barracks. Jack wants to talk about what they should do next, but Richard isn’t having any of it. He wants to act now on preventing Man In Black from escaping. Hurley then tries to intercede, saying they need to go talk to Locke. Ben wonders if he’s trying to get them all killed. Hurley points to nothing and says it’s his idea, Jacob’s. Richard tries to smoke out the truth from Hurley by asking him a question only Jacob could answer. What is The Island? Hurley then tells Richard that he doesn’t have to prove anything to him. Richard can either come with him, or keep blowing stuff up. Richard doesn’t believe him.
RICHARD: Jacob isn’t telling us what to do because Jacob never tells us what to do.
Richard has a lot of contempt for Jacob, yet he is seemingly bent on prevent Man In Black from leaving. Why is that? The few times we’ve seen Jacob, he has told people (Hurley) what to do. Let’s not forget that Jacob was clear with Richard on a lot of things pertaining to The Island.
Richard then says he’s going to the barracks and asks anyone to come with him. Not surprisingly, Ben goes with him. The old leadership regime is together again. Surprisingly, Miles goes with them. Jack states that he is with Hurley, which surprises Hurley. Richard tells those that don’t come with him to not get in his way.
I have to say I don’t like this turn with Richard. Tis a shame because his episode from a few weeks ago was wonderful.
All of a sudden it’s night, and Hurley, Jack, Frank and Sun are walking through the forest. Sun asks Frank if they made a mistake, and he says “probably”. Way to go, Frank. You were loyal and committed  ever so briefly. And Sun, what happened to your trust in Jack from two episodes back?
Hurley and Jack talk about how they should talk with Locke, aka The Smoke Monster. Hurley then reveals that he didn’t talk with Jacob, that he just wanted people to listen to him. Jack knows this, though. Hurley then asks why he came with him. Jack says that since Juliet died all he wanted to do was “fix it”. (Hasn’t that been Jack’s modus operandi since day one?) He realizes that he can’t fix it, though. He theorizes that he’s suppose to let go. (Perhaps he’s attempt at fixing things has prevented course corrections that were discussed in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.) Hurley reminds him that talking to Locke was his idea, but Jack says that he trusts him nonetheless.
The whispers then start, and I think I heard “Richard” said at one point. Hurley says he thinks he knows what the whispers are about. He leaves Jack, Frank and Sun to go looking for Michael. And, Michael does appear.
HURLEY: You’re stuck on The Island, aren’t you?
MICHAEL: Because of what I did.
HURLEY: And, there are others out here, like you, aren’t there. That’s what the whispers are?
MICHAEL: Yeah. We’re the ones that can’t move on.
For some reason, this seemed anticlimactic. I thought finding out the meaning of the whispers would have more power to it. Maybe I didn’t like it because Michael didn’t die on The Island, and when he did die it seemed he had been set free because he couldn’t die before. Nevertheless, we know now what the whispers are.
Hurley asks Michael if he knows where Locke is, and Michael points to his camp. Hurley then asks if there is anything he can do to help Michael, and he simply says, “Don’t get yourself killed”. Michael then asks Hurley to apologize to Libby if he sees her again.
Flash sideways, and Hurley is on a date with Libby. They are having their picnic date they never had on The Island in season two’s episode “Two for the Road“. It’s hard for Libby to enjoy the date initially, because of her memories of the other timeline. Libby realizes she sounds insane and wonders why Hurley is with her. He asks her the same question, though. She tells him that she likes him, but Hurley chalks this up to her being delusional. She leans in to kiss him, and when she does Hurley starts getting his memories back from the other timeline. He remembers Libby, their shared experiences. Libby is happy to know she isn’t crazy.
And then, we see Desmond watching from afar. He sees that they have connected, and then he drives away.
Back in the present, Man In Black leads Desmond to a well.
MAN IN BLACK: Let me guess, you’re wondering how deep it is.
DESMOND: You read my mind.
Can Man In Black read minds? As the Smoke Monster, he does seem to have some of these capabilities.
So, they’re at this well and Locke drops the torch to show how deep the well is. He then questions and talks to Desmond about the well and The Island. The well is “very old”, that it was dug by hand.
DESMOND: Seems like a lot of work just to get some water.
MAN IN BLACK: They weren’t looking for water. They were looking for answers. A long time ago, places like the one you’re standing on right now, made compass needles spin. And the people holding the compass needles needed to know why, so they dug.
DESMOND: Did they find what they were looking for?
MAN IN BLACK: No, they didn’t. The reason I wanted you to see this, Desmond, is because Charles Widmore is not interested in answers. He’s only interested in power. And he brought you back to this Island so that you could help him find what he’s looking for. After all, this isn’t the only well.
