3:11 AM – I hope everything is sound with this recap. I haven’t edited it. Last week I forgot to mention a few things, and badly worded a part of the recap about evil, The Island, and the bottle of wine. I’m hoping I don’t repeat that again. Thanks for reading.

I’ve appreciated all the feedback, emails, tweets and comments from you. Thanks.
Not one of my favorite episodes of the season. Then again, it was going to be tough following up last week’s great episode. Let’s see what comes forth as I write the recap.

SPOILERS AHEAD (You know the drill.)

We start with someone looking at Man In Black’s camp through night vision goggles. Someone’s spying on them. Mirroring back to when Oceanic flight 815 crashed and the two groups of survivors set up camp on the beach. They were both spied upon. Back then, it was to find people Jacob wanted. This time, it’s to…find people Jacob wanted.

Man In Black and Jin talk about the names in the cave. Now, I don’t recall this before, but Man In Black says that the only way they can leave the island is if all the names that haven’t been crossed off leave together. Obviously, leave with Man In Black. I don’t buy this is the key to Man In Black leaving. I think he wants all the names, all those people together so he can kill them.

Flash sideways, we find Jin being released from customs with all his belongings, but not the $25,000 cash. As they exit the airport, Jin says he’s missed his meeting. As we find out later, this is a fortuitous development. Or, some might say it’s fate. More on this later.

They arrive at the hotel and we find out that Jin and Sun are not married in this timeline. And, there’s no sign that Sun knows English. In season one, it was revealed that she had been studying English before she got on Oceanic flight 815. (Of course, they are both on the 8th floor. Jin is in room 842. There’s always the numbers in an episode.)

Back to the current timeline, and we see Man In Black talking with Sayid. Sayid says he doesn’t feel anything like anger, happiness or pain. Man In Black tells him perhaps it’s for the best he can’t feel anymore. It will help him get through what’s coming. What is coming? War. We’ve known that, but how will not feeling help Sayid? He’s already shown himself capable of handling himself in violent situations. The only thing I can think of, right now, is Man In Black will “deploy” Sayid to take out some of his fellow survivors.

Man In Black leaves, and Jin sees it as his chance to leave so he can find Sun. Sawyer goes to stop him, and Jin tells him he’s not sticking around like Sawyer is. Sawyer says he cut a deal with Widmore, but we know he told Man In Black something different, and he told Kate something different as well. What’s Sawyer’s endgame? I do believe he wants off the island, but he sees Jin leaving as potentially messing up his exit strategy for whatever reason. Well, he knows Jin is a candidate and that Man In Black is interested in him. Sawyer wants Man In Black happy.

Jin is ready to leave, but then the camp is attacked. Everyone is shot with a tranquilizer, and Widmore’s team is behind it. They find Jin and take him away. Just like before, a camp is attacked and an individual is taken.

On the other side of the island, we find Miles and Frank playing cards. Normally, this would be insignificant, but this is Lost. Miles cards are arranged by color, red and black. (Two sets red, two sets black. Four sets.) While I’m still not seeing it, other Lost fans say there has been red/black symbolism on the show. It could be an ode to the X-Files episode “The Red and the Black”, a 19th century book, or a computer science term which is about balance.


Ben and Ilana are arguing about Richard. Miles and Frank make jokes. Ilana tells Ben that Jacob has never lied to her before. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Jacob lie, yet we’ve seen Man In Black lie numerous times. Once again, those that think there will be a switch and Jacob will be evil and Man In Black will be good? I don’t buy it.

Ilana tells Ben they are going to wait for Richard. Sun gets angry and storms off. She goes back to her garden which she started in season one. Jack goes to her, trying to be the leader and peacekeeper. Jack brings up that they are candidates, but Sun doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about purpose or destiny. All she wants is Jin.

Jack is asked to leave, which is interesting. Why? He is asked to leave because he is bringing up the mystical with the island. The new man of faith is having is faith thrown back in his face.

Flash sideways, and we find Jin spending the night with Sun in her hotel room. Even though they aren’t married, they are in love with one another. Why aren’t they married in this timeline? Before, Jin had asked Mr. Paik directly if he could marry Sun. What’s the story?

