It was a fun week, and I’m already looking forward to next week.

I did a lot of writing. I spent almost six hours writing a recap on the Lost episode “Ab Aeterno”. I easily could have spent a few more hours writing, but I had a breakfast meeting with some coworkers. I needed to get some sleep!

Friday night I attended Relationships 2.0? – How New Social Media is Reshaping Your Mind at KANEKO. I had wanted to attend, but thought it might conflict with an event Jana was coordinating. Then, Silicon Prairie News asked if I’d be interested in writing up something about the event. They liked what I wrote about the Nicholas Kristof event last November, and hoped I could do something similar. I mentioned it to Jana and she was enthusiastically supportive of me going and missing part of her event. It was an enjoyable time at KANEKO. I’m grateful to SPN for the opportunity to contribute to their site. The post should be up on their site tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll post an expanded recap here later in the week.

Tuesday morning was spent doing a video shoot. (Here’s the recap.) We were recording a piece for the Easter message. Originally, we weren’t going to do anything creative with Easter because the Communications Team was busy with other projects. I was disappointed by this, mainly because I’ve written the last two Easter videos. Putting aside my own personal disappointment, it made sense why weren’t going to be as involved with the message. However, as Easter drew closer it began to dawn on us that a creative piece was still needed. The piece came together quickly, and it was a great video shoot.

I also coordinated a live Q&A during this morning’s Access services at CCC. People were encouraged to text message in their questions. During the 9:00 AM service we had forty-six questions sent in. While a handful were…not as serious (Did Jesus get an Easter basket?), there were a number of great questions. It was difficult trying to decide which ones would get posted to Mark on stage.

Who knows, maybe someone really wanted to know if Jesus got an Easter basket?

There’s always more, but those are some of the highlights from this past week.

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