It was one of the busier weeks I’ve had in awhile, but thankfully it was productive.

One of the big items of the week was an offsite planning meeting for an upcoming message series. This September, CCC will do a series on the Book of Acts. Those of us that were part of the meeting were split into teams, and I was a part of the Devotional Team. I’ve been part of writing devotionals at CCC for awhile, but I’ve always taken a laid back approach to it. I’ve wanted to write, but I haven’t laid claim to a particular topic or passage. I’ve been satisfied to write about anything. This time, I had a few things in mind I wanted to write about. So, during the brainstorming and planning of the devotional, I brought up the passages I wanted to write about: Acts 6:1-7 and Acts 17:16-34. Later on, I agreed to write about Acts 10 as well. What’s going to be the toughest thing for me? Keeping each devotional under 250 words.

The day off the offsite meeting was the day I went barefoot in support of TOMS. A few days later, and I’m glad I participated in the event. With some of the feedback I’ve received, I believe I helped raise awareness about the plight of children, in developing countries, who don’t have shoes.

On Wednesday, most of the CCC staff were in meetings all day. The meetings were about the upcoming capital campaign, Double Your Impact (DYI). An interesting activity we did was to split into various teams and walk around the property. However, we were role playing. Each team represented a different family/group unit that was visiting the church. The team I was a part of represented a married couple with one son who brought a friend. Our assignment was to drop of the kids and then go to the Access service. Sounds simple enough, until you remember we are suppose to have the mindset of visitors. We started off at our designated spot in the parking lot, and the journey began. It was good to approach things from a visitor’s perspective. A majority (if not everyone) of the staff realized we need to improve our facility to be more visitor friendly. (On Monday, I got turned around in an area of the church when I was looking for a room where I needed to be for a meeting. I’ve been working at the church five years.)

Speaking of Double Your Impact, this past Tuesday I interviewed a middle school student for a future DYI story. It was cool to hear her share about how God used a dark time in her life to impact the lives of other middle school students. Miles Yang, the Middle School Intern, was also interviewed for the piece. It was a lot of fun. The video is slated to play in the May 2nd services.

Of course, it was the first week of the baseball season. While the Red Sox won the opener with the Yankees, they lost the next two. Then they lost the opener to the Royals, so yesterday’s game turned into an early important test. Why? If they lost the game, they would’ve started the season having lost two series. What made it even more intriguing was they were going up against the best pitcher in the AL last season, Zach Greinke. The Red Sox came through with a victory, and if they can win today will be back on track. (I have to remind myself it’s still incredibly early in the season.)

Well, that’s a brief summary of the week that was. A few more things happened, but I want to make those their own expanded posts.

Thanks for reading.

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