In the current, Man In Black comes upon Sun in the garden. He tells her that he found Jin and that he can take her to him. Man In Black holds out his hand to Sun to follow him. Interesting, he says he would never make her do anything against her will. Why? You’d think he could easily overtake Sun and bring her back to his camp. By any means necessary, Man In Black must get the remaining candidates to choose on their own accord to follow him. Does this go back to “man” being corruptible in some way? Is this because they are candidates and have some sort of protection? (Remember when a (presumably) young Jacob told Man In Black earlier in the season that he couldn’t kill Sawyer?)

Man In Black tries to get her to follow, but she runs away. He chases on foot, and not by smoke. I think chasing her as the smoke would’ve added to her terror and made her less likely to ever go over to his side. (That, or it was a convenient development the writers used in the episode.) Sun hits her head and loses consciousness. Man In Black leaves her, which is another reason why I think he must convince the candidates to follow him.

Flash sideways, and we find Jin and Sun in bed. Sun proposes that they run away from their lives. She’s planned it for awhile. (Just like in season one, Sun was ready to run away from her life.) Jin wants to, but says “it” is forbidden. Sun has something else to tell him, but of course there is knock on the door at that moment. Jin hides. Sun looks at herself in the mirror, and seems to notice something different about her. Another dejavu moment that we’ve seen from Jack, Kate and others in the flash sideways timeline when they look in a mirror?

Sun answers the door, and it’s Keamy. A friend of Mr. Paik.

Back to the current timeline, and Ben comes across Sun. However, Sun can only speak Korean, due to her head injury, but she conveys who did it. “Locke”.

Man In Black returns to his camp and finds his people have been attacked. He wakes Sayid, trying to get answers, but gets none. Man In Black is most concerned about Jin being gone.

Cut to Jin in Room 23. Before, this was where Alex’s boyfriend, Karl, was being brainwashed. The brainwashing film had one of the first references to Jacob. Jin wakes up and is locked in the room. He briefly turns on the brainwashing film, and then Zoe walks into the room. She knows a lot about the DHARMA Initiative’s projects, and begins to question Jin about it. How Zoe knows all that she does remains to be seen, and I doubt we’ll find out, but she knows Jin was a part of DHARMA. Jin wants to leave, but she tases him.

Now, here’s an interesting part that might get lost, but I think will be key the rest of the season. Zoe shows Jin a map of the island where pockets of electromagnetism. The map identifying these pockets on the island was signed by Jin, when he was previously in DHARMA. Jin doesn’t reveal anything, but instead wants to talk to Widmore.

Back to Man In Black’s camp, and he’s talking with Sayid. He inquires if Sayid is a good swimmer, and also hands him a gun. They are getting ready to go over to Hydra Island. Sayid gets ready to head over, and Man In Black is alone. Claire is nearby and he starts talking to her. He knows something is bothering her. Claire is concerned she will not be needed by Man In Black since she isn’t a candidate, but he reassures her that he does need her. He takes her by the hand and tells her what she wants to hear. He’ll get her off the island and reunite her with Aaron. Claire is still wanting vengeance against Kate, but Man In Black tells her to not do anything to Kate. He hopes to leverage Kate into getting Jack, Hurley and Sun into following him. He says he needs those three so he can leave. After that, “whatever happens, happens”. The implication is then Claire can kill Kate.

Sawyer comes up to Man In Black and Sayid, who has returned, and asks about the guns and if they’re going somewhere. Man In Black tells Sawyer that they’re going to get Jin back. Man In Black does answer a minor question, saying he can’t just turn himself into the smoke monster to cross the water to the other island. (I do hope this is explained more at some point.)

Flash sideways, and Keamy is looking for Jin. He’s wanting his $25,000 cash. Jin is ultimately found, and Keamy begins to question them but it goes nowhere. (Godzilla references always work.) Keamy wants “Danny’s friend” to translate, who happens to be Mikhail. (I was wondering if the Danny he was referring to was Danny Pickett. The guy who wanted to kill Sawyer, but was killed by Juliet in season three.) Mikhail comes on the scene, and the plan is set in motion to get money for Keamy. Mikhail will go with Sun so she can withdraw money from the account she had set aside for when she’d run away with Jin. Keamy stays with Jin, and takes Jin to the restaurant where Keamy meets with Sayid. Jin is concerned that Mr. Paik will find out about the relationship between Jin and Sun, but Keamy tells them their secret is safe with them.

