Well, my day of going without shoes is done. My feet are okay, other than a blood blister that developed on my left heel.

So, did going without shoes accomplish anything? I’d like to think so. It made me more aware of how hard it is for someone to go through life without shoes, especially a child. And, I have it easy. The hardest part for me is walking across a parking lot. It’s not like I’m walking miles on dirt roads where I have to worry about disease and parasites.

I definitely received a few weird looks from people. One person rolled their eyes a bit when they asked why I was barefoot and I told them. Nevertheless, most people were gracious and supportive of what I was doing. Had a few conversations with people about TOMS, and shared some of my experiences of seeing kids in developing countries that don’t have shoes.

One of my coworkers, Alex Ehly, came up to me and asked if I was barefoot for TOMS. I said yes, and then he showed me his TOMS shoes he was wearing.

In the church, people nowadays will sometimes wash another person’s feet as a symbolic act of service. I think it’s a bit overdone, and I’d prefer to see real service than symbolic gestures. However, I can see why in Jesus’ day it was an act of service. People walked everywhere on dusty roads that had trash and crap on it. Their feet were probably cut at times. Washing someone’s feet was disgusting. Yet, Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. He washed the dirt, crap and blood off their feet, even the feet of the one who would betray him. Jesus’ wants us to serve others willingly, even if it means dealing with dirt, blood and crap.

Sometimes people participate in these symbolic acts, like going barefoot, to raise awareness. People watch from afar and wonder what’s the point. I can understand why someone would do that, and I’ve done it myself when I’ve seen celebrities do things to raise awareness for something dear to them. Hopefully my symbolic act made a positive impression in someone’s life. Going barefoot today, in support of TOMS, made an impression on me. I’ll be buying a pair of TOMS shoes soon. Shoes for me, and shoes for a child in need.

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