There’s always a need. Locally to globally, we are aware of people in need. It can seem overwhelming, with so many people in need, and it’s easy to think that we can’t make a difference. But we can make a difference for someone out there.

My friend Jeff Slobotski, in conjunction with Big Omaha, has started a campaign to raise $5,000 for a clean water project in a developing country. The campaign is through charity: water, a non-profit that is committed to bringing clean water to the nearly 1 billion people in the world that don’t have it.

Now, $20 can get you:

  • date night at the movies
  • week’s worth of Starbucks
  • not quite a full tank of gas for your car
  • a haircut (well, for me it does)

$20 can also provide an individual with clean water.

A charity: water clean water project, like the one Jeff is raising money for, provides clean water for 250 people. So, $20 provides clean water for someone who, in all likelihood, has never had clean water.

In the words of a recent Seth Godin post, $20 “isn’t a lot, but it’s enough”. Enough to make a difference in the life of someone in this world.

There are a lot of needs here in Omaha, and around the world. There are a lot of great charities and non-profits making a difference in the world. Please consider what charity: water is doing, and consider giving $20 so someone in a developing country can have clean water. I’ve followed Jeff’s lead and have given.

Thanks for reading. (Click here to give to Jeff’s campaign.)

2 thoughts on “$20 Can Make A Difference

  1. Robert

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words and inspiration!

    I appreciate your friendship and look forward to celebrating when Scott arrives to speak at Big Omaha.

    In friendship-



  2. Thanks man! Grateful for your friendship as well. Glad I can help.

    Looks like some more funds came in for the campaign yesterday, which is great to see.

    Thanks again for taking initiative with this. Looking forward to seeing Scott here at Big Omaha.


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