Back in the current, Jack, Miles, Frank, Ben and Ilana are checking on Sun. Ben is defensive about Ilana thinking he had something to do with Sun’s injury. It’s somewhat amusing to see Ben in role where he wields no power. Ilana is not intimidated by him. Jack comes up with the diagnosis that Sun cannot speak English, but can understand it. Aphasia. Why? Who knows. Perhaps it’s a mirror back to season one when Sun knew how to speak English, but didn’t.

We see Ilana smiling, and know what it means. Richard has come back to the camp. He tells everyone to pack their bags because they’re leaving.

Over on Hydra Island, we see Man In Black coming onto the beach. Sayid is nowhere in sight. He notices the sonar fence and begins to walk along it. He’s shot at by some of Widmore’s people, and seems amused by it. He tells them, “Easy friend, I come in peace”. Yet another time where Man In Black tells someone they are a friend and that he is peaceful. They all walk down the sonar fence line, and Widmore comes out from the jungle.

WIDMORE: Do you know who I am?
MAN IN BLACK: Charles Widmore. Do you know who I am?
WIDMORE: Obviously, you’re not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night.
MAN IN BLACK: I think you know more than that, judging by these pylons.
WIDMORE: Why did you come here?
MAN IN BLACK: You took one of my people, Jin Kwon.
WIDMORE: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
MAN IN BLACK: A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here.

What is Widmore’s goal? He thinks The Island is his, and has been scheming to take it back since Ben supplanted him as the leader on The Island. Widmore was apparently exiled from The Island for “breaking the rules”. When Keamy killed Alex, Ben said, “He broke the rules“. (It seems that Ben cannot directly kill Widmore, and vice versa.). In season 4, Widmore was willing to kill everyone on The Island. Widmore may very well have been a part of the purge of the DHARMA Initiative.

Why say all this? Because Widmore has lied and killed, just like Man In Black, yet he is ready to go to war against Man In Black. Widmore wants The Island, and Man In Black wants to leave The Island, so why are these two at odds?

Widmore first mentioned the concept of “the war” to Locke. Since then, it’s been barely mentioned, but ever present in the plot. Widmore wants The Island, but Ben doesn’t want him to have The Island. Ben doesn’t want Man In Black to leave either. Does Widmore want to be Jacob? What happens when Widmore comes across Richard and Ben? They all seem to think they are fighting for Jacob, but are any of them?

Back to Richard. He tells everyone that they’re going over to Hydra Island because that’s where they Ajira airplane is. The airplane is the only way Man In Black can escape. (They don’t know about the submarine.) So, Richard wants to blow up the plane so Man In Black can’t escape. Sun gets upset because she wants to leave The Island, but no one can understand her. (And, I’m upset with her aphasia at this point.) She starts yelling at Richard, and storms off again.

One of the things Sun did say to Richard was she’s not interested in saving the world. Someone needs to tell her what will happen if she doesn’t save the world. Apparently, the world she wants to escape to won’t be worth living in.

Flash sideways, we find Mikhail and Sun trying to withdraw money from the bank. Sun’s account has been closed, though, by her father. Her father is apparently on to her plan, and aware that she’s been having a forbidden relationship with Jin.

Jin is taken into the pantry at the restaurant. Keamy begins to talk to him, even though Jin doesn’t understand him. Keamy tells him that Mr. Paik was on to Jin and Sun’s relationship, and that the $25,000 was the fee for Keamy to kill Jin. Even though Jin knew he shouldn’t, Keamy told Jin that, “The heart wants what the heart wants”. He then says, “I’m sorry. Some people aren’t just meant to be together”.

Now, those two lines are said to Jin, but I think they also could apply to Widmore and his pursuit of The Island. After Keamy and Jin’s scene, we cut to Widmore. Despite Widmore being exiled from The Island, he wants The Island. “The heart wants what the heart wants”. Yet, “Some people (things) aren’t just meant to be together”. Widmore wants The Island, yet it’s not meant to be.

Widmore and Zoe are talking, and he’s angry that she brought Jin in earlier than planned. There is apparently a timetable Widmore was going on, but now that is off. Zoe’s retort was great. “Maybe you should put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist”. Why was it great? Because the last time Widmore tried to take The Island he did put a mercenary in charge. Keamy. (Who just happens to be in this episode.) That effort ended in failure for Widmore. Perhaps it was Zoe trying to play ignorant about her actions, but I’d like to think she was throwing it back at Widmore.

