Awesome weather.

Gearing up for the start of the baseball season. I’m much more optimistic about the Boston Red Sox this season than I was last season. (Ah yes, when I foolishly thought the Kansas City Royals had a better chance at the playoffs than Boston.)

The iPad comes out this Saturday. I’m sure it will be a zoo at the Apple Store. I think I may wait till Monday, during the day, to go check it out.

I followed the example of Joe Posnanski with my March Madness bracket. Picked the 63 games in 64 seconds. I’m currently in third place in the standings.

The past week I’ve read of two different books with the same concept. People posing as Christians to write about Christianity. There’s already a number of these types of books out there. Guess there’s still a market for it. Plus, Christians will buy them up as well so they can read about ignorant they (mostly) are.

Then again, while he wasn’t under cover, I did enjoy Daniel Radosh’s Rapture Ready!. I pushed for him at one point to come to CCC and be interviewed by Mark. While reading the book, I was shaking my head at a lot at the ridiculousness.

My friend Jeff Slobotski is starting a campaign to raise $5,000 for a water project to provide clean water in a developing country. I’ll blog about it soon, but check out the campaign in the meantime.

Time to make a quick pitstop at eCreamery before heading back to work. Amsterdam, solid once again.

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