I’d like to thank Silicon Prairie News for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their site. I’ve been following them since the summer of 2009, and have appreciated their work in highlighting the great things that are happening in Omaha and the midwest. I’ve been able to connect with a lot of new people because of SPN sponsored events, like Big Omaha. Needless to say, I’ve been blessed because of their work. I appreciate what Jeff Slobotski, Dusty Davidson and Danny Schreiber do through SPN.

Danny emailed me a few days ago and asked if I’d be interested in writing a recap about the Relationships 2.0? event at KANEKO. He liked what I wrote about the Nicholas Kristof event last November, and was wondering if I could do something similar. Definitely.

It worked out well because I had wanted to attend another event at KANEKO, but my schedule hadn’t worked out so I could attend any of the events since the Great Minds Series. I did have something this night as well, but the timing worked where I could do both events.

If this is your first time to RamHatter.com, thanks for visiting. Here’s a sampling of some of my posts, and I’ll keep with a SPN theme.
Big Omaha…and Jesus
Big Omaha…and the City of Omaha
Big Omaha…One Week Later (Part One)
Big Omaha…One Week Later (Part Two)

I produced an audio feature on Omaha’s history of racial tension, last July, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

If you like Lost… Let me rephrase that. If you are fanatical about Lost, you might like reading my Lost episode recaps. Click here for my latest recap.

Later this week, I’ll post an expanded recap of the Relationships 2.0? event here on the blog. My original draft was a bit long for what SPN needed…by about 700+ words.

Thanks again for reading!

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