DESMOND: And that’s the reason you wanted me to see this.
MAN IN BLACK: Why aren’t you afraid?
DESMOND: Excuse me?
MAN IN BLACK: You’re out here, in the middle of the jungle, with me, and not a person on Earth knows you’re here. Why aren’t you afraid?
DESMOND: What is the point in being afraid?
And then Man In Black throws Desmond into the well. Why didn’t he kill him? Like I said before, the appearance of the boy scared off Man In Black from doing that. Why is that? Regardless, Man In Black dumps him in a well where it will be hard to find him. And, Widmore can’t use Desmond as a pawn to get to Man In Black.
Desmond’s lack of fear in that scene reminded me of Jacob when Ben and Man In Black confronted him. It would also make sense since in the flash sideways timeline Desmond appears to be Jacob.
I believe what Man In Black said about Widmore.
Man In Black walks back to his camp, and he tells Sayid they don’t need to worry about Desmond anymore. Sawyer comes over and asks where he’s been, but they are interrupted by the appearance of Hurley. Hurley tells Man In Black that he wants to talk, but doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or killed. (Those followers of Man In Black, that have guns and use to be at The Temple, why are they even there? And, don’t they know who Hurley and Jack are?) Man In Black gives his knife to Hurley, and then Frank, Sun and Jack come out. Sun sees Claire, Sayid, Kate and Sawyer, but no Jin.
Jack walks out, and Man In Black says, “Hello Jack”. Man In Black seems amused by the prospect of talking and interacting with Jack.
Flash sideways, and Locke is in his wheelchair being watched by Desmond. Ben interrupts Desmond, wondering what Desmond is doing there. However, Desmond gives a plausible excuse as to why he’s there and it gets rid of Ben. He continues to watch Locke, and as Locke rolls into the street he starts the car. He accelerates into Locke, hitting him with his car. Locke hits the windshield and goes over the car. Desmond speeds away as Locke lays on the pavement, barely alive.
Why did Desmond do this? Is he trying to bring people on Oceanic 815 together? Is he playing the role of Jacob? Is he trying to course correct what this flash sideways timeline has brought? Here’s my theory of why Desmond hit Locke with his car, he wants to get Locke and Jack together. How he knows this, I have no idea. I don’t think he was trying to kill Locke, though. I think it’s about getting those two together again.
Quick hitters…
  • Hurley still has the pouch when he talks to Locke
  • Libby is at the same mental health hospital, Santa Rosa, that Locke’s mom had been committed to at various points.
  • Jack, Locke, Kate, Sawyer have all been leaders at various points, and now Hurley is.
  • Flash sideways storyline is building off the momentum of last week and truly going somewhere. Time to see if my theory of the flash sideways timeline being a loophole of Jacob’s to stop Man In Black.
  • And, apparently, we will not know Ilana’s backstory now. So much for the characters added late in the Lost storyline: Ilana, Bram, Dogen and Lennon. All that’s left is Zoe, and that’s not promising.
  • While there was an acknowledgement of the scene in the season two episode “Dave“, we still didn’t get any explanation to why Libby was there in the first place.
  • Island as Purgatory? Often times the producers have said this is not the case. The more we find out about The Island, the more similarities it does have with Purgatory. I don’t think it is, but there are more and more similarities. Especially if Michael can’t leave it because of what he did.
  • Has Kate done anything recently?
One more thing I forgot to bring up with last week’s episode. Last season, in the episode “The Variable“, Eloise Hawking said for the first time in a long time she does not know what will happen next. I found this interesting, because she’s been aware of what’s going on in the episodes “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and “Happily Ever After“. Both of those Desmond-centric episodes Desmond was dealing with being unhinged from time, yet Eloise was not despite having similar experiences.
With Ilana dead, that takes away one of the possibilities for a centric episode. Four episodes till the finale. I’m still guessing Widmore and Eloise will have episodes, and Jacob and Man In Black will have their episodes. I would have thought Claire, but nothing has happened on that front. However, I now think we’ll have a heavy flash sideways episode. Perhaps one centered around Jack and Locke. That’s a hunch.
Once again, another late night. I’m a bit more upbeat about the episode, but I still have lingering concerns about the show. Thanks again for reading. Hopefully the writing and grammar are coherent.

2 thoughts on “"Everybody Loves Hugo" – Lost 6×12 Thoughts

  1. For some reason, saying “boom goes the dynamite” seemed appropriate. 😉

    Yeah, I'm getting a bit nervous as the series begins to wind down. The concern I have is there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, with the plot. Now, next week's episode could change all that. “Could” being the key word.


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