What’s done is done“, is Widmore’s response. He tells Zoe to prep “the package”. The package was in the submarine, and blatantly foreshadowed two episodes ago when Sawyer met with Widmore.

Widmore and Jin then talk. Widmore presents Jin with Sun’s digital camera from the plane. It has pictures of his daughter, Ji Yeon, who he has never seen. Widmore connects with Jin over his own separation from his daughter, Penny. (Granted, Penny chose to be separated from Widmore.) Widmore tells Jin that if Man In Black were to escape The Island, everyone would “cease to be”. (Does this mean they’d be like Sayid is currently, unable to feel?) Widmore says he came to The Island to make sure Man In Black doesn’t escape. Jin asks the question we all probably would, “How”?

The “how” would be “the package”. It’s not what, but who. And, that “who” is Desmond. Interesting that Widmore considers Desmond a thing, a means to an end. We’ll come back to this.

Flash sideways, we see Jin locked in the pantry. Sayid has killed Keamy and his men. He opens up the pantry where Jin is, and is indifferent to Jin’s situation. Jin does manage to persuade Sayid into handing him a razor blade so he can cut the duct tape that has him bound.

Mikhail returns with Sun, to the restaurant, and sees the bodies laying on the floor. He sees Keamy, and apparently Keamy is not dead. They talk, and this allows Jin to come up behind on Mikhail and hold him at gunpoint. Jin tells Sun to move away. Jin continues to threaten Mikhail, but Mikhail surprises Jin. The two of them fight and Mikhail’s gun goes off twice. Jin then shoots and kills Mikhail, taking out his right eye in the process. (Just like he was without it in the current timeline.)

Jin then notices that Sun has been shot. He rushes over to her. She tells him that she’s pregnant. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first real adverse thing to happen to one of the characters in the flash sideways timeline. (Kate was already a convict, and Claire ended up keeping the baby.)

Back to the current, and we see Sun on her own. Jack comes over to her, trying a different approach to help her. He hand her pen and paper, and they begin to converse. Jack then pulls out a tomato he retrieved from Sun’s garden. “I guess no one told it it was suppose to die”. (Sun’s baby in the flash sideways timeline? Jin and Sun’s relationship in the current timeline?)

By the way, at this point the V countdown timer hit four minutes in the lower right corner. Surprised an alarm like from the Swan Station didn’t go off to warn me that V was coming on right after Lost.

Jack and Sun talk about Man In Black and trust. Jack says, “Come with us and I’ll help you find Jin. I’ll help you find him and I’ll get you both on that plane and far away from this island as you can get. I promise”. Jack then holds out his hand to Sun, his offer made. Mirroring Man In Black’s dealings, but with sincerity. Sun accepts.

Remember, Sun had blamed Jack for Jin’s apparent death in the season four finale.

Back to Man In Black’s camp, and we see Kate just sitting there. Sawyer comes over and they just sit there talking. Reminded me of the early season three episodes where Sawyer and Kate were in cages doing nothing.

Sawyer tells Kate that he thinks Widmore will kill Man In Black, his long con, but then Man In Black walks out of the jungle. Sawyer realizes they’re “screwed”. Sawyer tries to talk tough and get answers, wondering why Man In Black didn’t get Jin. The real con artist reveals his own long con, Sayid finding out what “the package” is. Man In Black probably knows he can’t trust Sawyer, which is why he didn’t reveal everything to him. All along, it was about Man In Black diverting the attention of Widmore’s people so Sayid could swim away to where the submarine was.

We cut to Sayid coming out of the water, near the submarine. He is near the docks, when Desmond falls down on the dock near him. Desmond is still drugged, but he sees Sayid. You could say Sayid is a constant for Desmond in this situation. Desmond knows then where he is, back on The Island. (And, it was Sayid who helped Desmond sync his consciousness and stop it from skipping through time.)

Some speculation on Desmond’s appearance. From next week’s preview we can gather it is a Desmond-centric episode. (I don’t know, should I not read too much into bagpipes being played throughout the promo?) Before, Desmond spent three years on The Island in The Swan Station pushing the button. As he put it, he was “saving the world”. We found that out to be true. So now, he’s returned to The Island. Widmore has brought him there, apparently to save the world again. When he pressed the button before, he would release a buildup of electromagnetism. What was Zoe inquiring of Jin? The pockets of electromagnetism. So, is Desmond going to be asked to push the button again to save the world from Man In Black? Is Widmore going to use him as a pawn, because some speculate that Widmore wanted Desmond to go on that race around the world. It would have separated him from Penny.

