I want to start addressing some of my many lingering questions I have from Lost. I won’t necessarily answer those questions, just raise them. Who knows, they may already have been answered and I just missed it.

This post will focus on season one.

Remember season one of Lost? While there was The Monster, and glimpses of The Others, it focused in on the survivors and their backstories. A couple of things to highlight from that season.
Claire was abducted by Ethan and taken for medical testing. She was pregnant, and if I remember correctly it was never made really clear why she was abducted. It was hinted that The Others wanted her baby, but nothing more. There’s been the issue of pregnancies on The Island, but Claire wasn’t in danger of that since she was ready to give birth.  She was injected with the vaccine, and her baby was wanted by The Others.
At the end of season one, Walt was kidnapped by The Others. We were told Walt was special, and in season two he appeared to Shannon at various points. He was set up to be a key character throughout season two. Why did The Others want him? All we know is he was “more than we (The Others) bargained for“.
Ethan Rom was sent to spy on the survivors and make “a list”. Looking back on this, Ethan killed one survivor and threatened to kill a survivor every day at one point. And, this guy is suppose to be a follower of Jacob? He’s one of the good guys? Why is it a number of Jacob’s followers routinely employ evil for their own end? The end justifies the means.
The big problem out of those three? Walt’s storyline. It’s never been properly addressed what The Others were wanting from Walt, why he was targeted. What did Jacob see in him? And, why has he been randomly appearing on The Island? Was he the Man In Black in all those instances when he appeared to Shannon and Locke?
(I think if there was ever a future Lost series, Walt’s character would be perfect for it.)
Keeping it with the abduction theme, why did The Others want Aaron? Why was it so crucial for Aaron to be raised by Claire?
And, what is that vaccine that was being injected into Claire when she was pregnant? The same thing Desmond injected into himself when he pushing the button in The Swan Station? Does it really protect against the “infection/sickness”? (The question with the pregnancy difficulties on The Island haven’t been answered either.)
I know more about Jacob will be revealed. I’d like to think we’d find out why The Others (Ethan Rom for example) often used sinister tactics to accomplish what we were led to believe was Jacob’s will. I think it is important since Jacob is suppose to represent good.
Just some thoughts. Next lingering questions post? My lingering DHARMA Initiative questions, which could be a massive post. I do hope the next episode answers some of those since it appears to be a Desmond-centric episode.

2 thoughts on “Lost Lingering Questions (Season 1)

  1. To the Ethan thing- This is a subset of Ben, who'd already killed quite a few people in “the purge.” Why would Jacob order that? Did Ben know the difference between Jacob and MiB? Richard would have, and he was there for the purge, if not planning it.

    Also, who are the Others? They're not DHARMA, right? Maybe one or two who weren't killed in purge, but who are they? How did all of them get there in the 50s?



  2. And don't forget, Ben would contact MiB. Remember when he conjured up the Smoke Monster after Alex was killed?

    The DHARMA/Others questions I still have are long, so it will be a separate post.

    Thanks for reading!


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