Tag lines for next week:
Dreams Lost
Lives Lost
Love Lost
Next Tuesday
A Path Is Found
“I’m going to ask you to make a sacrifice”. -Widmore
6 New Episodes Left
“The Island isn’t done with you yet”. -Widmore

So, how would Widmore know what The Island wants with Desmond? Widmore has been away from The Island for years? I think this is the sacrifice Widmore wants of Desmond. (I’m assuming he says the line to Desmond.) Stay on the island, press a button, save the world and not have Penny.

Remember what Sun said to Richard? She didn’t care about saving the world. She just wanted Jin. Remember what Widmore said to Jin? It doesn’t matter if you get Sun if we don’t stop Man In Black. Everyone will cease to be.

Some quick hitters…

  • Fate intercedes to spare Jin’s life when the cash is confiscated at US Customs.
  • Fate interceded to keep Sun and Jin together in both timelines.
  • Keamy has been hired by Widmore in the current timeline, and Mr. Paik in the flash sideways timeline.
  • Flash sideways timelines, what is the payoff? We won’t find out until the finale. The current timeline does matter, though.
  • I think there’s a lot of Lost fans that echo Sun’s line of, “I don’t want to hear about purpose or destiny”. They just want a satisfying ending.
  • Zoe isn’t on the level of Nikki and Paulo, yet. Quite the geophysicist.
  • In season 5 we had a Kate-centric episode titled “Whatever Happened, Happened“. Tonight, Man In Black implies to Claire that she can kill Kate with the line “whatever happens, happens”.
  • Man In Black’s story changes as to who and what he needs to get off The Island.
  • Thank goodness for Frank’s humor.
  • Richard is renewed in his purpose.
  • Why is Jin not suppose to be there for days?
  • Could you say Jin was manipulated by the photos of his daughter to do what Widmore wanted? Didn’t the same thing happen with Juliet and her nephew Julian? Juliet was manipulated by Ben.
  • Everyone would cease to be if evil got off island.
  • When Jin had Mikhail at gunpoint, elements of the musical score reminded me of The Usual Suspects score. Awesome.
  • Who will be Sun’s doctor to treat her? Ethan or Jack?
  • I don’t want to say The Temple was a waste, but we don’t have much insight into it, Dogen, or the spring.
This episode seems like a setup for next week’s episode. The episode titled referred to something that wasn’t even part of the main storyline.

One more thing. In the season premiere, we saw The Island under water in the flash sideways timeline. If The Island was in place to keep evil in check, what happened to Man In Black? Was evil done away with then? I don’t buy that.

Six episodes left until the finale. Desmond-centric episode next week. Then there are five episodes left until the finale. Who will have episodes? Hurley is a given. (And, I’m guessing that Libby will make an appearance in his episode.) After that, I’ll go with Ilana as most likely. I think there needs to be a Widmore episode as well. Jacob? Perhaps. Man In Black will have his story told, but I think that’s the series finale. So, I’d speculate Desmond, Hurley, Ilana and Widmore. If you do add Jacob and Man In Black, that gives you six episodes and frees up the finale to be anyone and everyone.

Once again, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “"The Package" – Lost 6×10 Thoughts

  1. It seems to me the ending is going one of two ways: People replace Jacob (Hurley or Jack, now outside it's Des) and the cycle continues, or the cycle is broken and MiB is destroyed(?). But how didn't that happen in the flash-sideways like you mentioned with the water covering the island?

    At this point, I'm not sure which ending I'd rather have. I'm also so confused about the Whitmore/Ben stuff and how it fits into the Jacob/MiB stuff. How can their battle for the island that was talked about so much fit into this eternal one? And what WAS the point of the Temple.

    For the first time, I'm worried…


  2. I completely agree. I'm hoping to write a post before the next episode which examines where the story has gone this season. And, wonders what happen to past storylines. (Like, will Walt's story ever be wrapped up?)

    Supposedly, this next episode is “huge”. I hope so, because this last episode seemed like it was setting it up.


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